Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: Post Xmas Edition

When we last left The Good Doctor, he was hanging from a cliff, being pestered by birds...

Doc here with this week's AFMWDE.  Christmas is over, family commitments are just about wrapped up, and the crappy sweater you got from Aunt Ernestine has been hidden safely in a drawer.  It's time to look at what is coming up this week at The Journal of Adult Theaters.

I received a message from Gloryhole Nancy (and her guy, T) just before Christmas.  There has been a bit of a void in new reports and pics from her in the last 3 weeks.  She wanted me to convey to her loyal fans that she apologizes for the delay, but has some new content coming soon.  It seems that she and T are in the midst of a move that has been quite the task. So be patient, new stuff is forthcoming.

A lot of people have off this coming week, which might provide an opportunity for a visit to an adult theater.  If you are, and have, please send a report along to The Good Doctor.

If you get an opportunity, visit my good friend Major Voyeur's Blog.  Not only has he pulled out the stops over the holiday, he also launched a sister blog to his prime site,  Major Voyeur's Photo Album. It's a must stop-by for all of us knee-deep in this thing of ours'.

Lastly, please remember to vote in the "Favorite Type of Reports" poll on the right hand side of The Journal.  This information will help me as I look on how to make 2011 bigger and better than 2010 here at your one-stop shop for all things concerning adult theaters.

So from the staff here at The Journal of Adult Theaters (as usual, me), have a safe rest of the weekend.