Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Flash Report! Barbie's First Gang Bang by Bill from The Summit News Group

Doc here with an excellent Flash Report from one of the hottest adult theaters in the country at the moment, the Summit News Theater in Warren, OH (address info available in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database HERE). The gentleman who runs a Yahoo Group dedicated to The Summit (and area GB's), Bill, is an expert in arranging gang bangs in (and sometimes out) of adult theaters.  He runs a tight ship, and nothing is left to chance. 

This Flash Report is Bill at his best... A great couple, and a crew of guys ready to fufill the fantasies of the guest of honor.

Here is Bill's awesome account of "Barbie's" first gang bang...


Hi Doc,

For those who don't know me, I run a Yahoo group that does a lot of gangbanging at motels, private homes, an at an adult theater in Warren, Ohio called the Summit  News. The Summit has both a public and a private theater.

Just before the new year I received an email from a couple in Ohio about doing a theater gangbang. The couple (Ken and Barbie) had read a post I made in The Good Doctor's blog and were interested in arranging a gangbang. Now I'm calling this couple Ken and Barbie not only to protect their privacy, but because they really are that attractive.

Ken is a fit, muscular guy that looks like he should be a GQ model. Barbie is a true MILF. She's blonde, 5 ft 6 in, pretty with a beautiful smile. Her legs are trim and toned. Her butt is round and tight. Her breasts are perky and her stomach is flat. A true "10" in anyone's book.

I invited K/B into my group and they quickly joined. Another member of my group changed the day of her gangbang and K/B asked if they could do B's first gangbang Saturday the 14th in the afternoon and I said YES! We exchanged emails and phone calls and it quickly became apperant that B was really ready to live out her fantasy of doing a roomful of guys. In fact they told me they wanted 2012 to be B's "Year of Gangbangs". How could I say no that offer. I started to promote the gangbang on my yahoo group and received a lot of responses. The smokin HOT pics I was posting of her would get any one's attention. Plus the naughty emails K/B were sending me really made me think that this would be something special.

Well  finally Saturday arrived after what seemed like an eternity. I  received a email from K/B on Saturday morning. As a guy who has set up a lot of gangbangs my heart was in my throat. I had been disappointed so many times on the day of the party that I was ready for some bad news. The email basically said that Barbie had been spending the morning watch gangbang porn and picking out her party outfit! I was so happy to hear that. It also stated that she was READY!!!

The Pittsburgh boys and I all meet up at our usual spot and we had a suv full of horny guys. When we got to Warren I made a call to Barbie to see how close they were and such. Barbie's final words to me in a super sexy little voice was "CAN'T WAIT!!!!"

About 15 minutes later they arrived. As Lou and I went out to meet them, I was wondering what a sight I was about to see. The most beautiful blonde MILF you can imagine was smiling at me. After I gave her a bouquet of flowers and we both greeted her I knew this would be a special afternoon. Just the look on her face made me think she was relaxed and ready.

We enterted the bookstore and I had some senior members escort K back to the private theater and they got the room ready. I had the honor and privildge of giving B a quick tour of the bookstore. We had planned to take a few minutes and pick out a couple milf gangbang movies to play on the 50 inch television. When I brought B over to the movie counter she just said "Pick any two and take me in the back to see my husband NOW!!!. K met us halfway and we escorted B back to the private theater. I told her to take 10 or 15 minutes to get ready and have K come get us when she was ready. I went back to get the 12 lucky guys ready for the party.With in 3 or so minutes K came back and said B was ready!

Myself and 11 other guys quickly made our way back to the private theater. When I open the door we all saw a beautiful blonde MILF dressed in a black top, black mini that attached to a black garter belt. A pair of black boots with a 4 inch heels finished off the hot GANGBANG ME OUTFIT!! No panties covered her shaved smooth blonde pussy. She looked incredible and ready to fuck.

After going over the rules for a few minutes, I had  B sit on the couch between me and another guy. K got into position to watch his wife in action and the over head lights were turned off. B had mentioned that she wanted to watch the movie for 10 minutes or so but within 30 seconds or so we had her top off and trim legs were spread wide.We quickly moved her to the mattress and soon I was enjoying a sweet MILF pussy. I loved the sound of her soft moans as my tongue swirled over her clit. The other guys were all over her perky breasts and soon guys were offereing her their hard cocks and  she was sucking off multiple guys as we devoured her trim body.

We quickly put B on all fours and hard cocks were banging her hot milf pussy as she blew multiple guys. After she had banged a few guys in her pussy, B decided to share with us her tight MILF ass. Soon a big cock was deep in her perfect butt. Her moans and screams were just unbelievable. After a few cocks in her ass we deciced to really get this gangbang going.

She mounted a nice cock and another guy got behind her and the double penetration was on. I slipped in front of her and got my cock into her mouth. Our beautiful MILF for the first time in her life was air tight. Over the next hour and a half this beautiful lady was fucked silly. A lot of guys banged both her tight pussy and ass. She sucked countless guys, licked balls and was double penetrated numerous times. She was bent over couches and fucked HARD in the ass. She rode numerous guys. Her orgasms were endless.

Towards the end 5 addtionial guys came in and she drained them also. For the first time ever the guys just broke into spontanoues applause. One the most beautiful ladies I ever saw do a gangbang had put on an amazing performance. As B was leaving, I had to laugh as K took out of her bag a pair of tiny jeans. It was hard to believe that a lady that trim had just had so many cocks in her.

B/K are already planning her next gangbang. The Mayans are saying this is the end of civilization, so please ladies follow B's lead and make this THE YEAR OF THE GANGBANG..ANY couples around Youngstown...Cleveland or Pittsburgh email me at and I'll try and help you out.



Doc here again... Like The Good Doctor, Bill has been around the block a few times. So when a first time lady knocks his socks off, you know it must have been amazing!  Thanks to Bill for a great report from the Summit News.

The Good Doctor needs Flash Reports as well as First Time Reports... Just e-mail me at, and I will do the rest.  Editing, formatting, and picture insertion.  You get the glory and the byline.