Friday, March 11, 2011

REMINDER: Fantasyland 2 Grand Opening Tonight

Doc here with more details on the exciting Grand Opening of Fantasyland 2 in the Drew Park area of Tampa, FL TONIGHT!
Saturday March 12, 2011

5006 N. Grady Avenue, Tampa FL 33614 (the former Adult Cinema on Grady)


There will be a free shuttle provided to take you from Fantasyland 1 to Fantasyland 2

Grilling on the deck will be taking place.  Come hungry!

Get out there and support The Good Doctor's #1 Rated Tampa Adult Theaters: Fantasyland 1 and 2! 

Check back for updates and maybe even more photos.


Flash Report: Riding The Rails With Daisy Train - Episode 1

Doc here with a first person account of the force of nature known as Daisy Train and her visit to Portland's infamous Paris Theater.  This Flash Report has it all, and may be my favorite 2011 report to date.
All aboard the Daisy Train...
A Cumslut's Journal 
The Theatre Paris with Master L
Yay!  I'm here with Master L at the Paris; I'm so excited and ready.  No, I guess I'm not ready because Master leads me straight into the restroom to get ready… the men's restroom.  Someone is in there, they say hello and leave.  I love theater patrons; they act like nothing is strange about a slut and her Master in the men's room, hahaha!
He grabs me by my collar and slaps my face a few times; okay I'm focused now on him! He puts his face close to mine, looking at me and softly speaks to me, tells me what I will do and how I will behave. A couple more slaps to remind me what I am (or maybe just for fun!).  "Click" he attaches the chain leash to my collar and I'm so wet my thighs are slippery from my juicy aroused cunt.  I had already been fucked by some men at the hotel and was warmed up and ready to play.

Daisy Train

Master leads me into the theater and directly into the chained off couple's section where we take a seat on the sofa in back and I look out into the theater.  Men are gathered around the rail, 30? Maybe more?? I take a moment to breathe in the smell… the scent of men.  I smell cologne, soap, musk, sweat and semen.  Master has me stand up and look at the men, standing patiently, hard dicks in many of their hands.  Wonderful!  Nothing more arousing than men with their cocks out and hard, looking intently at me.  I make eye contact with several of them… they want me!  And I want them!  "Introduce yourself", Master directs me.  I would describe myself as a confident outgoing woman and now I'm suddenly shy. "Hello, I'm Daisy" I say.
"Hello Daisy!!" comes a chorus of men's voices!  I have an urge to giggle. But then Master takes out my breasts and proceeds to slap them, I wonder if that's hot for the men to watch.  I think it is by the looks on their faces.  He says to them "Do you want to feel?" and within moments there are hands all over my body, some gentle caresses, some rough and pinching.  I feel hands move up my skirt… teeth on a nipple… fingers in my cunt.  I know the first orgasm is close, it's like I've been holding it ready to explode since I came through the door.  I announce that I'm going to cum, forgetting to ask for permission I peak and feel the warm rush of my cum splash out between my legs and onto the floor.

Much of that night is a blur, like a dream it's no longer linear.  I loved being fucked in the ass.  Hard and deep, several men in a row fucked my ass until my cunt ached for some attention too.  So many cocks in my mouth, I opened my throat to them, offering up my submissive mouth.  I feel a cock pressing at the back of my throat and I open my throat as wide as I can to wellcum the cock in.  I feel it push over the hump and down into my tight throat.  The cock blocks my wind and breath is denied to me for as long as the cock is down my throat.  I feel the thrill of not being able to breathe.  This is erotic to me and a huge turn on!  Cum fills my mouth, shoots on my face and tits.  Master gives me a bowl with a lid.  I harvest the cum, one after another into the bowl and I lick and suck out the last few drops of each cock.  Do they know how much I appreciate their cum?  How each man that steps forward offering up his semen for me to enjoy and how when their dick is in my mouth I like to look up into their face and see the expression there, feel the connection raw and animalistic. They allow my hands to wander around their bodies, feeling their ass, belly and chest with my hands under their clothes.  We connect on a base level that doesn't need anything more than sharing that sexual urge and pleasure.  I want to please them all and I hope that no one went home thinking that they wanted me and didn't get to partake. 

That night I took 40 to 50 loads (we lost count) I took them in me and on me and at me.  I licked spilled cum off the vinyl bench I was being fucked on and licked it from my lips.  I was made to mop up my own cum with my hair and face.  I left the Theater Paris sticky with drying cum, make-up smeared, hair flying around my face and my clothes splattered with jism and soaked with my own cum and sweat.
I did everything my Master told me to that night, and he was so generous to me in return, I so hope he takes me to the theater again soon. 

Doc here again... Incredible stuff from Daisy Train and Master L!  We are looking forward to the next station that the Daisy Train stops off, and the ensuing account.
Couples out there in this thing of ours' - Do you have a first person account of your visit(s) to adult theaters?  If so, please e-mail The Good Doctor @ You will get the white glove treatment and join the good company of the contributors here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.