Monday, October 4, 2010

Flash Report! Gulf Coast Adult Theater by Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with another terrific report from Senior Journal Reporter, Bob in Biloxi.  Looks like it was also hot in Biloxi (as it was in Portland, Chicago, and Gary) according to Bob's report from The Gulf Coast Adult Theater. 

Take it away, Bob!
Hey Doc,

Report on this weekend festivities, this week and next weekend will be Cruising the Coast, all types of Hot Rod’s and vintage automobiles will be on the beach road and “other” places! (wink) Showing their stuff and cruising the highways!

First I have to say I love newbies! The theater this weekend had a few, but the ABS down the street had a few more! 
Bob in Biloxi
The first lady that showed up at the theater was a BBW, long dark hair, medium size perky tits. She was wearing white jeans and a flowery button down top with high heels. She started very slowly, sitting on the front couch with her man. They sat and watched the movie for about an hour before moving to one of the rear couches.

I noticed when she first got there she would glance back to the rear couch very so often.(there are three rows of couches there) I just figured she was keeping an eye on the naked gay guy that kept standing up pinching his nipples while turning around. (think gay ballerina) But later when he finally left and they moved to the back, I understood then, she had been waiting on that guy to leave so they could move back.

It wasn’t long before she was in full motion, pants came off, blouse came off, she was sucking and fucking anyone that wanted to play. So I took from this, the gay guy was actually cock blocking her by sitting on the back couch!! She made up for the wait though. There were too many people around her for me so I headed down the street to the ABS.
At the ABS, the clerk told me there was a regular couple in the back. So I went back to check that out. Sure enough it was the cute little blond school teacher looking lady. She gives remarkable head and has a very tight little pussy. She and her man usually close the place down at midnight, so I knew they weren’t about to leave.

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
222 Iberville Dr, Biloxi, MS

As I came out of the adjoining booth I hear the buzzer sound and glanced toward the front door. In walked a couple,(another newbie!) she was dressed in a summer print dress, knee high, high heel boots, very NICE rack. They proceeded to look at the toys for awhile, when I noticed they moved toward the counter.

With my fingers crossed they bought a ticket to the back!!! I was lucky enough to be fast enough to get the booth right next to them! This little lady started grinding on her man while lifting her dress up (wow what an ass too!) Then looking though the hole I saw she had started to blow the guy. So I fed my cock through the hole and was rewarded with her soft, warm, gentle touch, slowly stroking and caressing (you know what I mean) followed by her hot mouth! Thank god this place has a top wall to hang onto, she then slipped a condom on me and backed that hot looking ass up to the hole and proceeded to try and cave in the place. She pounded on that wall until she drained my poor soldier dry! Well, he’s not that poor, he left very happy.

After thanking her for a job well done, I went back to the theater, the BBW from before was still at it, and there were about six other couples, of which four were in some state of play. The weather down here is getting a little more bearable, so I hope the playing continues to pick up!!
Thanks Bob for another great report from Biloxi.  As I have stated before here on The Journal, The Gulf Coast Adult Theater reminds me a lot of CTs in Gary, IN.  And that is a good thing in my opinion.  The Good Doctor is scanning his rolodex for any patients in Biloxi...I think a House Call might be in order.

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