Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Field Report: The Cina Mini 1 in Grand Rapids, MI by Just Visiting

Doc here with a sad Field Report from the Cina Mini 1 in Grand Rapids, MI. Regular contributor Just Visiting has done a nice job setting the scene of the renovated CM1, and the restrictions now in place there.
Take it away, JV!
Hello Doc,
Because ownership closed Cini Min 2 [selling it to make into a restaurant, as they are renovating the neighborhood, the same management has now opened Cina Mini 1 for 7 days a week.    They completely renovated it to comply with really strict regulations.  
Cina Mini 1
Grand Rapids, MI
When you walk in the door, there are 4 open booths on the right, no doors, no glory holes.   There are 3 movie theaters, one plays straight, one bi-,  and one gay. The whole layout is a semicircle.  There is the desk with the person you pay who is sitting at the top of the semicircle so he can see every booth and every chair in the theaters, per the local regulations.   Each theater has giant windows so you can see into the theater beside yours. 
Cina Mini 1 reopened on March 25, and is closed for holidays like Easter. Now 12 dollars to go inside.  There is a separate door for the DVD rental store which you can go into without fee.   Due to the layout and the windows, everything is seen and monitored.  
The good news is for sanitation, as there is a new large men's bathroom and also a single bathroom for families or wheelchair.  Friday night there were two visitors and two others that drew some questionable looks.  Pretty dead at 5:30 to 7pm which is usually prime drive time for visits.
Confidentially yours,
Just Visiting
Doc here again... Thanks to Just Visiting for the report and update. With the closing of the Cina Mini 2 across town (the worst adult theater I had ever set foot in back in 2010), the CM1 is the only game in town.

Couple's Flash Report! The Gloryhole Princess @ The Berlin News Agency w/5 PICS!

Doc here with a special treat for you, the good readers of The Journal... My good friend Piper, The Gloryhole Princess, has submitted a Couple's Flash Report from the terrific Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ.

This report is all sorts of awesome, so enjoy...


Well, I promised the Doc some reviews from all over the country.  I travel quite a bit and one of my favorite past times on a road trip is to stop at every promising looking porn store.  If they say "Arcade", I always stop and hope for some gloryholes. ;)

This is the Berlin News in Berlin, NJ.  I made a special trip to Philly just to meet an extremely perverted couple who were members of my site.  I didn't realize how perverted until they took me to the BNA and I was on my knees with tons of strangers watching while Daniel and my man took turns roughly fucking my mouth and cumming all over my face while Tegan, Daniel's wife, talked so nasty in the background.  It seriously turned me on having them all talk about me as though I was a sex doll.  You should hear the video.  Nasty even for me (LOL). They ended up parading me through the hallways with cum dripping from my face.  Depraved!

Oh yes, the review of the Berlin News. lol  It is my favorite porn store in the USA!  Pretty simple.  The place in Tampa is pretty good but the BNA is the best. The staff love their jobs, love that people come in to be nasty and most importantly, they keep a watchful eye on any couple or woman who wanders into their bookstore to make sure that they have a good time.  None of the single men who frequent the BNA want to be banned for life, so the place is perfect for newbies and experienced women alike because the wandering cocks are super respectful.  :)


P.S.  Thanks Doc for having a blog dedicated to the porn store kink.  Itis so obvious you are into this kink as heavily as the rest of us. I have been using your database btw.  ;)  Absolutely helpful and awesome. It is how I found all of the stores in Tampa.  I visited every single one. An additional column with yes or no for whether they have gloryholes would be handy. :D  I could fill in some answers on the places I know.

Doc here again... Many thanks to the sexy and very naughty Piper for sharing her adventures to the legendary Berlin News Agency. Piper is exactly the kind of girl that fits in so well at BNA: Naughty, depraved, and cock-hungry.
Make sure you check out Piper's awesome website, . It is chock full of adventures like this one, with tons of video and still pics.  I highly recommend it to anyone familiar with this thing of ours.