Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Flash Report! Sexy Savannah & Mr. Midwest at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Chicago on 7/28/15 by The Guy with the Glasses

Doc here, a man who some say shaves daily with Occam's Razor, with a timely Flash report from The Guy with the Glasses.

TGWTG was johnny on the spot covering last week's noon visit to 15th Ave. Adult Theater by out of town guests Sexy Savannah and Mr. Midwest. With steno pad in hand (OK, maybe not), and pen at the ready (OK, maybe not), he captured his point of view on the visit, and his time with Sexy Savannah.

Here we go... Here is The Guy with the Glasses with his report on Sexy Savannah and Mr. Midwest visit to 15th Ave.


Hello Doc and Constant Readers, 

I hope you have all been well. What follows is a very brief report on Savannah's visit since I was only at the theater for about 25-30 minutes. 

Sexy Savannah
I arrived around 12:15pm and saw a lot of cars in the parking lot. I took this as a good omen, so I paid my entrance and took a look around the building. Didn't see anyone in the spa or booth area so I figured the fun was happening in the theater. Sure enough when I walked into the theater I see a group of guys standing around by the front row of seats. I couldn't fully see what was happening at first since the group of guys were standing shoulder to shoulder. I just caught glimpses of a woman bobbing her head on whoever's cock happened to be in front of her at the time. She was sitting in the front theater seat completely naked.

After a few guys finished I was surprised to see that the couple was younger than I imagined. I find that the average age of couples visiting 15th Ave are in their late 30's to early 40's but I imagine they were in their late 20's/early 30's. She had a very pretty face, brownish reddish hair (hard to tell in theater light hah), and a fantastic body. I'm sure Doc will post some pictures on this post so you don't have to just take my word for it.
Sexy Savannah
To her credit, Savannah must have been a blowjob connoisseur . There was no guy who lasted more than a few minutes. Eventually the crowd thinned out even more so I pulled out my cock and stood by while she sucked another guy. As she was sitting there giving the guy a blowjob, her hand wrapped around my cock and she began to stroke. 

After the guy came on her chest, I was up next. She took my cock into her mouth which felt amazingly warm. In no time at all she was giving me one of the best blowjobs that I've ever had. The way she moved her tounge was amazing! Another gentleman showed up next to me and unsheathed his member as well. She started switching between sucking the guy next to me and I. At all times she had a cock in her mouth and her hands. Eventually I get a leg shaking orgasm that left me weak in the knees and I drench her chest and legs. I hadn't cum in over a week so I had quite the load. After I came she licked me clean and finished off the next guy.
A lot of guys are still standing around to take in the show (me included). However no one else stepped up to an amazing blowjob. After a few minutes of inactivity they were done and Mrs Savannah threw on a thin dress. By the end she looked like a glazed donut from all the cum! I introduced myself to them afterwards as a fellow member of the Journal's reporting corps. 

Sexy Savannah
They went to the spa area and stepped into the shower. I didn't bring a lock with me so I didn't step into the shower with them. As far as I know they didn't play with anyone else in there. I believe I also spotted JP and JP's Slut Toy, where the female half looked great in a black dress. They went to a private room before I could say hi unfortunately and I headed home after that. All in all it was a great was to pass the afternoon!

There is also a kik group about 15th Ave called #15thAveAbs. Download the app and join up before all the spots fill up, there is a 50 person limit per group. I'm in the group as Chris so feel free to message me! You can also reach me at

PS. Hi Victor!


Doc here again... many thanks to The Guy with the Glasses for being there and for his terrific report from the front lines. Well done, sir!  

And a special thank you to Sexy Savannah and Mr. Midwest... It was a pleasure helping set up this visit for you at 15th Ave that day, and glad to hear you had a great time! We hope to see you two soon once again!