Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flash Report! Sexy Savannah & Mr. Midwest at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 7/28/15 by The Guy with the Glasses

Doc here, a man who some say shaves daily with Occam's Razor, with a timely Flash report from The Guy with the Glasses.

TGWTG was johnny on the spot covering last week's noon visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater by out of town guests Sexy Savannah and Mr. Midwest. With steno pad in hand (OK, maybe not), and pen at the ready (OK, maybe not), he captured his point of view on the visit, and his time with Sexy Savannah.

Here we go... Here is The Guy with the Glasses with his report on Sexy Savannah and Mr. Midwest visit to 15th Ave.


Hello Doc and Constant Readers, 

I hope you have all been well. What follows is a very brief report on Savannah's visit since I was only at the theater for about 25-30 minutes. 

Sexy Savannah
I arrived around 12:15pm and saw a lot of cars in the parking lot. I took this as a good omen, so I paid my entrance and took a look around the building. Didn't see anyone in the spa or booth area so I figured the fun was happening in the theater. Sure enough when I walked into the theater I see a group of guys standing around by the front row of seats. I couldn't fully see what was happening at first since the group of guys were standing shoulder to shoulder. I just caught glimpses of a woman bobbing her head on whoever's cock happened to be in front of her at the time. She was sitting in the front theater seat completely naked.