Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flash Report! Asslvr Returns & Hits San Diego's Adult Theaters

Doc here with the return of regular contributor, Asslvr. He's been quiet the last few months, but he's back and hopefully not going anywhere soon.
He visited San Diego's adult theaters, and here is his report from SoCal.
Hey Doc,
Sorry about going silent over the past few months but my work has been a serious impediment to my play as late. Looks like things are starting to settle down and I've started up the Swing Shift gang bangs again for the summer. Hope to have a few good stories in the near future.
Just got back from Cali and have a few stories to report. I decided to spend some time in San Diego and visited The Jolar Cinema and Barnett Avenue Superstore for most of Friday and Saturday night. On both nights I hopped from one location to the other over the course of the two evenings taking the days off at the beach. At Jolar there was many couples but not much action. There was one couple that went into the video booths and left the door open. Myself and another spectator BBC watched and jerked off to the show actually inside the cramped booth with them. She was a hot Asian but was not interested in anyone else joining the fun. I talked with her husband a bit and they do frequent Jolar from time to time but only to put on a show. I also became friends with the BBC as we would see each other at both establishments over the course of the next two days. 
The only other limited action was an attractive young black couple that came into and out of the two theaters but always in a bit of a confusion state not finding what they were looking for. She would occasionally stay by herself in the hall behind the glass window while he went into the far theater to jerk off. I went into the hall and started to chat up the female who was in dress, in her early 20's and very attractive. They looked totally out of place and would have been more appropriate in a university. I asked her if she minded me jerking off beside her. She said to go ask her boyfriend and if he approved she was Ok with it. I went into the theater and asked  he said Ok. Yippy I thought and here we go.
Well it didn't quite turn out as I anticipated. She was very detached and didn't respond as usual when I've been given the green light. No interaction and kept her eyes on the porn screen thru the window. In these situations I've learned patience is the key. I slowly moved closer jerking off without being aggressive and rubbed my leg beside her to see if she would back off. She didn't so I tried a subtle hand rub against her ass and she again said to ask her boy friend if I could touch. I then tried to press on without his permission and said he wouldn't mind being in the other room. She said she was ok with me touching her but need to get his approval first but again in a very detached tone. At this point hubby came back around the corner and they decided to leave without playing with anyone. I guess they didn't find what they were looking for but very strange non the less. 
I then decided to change my home base and went to the Barnett Superstore. I actually prefer Barnett over Jolar because there is more space to play and it's easier to move the seats around if we need more room. This would come in handy later in the evening. I also liked chatting with the manager who was very friendly. I was starting to get tired and was thinking of calling it a night when a couple showed up. I had recognized the guy from previously being in the theater but leaving 30 minutes before. They came into the back theater and immediately started to play. I sat down beside the girl and took out my cock. I didn't have any patience at this point but she was up for the action. She started to jack me off while she sucked her boyfriends cock standing in front of her. He motioned for me to stand up and said for her to such me as well which she did without hesitation.
She sucked us both for quite a while with others standing behind and in front jerking off. He then got behind and started to fuck her doggy with her sucking me in front. She then wanted to sit down in the in the seats and had her boyfriend fuck her mission style. At this point I started to push back the chairs to create more room and put on a condom as we both took turns fucking her. 
I don't know why I do this but I decided to stand up on the arms of the chairs to get a better angle to face fuck her. I have done this before during one of my first theater sex experiences and was told to cool down a bit. (reference my first report at Swing Shift with Kinkybicpl who I'm friends with now) At this point the couple was in full erotic bliss and was taking in everything I could give her. I then proceeded to fuck her mouth and rub my balls into her face (one of my favorites by the way) while I jerked off and blew my load all over her face. Hubby kept fucking her and I then move aside for others to join the fun. It was very late and there was only a few other guys in the theater but they kept playing as I left the theater.
I then cleaned myself up, thanked them and left the theater. To my surprise it was starting to get light and I decided to have breakfast after a long night. Patience was rewarded.
(Back in Action)
PS: I hope to have a few Gang Bang events over the summer at Swing Shift in Richmond Hill, Ontario, and will hook up with our friends Yogster Couple at another huge gang bang to satisfy Mrs Yogster. What a little nympho she is. All the best. 
Doc here again... Good to have you back, Asslvr.  Your reports are always welcome here @ The Journal, and hope they keep coming in.