Monday, February 27, 2012

Flash Report! The Return of Moaning Lisa

Hi Doc!

Doc here with the return of my good friend to The Journal, Moaning Lisa.

This is a hot report folks, so give yourself some quality time reviewing all the details of this 5-Star effort.

Also, please send some good vibes Moaning Lisa's way as she recovers from surgery.  Get better soon, you crazy kid.

Hi Doc,

Sorry to be away so long.  This is a really overdue report from January.  The venue of course, is 15th Avenue in Melrose Park, IL.  My hubby J and I planned on meeting our friend Sassy at the club.   She walked in looking hot, wearing a slinky one-shoulder dress, and killer heels... definitely dressed for play!   We rented a private room in the spa, as we intended to have some serious fun that evening.
We all went to the theater first, starting out in the couple's section, but quickly moving to the front row for more space.  Sassy & I were in a groove that night, sucking cock after throbbing cock, but taking time to kiss & play with each other as well...

Sassy had confided in me earlier that day that she intended to go down on me that evening.  She admitted she was nervous because it was her first time, and didn't want to disappoint me.  I reassured her that she would take to it like a duck to water,  and when the opportunity presented itself, she dove in as if she was a seasoned veteran!   She is a natural....

Eventually,  Sassy's friend B showed up and took her back to the room for a good, long finger-banging.  I followed and as he pleasured her,  I was kissing her deeply, caressing her voluptuous tits, and sucking on her hard nipples.  She was being loud, as B brought her close to the edge, then backed off.  She asked us to open the door, so anyone could watch if they wanted.  Of course,  the gang in the hallway was more than grateful as Sassy started to shudder and moan as she climaxed.

A little later in the evening, one of my favorite playmates showed up.  D is a handsome, tall guy, a few years older than me.  We have had a few memorable theater encounters, where he displayed his impressive oral skills.   I asked him to come back to room with us, and he happily obliged.  While Sassy & J kissed and fondled, D held me from behind, and whispered "I want you feel you squirt all over my hand".  He slid his fingers into my eager pussy, and began working my G spot.  It only took a few moments for the gush to begin, soaking his hand, the bench, the floor. 

As I recovered from my orgasm, D began to go down on Sassy.  I pulled out a condom, and rolled it onto D's cock with my mouth.  I sucked him for a while, until another single guy joined us, and replaced D's tongue with his cock.

By now, I had J's cock out, and was bending over at the waist, pleasuring him with my mouth.  D cozied up behind me, sliding a few fingers into my swollen pussy, and one in my ass.  I was worked up to a fevered pitch, and began grinding back on his hand while I sucked J bareback (yeah, I KNOW he's my husband, but bareback is still hot!).  After a few minutes, D slid his hard prick deep into me, and I moaned loudly.  He had his big, strong hands on my ass, squeezing and occasionally giving it a slap as he pounded me.  I was in heaven!  J started to cum in my mouth, as D shot his load deep in my pussy.  We had to leave shortly afterward, feeling very happy and satisfied.   Sassy stayed on and closed the place. 

Sorry I wasn't very observant of the other ongoings in the theater or spa that night... I was obviously a little preoccupied!  Hope you enjoyed the adventure as much as I did....

Moaning Lisa


Doc here again... It is so good to have Moaning Lisa back in the fold here at The Journal.  Moaning Lisa is a very naughty girl, and you have to look no further than the above report to discover this.  Thanks again for the great report, and have a speedy recovery!


Flash Report! Part 1 - A Night For The Ages At The Paris Theater by The Editor

Doc here with Part 1 of a 2-part report from senior reporter, The Editor.  I was receiving reports during Saturday night, and it sounded like one of those nights that you never forget.

Here is The Editor and his Flash report from Portlandia.


On a recent night, the stars aligned perfectly.  That was not at all evident in Portland with cold rainy skies.  Saturday afternoon at the Oregon Theater was a bust and there were no afternoon flags at the Paris.  I stopped in the Paris Theater about 5pm just to check in and what a surprise, Brent was standing guard duty in the lobby.  We had a nice brief chat as there was Couple #1 inside the theater.  She was a very pleasant 30's BBW, who was naked on the arena table down front. They had stopped in for some playtime and then were on their way.

Brent and I headed to a quick dinner, then on to the O as we thought action there would start earlier.  There were about 20 guys at the O with the only action was M:M as expected.  After the better part of an hour reminiscing, there was a red flag posted at Paris, so off we go about 8pm.  Couple #2 was middle aged wearing a costume consisting of a white collar with plaid tie and a matching string bikini bottom.  She was solid with nice large breasts.  She was selecting lucky members of the audience for intimate encounters at the entrance to the couples area.

About 8:45 couple #3 arrived.  He was 40's tall, average size, she was 30's tall, longer straight hair, thinner with B size boobs, although they were not immediately evident. They had barely been settled when couple #4 arrived.  They were a shorter trim couple who looked a bit like tourists who wandered in and weren't going to be staying long, but they headed down to the lockers in front and started stashing their coats.  Then she changed from her rain suit pants into a skirt and short lace top.  This turned out to be Handy Pete and Nicole, as advertised!  After quick introductions, they made their way to the rapidly filling couples section.

Very quickly C3 and C4 both got active with their partners. The important parts were quickly exposed to the approving audience.Things moved along nicely and the p'gallery was enjoying the very explicit show. It's difficult to describe the action, but tongues were active and positions exchanged. It was also evident that there was interest between C3 and C4 with tentative touches between them. Before long, the men switch partners and the fun continued. Every eye was glued to the ladies.

Things were going well when couple #5 arrived. They were a late 20's taller trim couple. With the heavy action going on just inches away, they had to play catch-up or take a relative backseat. They chose catch-up! She quickly shed her top and bra proudly showing the crowd her nice pointy tits. They both were being very physical and passionate with lots of pulling and mostly playful slapping. She was soon stripped of her jeans and blowing him. This caught them up with their active neighbors.

Soon all 3 couples were banging hard. C5 involved a lot of ass slapping and got a primitive animalistic nearly violent hard banging thing going on. From my vantage point in the annex, all 3 were going strong and it was incredibly hot action with all 3 couples reaching climax about the same time. It's likely that some audience members contributed to the moment.

As things appear to settle down, when Ms 3 was led, naked, to the arena table by the stage.  98% of the audience followed close behind.  She laid on her back on the table with her man fingering her; the few lucky gallery members had a good time playing and pleasing her.  Mr 3 invited "qualified" members to partake of the prize. 

Pete and Nicole were watching the scene. He asked me to "watch out for her" while he ran to the lobby. My not speaking French was no impediment to performing my duties, except Nicole had a mind of her own. Without a word, she made her way through the crowd and flopped up onto the table beside Ms 3. The gallery took that as an open invitation and the mood ratcheted up a couple of notches. When Pete returned and I explained that she took off on her own, he was not surprised and I was relieved. Her petite stature and apparently shy nature are 100% deceiving.

Did I mention both ladies are HOT? The ladies were real crowd pleasers and took care of the crowd. Caressing the breasts of one then the other was quite enjoyable. Every one had a wonderful time. The ladies needed a break and the couples returned to the safety of the back area. They were not, however, completely exhausted and took the opportunity for another round of relatively private playing.

Couple #5 was pushed into the corner near the entrance to the private area. She was wearing a long striped knit skirt.  After watching the action, she got down to blow her man, this evolved into her stripping and them screwing just as the now swapped C3 and C4 were doing. C6 sat possibly terrified and certainly overwhelmed. She had on a short pleated skirt so they might have had something less radical in mind, but they were out of their league this night.

A few other couples came in and enjoyed the show.  The hot couples looked so good and the action was so hot, that even regular couples recognized the level of this evening was off the charts. 
Now it was nearly 1am and C3 packed up. Pete and Nicole were beat as they were several time zones away from home, so they called it a night. They are both nice normal folks, highly recommended!
Just when the spectacular night appeared to be wrapping up, things looked up.

More to come...


Doc here again... The Paris is THE #1 adult theater destination in the US, and reports like the one above are the main reason why.  Between the solid action at the theater, top notch reporting by Brent, floyd, and visiting reporters like The Editor and Bob in Biloxi, make The Rose City top shelf.

Part 2 will be posted online later this week.