Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flash Report: Saturday Night's Recap by Bob in Biloxi

Doc here with Mr. Reliable and Consistent, senior reporter Bob in Biloxi and his Saturday night recap.  The Good Doctor's Sunday morning consists of a Bloody Mary, some fresh fruit, and Bob's report coming over about 10am to the news desk.  I am a creature of habit, and so is Bob.

No one knows the Gulf Coast scene like our good friend, Bob.  On Saturday nights, he will bounce back and forth between The Gulf Coast Adult Theater, and the ABS down the street. 

So without further ado, here is the well-hydrated Bob in Biloxi...


This Week's Episode: "Oh No You Don't"

Good Morning Doc,

Well another almost fun filled Saturday night on the beautiful Gulf Coast, but it was like being almost pregnant I guess: either you are or you’re not!

The Gulf Coast Adult Theater
Biloxi, MS
According to reports I missed all the “action” which occurred very early. Two couples attending the theater with only one playing and another showing. Details were sketchy at best, but the one playing was deemed very hot.

Meanwhile the ABS also saw action very early; according to sources she was very pretty but only hooking up with a couple of lucky winners. Now this place is a study in human evolution. We all know that when a woman enters a place like this, she gets attention, well from straight or bi guys at least.  But the hardcore gay guys hardly pay her any attention at all. They do however activate what they call their “gaydar”, so I was unable to ascertain exactly what “she” looked like, other than she was “pretty”. Her guy however got the thumbs down. It’s truly a study in the way gay guys process information that I will never understand. I guess that’s why they are gay, and well, I’m not. So, there will be no forthcoming description on her appearance, sorry.

As the night dragged on, several cutie pies would enter dressed in short summer dresses with high heels that begged to offer moments of having playtime, but to no avail. Then around 10pm a car pulled up with a lady on the pass side two spaces down from me. Hmmmmm, could this be the savior of Saturday night with nothing on TV? Yep, she got out, wearing an ultra short summer type dress, huge, did I say HUGE tits? The bottom of her ass was peeking out due the “ass jacker” high heels she was wearing. My “playdar” went off as they entered and I made a beeline to the back door on an intercept course!
Bob in Biloxi

They paid the fee and went on into the arcade, however I was unable to secure first dibs in the adjoining booth but came in a respectable second after another dude was finished and made his exit. She was seated with her HUGE globes out, so I proceeded to feed “Stan the Man” through the hole.

"Stan" was greeted by her hand, then her mouth, followed by a vigorous hand job. Ok ladies, we can do that just fine, we need/want her mouth or pussy or even ass sometimes. I digress...So I figure ok, I don’t have to do that, so I let her jack for awhile until I’m close, then pull out and spray the ABS approved garbage can. My reasoning is that she is not going to get my load on her HUGE tits simply by jacking me. I think that pissed her off... Well that made two of us, and mine was from not getting what I wanted either.

So, I went back down to the theater and had a few moments to chat with a semi regular couple. One black couple entered and the lady of the couple kept walking right out the back door!! Ok, couples are free on Saturday night, so this chick got the guy in free and she left! WTF!! Hellva guy huh? He just stiffed the theater ten bucks! Yeah, they can stay in business with jerks like that! Come on if you can’t cough up ten bucks for an all day in and out pass, don’t go!!

About it Doc. I was somewhat lighter on the trip back, but far from the afterglow we all crave after a chance meeting with a true glory hole girl. Hey there is always next weekend!!!



Doc here again... Overall, action was pretty light this weekend in the countries adult theaters.  The Paris was lighter than usual (The Oregon Theater however had a good night based from a report from Brent), and 15th Ave in Melrose Park, IL only had one brief flurry of activity.  The exception was CTs in Gary, which had a pretty crazy night of gang bangs. So, it's not a surprise that Biloxi had a light weekend as well.  I will cover the weekend stats tomorrow in the new weekly column, "By the Numbers with Dr. Emilio".

I am still in dire need of adult theater reports, ladies and gentlemen.  We are on the cusp of another month, and I'd like to start August with a bang.  Please submit what you have to Ivan Drago The Good Doctor at I will format and edit your report, and it will shine.  You get the glory.

Thanks, and have a great Sunday... Now where is my Bloody Mary?