Friday, January 14, 2011

Flash Report: Adult World in Rensselaer, NY by The Captain

Doc here with a first time report from our newest field reporter here at the Journal, The Captain.  His report on Adult World in Rensselaer, NY is filled with many of the things that makes this thing of ours' exciting.  As usual, don't take my word for it... Take The Captain's word for it.


We have an adult bookstore in Rensselaer, NY called Adult World (formerly Route 20 News and News),  275 Columbia Turnpike, just across the Hudson River from downtown Albany.

Adult World has 13 video booths and a 12 seat "mini-theater". While it's nowhere near the activity level of the Paris in Portland it does get it's share of couples. Many couples come into the store for toys, videos, outfits, etc, and see the blue curtain that divides the store in half and wonder what's back there. Any of the staff are always glad to give a quick tour and explain how the booths operate and admission to the theater area. It's $9 admission to the theater.

On to my report.... I stopped in Thursday Dec 30th on my way home from work - having been in this thing of ours for almost 20 years now, my theater senses were tingling as I drove down the highway and came upon the exit - left to go home or right to go adventuring - I listened to my now throbbing senses and went right.

It was about 5pm as I entered the store and caught the slight whiff of perfume from the back. I paid for the theater admission and sure enough there was a conservative looking couple. The woman seemed interested in watching the 2 men in the row in front of her stroke each other. I gave them a few minutes to see what might happen and when the 2 guys moved a few rows away from them, I went to the back row where they were seated and gave the universal signal I was interested - unzipped and stroked.

After a couple minutes she reached her hand out towards me and I stepped forward. Her husband also unzipped and she began stroking both of us. She pulled the string tie loose on her top and I reached my hand inside her shirt to feel her full and soft breasts. I played gently with them as she stroked us. I offered to put a condom on for oral and the couple agreed. She blew me to completion and then took care of her husband, swallowing his load. A few minutes after we were done they left, as there were no other guys in the theater.

There's plenty more reports to come from our little theater as couples attend several weeknights - not often on weekends though as the store closes at midnight!

The Captain

Doc here again... Great stuff from The Captain.  There are many stories of some classic adult theaters in upstate NY (The Good Doctor's former stomping ground).  Hopefully The Captain can fill us in on many more in the coming weeks and months here at The Journal.  We salute you, Captain.

Do you have an adult theater report you'd like to see on The Journal?  Just email The Good Doctor at  Just ask The Captain.  It was easy...