Monday, January 9, 2012

Flash Report! Edward Nygma @ 15th Ave Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

Doc here with a brand new reporter here at The Journal.  Edward Nygma will be reporting on all things Chicago, which means 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Melrose Park, CTs Adult Theater & ABS in Gary, IN, as well as other IL locations.

His first report is a good one, taken from Saturday night at 15th Avenue.  From reports I received from regular reporter Moaning Lisa, Friday night was a busy scene at 15th (she has promised a report this week for The Journal).  And judging from all the activity this past week at 15th Avenue (as well as other factors from other theaters in the USA), this Melrose Park adult theater/ABS/spa is now ranked #1 in the Dr. Emilio Adult Theater Power Rankings.

Here is the mysterious Edward Nygma and his report from Saturday night in the suburbs of Chicago. This is a little on the long side, but stick with it kids...It ends strong.


Hi Doc,

Been a fan of your blog for awhile now and felt it was time to put on the green question mark outfit and send in a report from Melrose (ed note: 15th Ave's nickname).
The first full week of every month Melrose runs a special for couples, single girls, and T-girls where they get in free all week.  Single guys pay the usual full price.  In the past, this special has been very popular.  Saturday was no exception.  A bonus was that the party room in the rear of the spa section  was open for the NFL playoff games.  What's better than football and adult theaters, eh Doc?

When I got there, and worked my way back to the party room, there were 3 couples hanging out, as well as a T-girl and several guys.  Among the couples were George and Tasha - Tasha is a thin white girl who typically puts on a great oral sex clinic.  However tonight (maybe I was just late and missed it), she wasn't doing anything.  Another couple was a middle-aged pair, and she was wearing a Tony Romo jersey (not seen much in Bears land).  A regular couple, P and F came in later, as did another couple I will mention later.  Not bad.

15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
After watching the Saints beat up the Lions, I went into the theater.  A younger couple I had seen earlier in the retail store was now sitting in the couples area. She was a tall thin girl next door, long dark brown hair, and a pair of those sexy yet nerdy dark rimmed glasses. She was wearing jeans, so I wasn't sure what they had in mind. Oh, she had on some great stilettos too (a weakness of mine I admit). If you can picture a tall thin Natalie Portman, you would have a good idea of her appearance.
The big show of the evening was 30's black couple. She was 5'8, was I think were nice sized breasts  inside her pullover, and was in a horny mood no doubt. At one point, she was going down on her bf and it has to be the noisiest BJ I have ever heard.  He returned the favor by dining at her "Y". The highlight for me was watching them makeout while she was rubbing her clit.  A blonde with a tan pullover and capri pants and her hubby from earlier in the party room came into the theater, but aside from rubbing her hands and feet, didn't do much while I was there. Too bad, she was just my type too.

My favorite part of the night was watching "Natalie" watch the black couple in front of her while they foreplayed the night away. The voyeur in me loves that kind of interaction and it looked like that was all that would be in cards for me (I was wrong). I noticed that "Natalie" and her guy left the theater and headed back towards the video booth area. Maybe the night wasn't over yet.  I didn't see them when I walked to the back, but on a hunch walked down the row of booths. There I came across a booth with the door cracked open, and there was "Natalie" and her guy.

You are right doctor, being patient pays off.  I eventually opened the door a little at a time, and got no objections from them.  She was seated in the booth giving her guy a BJ, but made no motion to me yet.  By now, a line was forming behind me, and I was now in the booth along with another guy with the door open. What happened next was exciting.

The black couple from the theater stopped by to check out things, and we let them cut ahead so they could see the BJ.  The woman was getting turned on, and was grinding her rear against her bf.  He was reaching around and squeezing her nipples under her hoodie. This lead to them fucking for a minute right there! She declined playing with any of the other guys, and they moved away. "Natalie" then changed positions, and was kneeling in front of her seated bf.   Just when I thought again that this was the extent of my fun, the bf asked the other guy and me to close the door for some privacy. Before I knew it, Natalie had a hand on my cock, her mouth on the other guys cock, and was stroking the bf.  She switched off to make sure everyone was happy, and happy we were!  The girl next door gave a soft, wet BJ (with her glasses off now), and her firm b-cup tits and hard nipples looked great.  We both ended up giving her a cum shower all over her neck and boobs, and thanked her and the bf for a great time.

Hope you liked the report doctor.

Edward Nygma (?)


Doc here again...Where to start on this one? I guess my first impression is that it seemed that with all the commotion in the booth area, everyone was behaving themselves.  With the negative reports coming from Portland recently about bad patron behavior, 15th Avenue rarely has issues of this sort. In my opinion, the reasons are:
  • Cost of single guys to go to 15th Avenue is $30 (including the spa area).  This keeps a lot of the riff-raff out.
  • Management runs a tight ship at 15th Avenue (The Chicago Way), but is super couples friendly. They tread that fine line as well as any adult theater today. Edward heard that 2 single females were ejected from 15th Avenue Saturday night for not following the "No Cell Phones" rule after being warned earlier. Good for Bob and the management at 15th Avenue.
  • The regular patrons "get it", and police themselves if need be. Peer pressure in an adult theater is a good thing most times.
Thank you to Edward Nygma for a good rookie report.  He has promised more to come in the next few weeks.

Do you have a report you would like to see on the pages of The Journal? Just e-mail Eric Arthur Blair The Good Doctor at, and I will edit, format, drop in a pic or two, and you get all the glory.