Friday, December 18, 2015

Breaking News! 1 Adult Theater Closed, Another in 2016 - Report by Jay Owen

Doc here, a man who some say once ran confectionery and bait shop somewhere in the Midwest, specializing in the best crullers and night crawlers in town. 

Oy vey, another piece of bad news from this thing of ours. New contributor Jay Owen has informed The Good Doctor that two well-known adult theaters in Northern California are either closed now or scheduled to close in 2016.

You can imagine this news sucks out loud. California has almost wiped out all of it's hetero-friendly adult theaters, save for San Diego's 4 theaters *see which ones in the adult theater database at the top of this page). 

Please welcome to The Journal Jay Owen and his update on the state of these NoCal adult theaters.


Funville Amusement - CLOSED
Vallejo, CA
Dr. Lizardo,

I bring sad news to this thing of ours. News of two theater closures in Northern California. One done. One eminent.

1. Funville Theater and adult book store in Vallejo, CA is closed. It closed with little or no warning back in October I believe. They have a Facebook page (search for "Funville Amusement Center" on FB) that says they hope to re-open somewhere, someday. I'm not holding my breath.

2. The Secrets store in Oakland, CA on Broadway at 2nd street is scheduled to close "sometime in 2016" is all the staff would say. The store staff said they have no plans to relocate the theater since they have other smaller stores in the region. These smaller Secrets stores have arcades but no theaters. In a recent article in the newspaper, the author stated that the property owner has plans to demo and/or remodel all buildings and develop something new on the valued site.