Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Return of Donny Digital! El Paso and Amarillo, TX Theater Profiles

Field reporter Donny Digital returns to follow up his Albuquerque theater reviews with a look at the El Paso and Amarillo adult theater scene.

Take it away Donny!

Hi Doc, it's Donny Digital again with another report, this time from El Paso. I have been to a few of the local theaters there and would like to give a report on the scene there.

Eros Theater (4828 Montana Avenue, El Paso TX)First stop is the Eros bookstore and theater. Located just east of the airport in El Paso it is outside the city limits in an industrial area. There is lots of well lit parking behind the building and feels very safe. The store itself is very clean, large and well organized. The staff is very friendly. To the right is a large arcade area that has about a dozen booths that takes dollar bills. Some of the rooms are large with bench seats that will hold more than one person at a time. All rooms are very clean and the TVs are nice and clear. There are no gloryholes but the doors do lock for privacy.

The theater is next to the arcade and has a bill taker that required $5 to get in (includes couples). Once you enter you walk down a long hallway to a open area that has 2 large restrooms. This area is where some people smoke instead of doing it in the theater. Around the corner you enter the theater which is quite a large room. There are about 30 theater type seats arranged in an arch around a large screen rear projection TV. The place is clean and dark. I have seen couples on several occasions and the guys are fairly friendly and respective to them. Since the entrance is several yards from the theater you can hear when the door opens and gives you time to button up if needed. This place is open all night and definitely a place to try out.

Fiesta Drive-In Theater (13800 East Montana, El Paso, TX)
That's right .....a drive in. This place in just a little farther east from the Eros Theater and seems out in nowhere land. The theater is an old drive in that shows old porn movies from the 70s like deep throat. The do this only on Fridays and Saturdays around 9-12 at night. It is $6 per carload and you drive in and park just like in the old days. But that is not all this place has to offer. The projection booth / concession stand has been converted into a small book store and multiple theaters. Entrance to the theater is $5 and give you access to the arcade that has about 8 booths ....some with gloryholes. You still have to put dollars to view the videos in the booths on top of the entrance fees. The arcade is not the cleanest I've seen but tolerable.

There are 3 separate theaters. The first theater is showing gay movies and is in a small room with a 45" flatscreen in the corner. There are chairs around the perimeter of the room and is lit only by the TV. The next room is twice as large with an overhead projector showing general porn on a 10ft screen. The quality is not great but is just OK. There are about 50 theater type seats and a back wall for those who like to stand. In the back of this theater is the entrance to another theater that is couples only. You must get a key from the front counter guy and requires a $20 deposit. The couples room is smaller with another 45" flatscreen mounted high in the corner. Around the perimeter are theater type seats....only about 14 of them. In front of them is a wooden padded footstool type thing that you can rest your feet on or get up on for various positions that my cum to mind. The center of the room has a pad on the floor along with a bean bag chair should you need more room. Saturday night has a good turnout for couples and can be lots of fun.

Eva Theater (1903A Texas Ave, El Paso, TX)
This place is also located in the downtown area of El Paso. I stopped there once for a bit just to check out the scene. There is a medium size book store there and has a friendly staff. The theater is very open and has just regular folding chairs that aren't very comfortable. Overhead project shines on a washout screen due to the ambient light in the room. Not much privacy due to the light so action was minimal. I was bored quickly and left shortly after. (I can't remember if there was a arcade area or not)

On to Amarillo...

This is a small town but does have 2 theaters that I know of:

Studio One (Studio One Bookstore & Video, 9000 Triangle Dr, Amarillo, TX)
This is located in the NE side of town out near the airport. It is a large metal building out in an industrial area of town. There is plenty of parking ....even 18 wheelers. There is a large selection of videos and toys in the front. There are several rooms in the back that have locking doors, couches, and TV/DVD players to watch movies. They are fairly clean and busy. To the other side of the building is the theater. It cost $8 for 12hrs in which you can re-enter. You enter a door and walk down a hallway in which there are several rooms on each side of the hallway. Some are small with no doors and a few have locking doors with couches in them. At the end of the hall is the theater which has several beat up couches. A elevated rear projection TV is showing a single movie per day. There is lot of action here and couples do show up on weekend nights. No GHs.

The Gallery (Adult Video Gallery, 316 N Osage St, Amarillo, TX)This is just off I 40 in a industrial area. It is tricky to get to but has plenty of parking and security. This place is like no other I have seen. As you walk in you enter a large bookstore area. It is clean and well lit. Staff is friendly and as in most Texas bookstores there are signs that say all devices are for novelty use only....right!!! The theater is $7 and is good for 8hrs with re-entry. Once you enter the theater you realize this is not your ordinary porn place. You first have to climb down a spiral metal staircase to get down to the main floor. Then you will see that this place was once a disco dance hall. There are 15 ft jukeboxes, lots of mirrors on the walls, a disco ball on the ceiling, and other 80s memorabilia. But in the center is a large 15 ft screen showing movies. The main floor has 2 rows of long couches....probably 8 of them in all. In the back of the room are 4 more couches that are up against the wall with partition walls between them. They offer some privacy and are great for couples to show off to an audience without them bothering you too much. This place is clean and will make most women feel comfortable in there. The popularity of this place is growing and I plan to visit there again soon.

More to cum....c-ya soon

Great job Donny!  You brought your A-game with this report, and we look forward to your next submission.