Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Flash Report! Anaconda Hits Berlin News Agency in NJ and Puts One on the Board

Doc here, a man who some say taught at a summer yoga retreat, specializing in summoning of the elusive succo di signora for it's members, with a Flash Report from regular contributor Anaconda.

Anaconda traveled to the legendary Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ and has filed this report with The Good Doctor.  It's a good one folks...

Here we go!


Hey Doc,

Wanted to drop a line with a report from the Berlin news Agency. I was supposed to have a "date" tonight with a gal from SLS, but she stood me up. GRRRRR. Anyway, I figured since I was in South Jersey I would head over to BNA and see if anything was happening, and maybe I'd get lucky. 

This is about 10PM on a Thursday night, so my expectations were not too high. I get to the Philly/S. Jersey area a lot and always head into BNA and I have not had any luck there which has always shocked me. So, imagine my great surprise when I didn't even have to WAIT for something to happen, I walked right into it!!! 

Berlin News Agency
Berlin, NJ
As I made my way through to check out what was happening, I saw a group of guys gathered around one of the walled off areas. I went and peeked over the wall and there was a very cute woman sucking her hubby's cock and getting pounded from behind by a patron. I could not believe my luck!! This woman was a good looking woman too. I'd guess in her early 40's, redhead, nice body, great ass and nice tits. 

I made my way around the wall to get a better view. The guy who was fucking her from behind finished and very surprisingly, it didn't seem like the crowd wanted to play, just watch. A couple guys got close to her but just wanted to touch her ass and tits and take care of themselves. I asked one guy if he was going to take a turn and he said no. I then asked her hubby if she was ready for more and he gave me the go ahead. 

Private Viewing Area
I got suited up and stepped up behind her and slid in. Her pussy was very wet and you can tell she was enjoying herself in her adventure. She let out sexy soft moans as I pushed in deep, she felt amazing. After a few minutes, I let loose and finished the job. I thanked them and backed out. I think they realized no one else was going to step up, so they got up and left the theater. 

Lucky me, I had gotten there just in time!! I hung out for a few more hours hoping that there would be some additional action. As a matter of fact there almost was when that same couple came back in a little while after they had left. Unfortunately, they didn't see any new faces, so they made a quick loop and left again. 

They were the lone couple of the night, but I finally got to pop my BNA cherry.



Doc here again...Many thanks to Anaconda for his report from Berlin News in NJ.  Here is a great case for patience and perseverance paying off.  Patience is the golden rule I have been preaching for years, and it works.

Well done, sir!