Saturday, August 24, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Newbie & Lady at Hometown Video in Terre Haute, IN

Doc here with a terrific first time Couple's Flash Report from Newbie & Lady. They hit Hometown Video in Terre Haute, IN, and while they did have fun, it was a baby step for them. More on that later in the epilogue.
Put your hands together and give a nice Journal welcome to Newbie & Lady...
Well, I'll call myself "Newbie", since this was my Lady and my first "active"  trip to an adult theater (we used to go back in the old days when you actually watched a movie... lol).
We have been getting somewhat adventurous lately and were looking for something exciting to do. I found the Doctors site on the web, and the listing of adult theaters...we wanted someplace a little ways off from our hometown but not real far and Terre Haute Hometown Video fit the bill.   l did a little research before-hand and all I found was an article claiming that it was turning into a "gay" hang-out!  We decided to check it out anyway, so we made the drive on a Friday afternoon, went out for dinner, then drove by the place a couple times.  The neighborhood seemed a little seedy but it was still daylight..we thought  "What the hell, let's at least go in and look around". 
We went in and the front is a video/adult toy store. We looked around some, then asked the clerk about the theater.  He let me open the door and look around first, and we decided to go in. It was $8 for me and free for my Lady.  
There were four or five single guys (mostly older) sitting in there watching a porn with a guy and gal getting it on.  There are maybe twenty seats and a bench that goes around the perimeter, the screen was pretty good size (as was the guys cock on it!).  We sat right in the middle and watched for awhile.  We didn't really have a plan or know what we should do, but we made out & she started rubbing my dick through my shorts. 
There was a guy sitting even with us a few seats to the right, he had his cock out stroking it, the others were behind us, not sure what they were doing.  I asked if she would suck me if we went to the bench and she said yes...we moved over and I dropped my shorts.  My Lady is a beauty and she took my cock in her mouth while I  began fingering her pussy. This went on for awhile and I eventually took her jeans off and turned her towards the audience with legs spread so they could enjoy. 
The one guy with this cock out came over and sat by us, I told the guys they could touch, but they either didn't hear me or really were gay because he was the only one that did and he just barely rubbed her pussy and leg for a second.  She was really hot though, showing of her pussy and long legs like that...I had two fingers in her and played with her clit til she came.  Then she got on hands and knees on the bench to finish me off with her ass pointing at the guys.  After I came like a cannon, we dressed and left.    When we walked out I did notice one guy had a cell-phone out, I really hope he didn't take pics or video.  If it turned up on the internet I would have to hunt him down!
All in all, it was very exciting for us. I know it's not much of a story compared to some that we read on here,  but at least now you have a report on Hometown Video.   We may or may not go back, don't know. I don't think it will be our last visit to an adult theater.  We talked about it for some time afterwards, like how we both thought about her sucking the guys cock or fucking some one. She said she wanted to fuck me in front of them.....At the time we were a little scared of going that far.  Maybe more later!
Bye for now,
Newbie and Lady
Doc here again... many thanks to Newbie & Lady for their first Couple's Flash Report. We are looking forward to your next reports as you venture a bit further into this thing of ours.  
A bit about Hometown Video, direct from their website:
Hometown Adult Video has a clean, neat, and modern facility with an arcade and new theater in Terre Haute, IN. Our arcade (used to be called "peek booths”) has 60 channels that play all types of movies/categories. People can come in to the store to watch movies/adult movies while we ensure total privacy.
  • Plays different types/variety of adult movies each night
  • Every Saturday for couple's night
  • Every Friday we play gay movies
  • Open 10am / 7 days a week (same as store business hours)
We have new theaters with 120 inch projected screen with crystal clear quality and have 26 seats. You won’t get bored in our selection of movies as we play different types/varieties of adult movies each night. We cater to different types of movies for different group (variety of movie).

I think it's important to note that Newbie and Lady were taking it slow, and that is always highly recommended to couples dipping their toes into this thing of ours. I strongly suggest gradually working towards your comfort level, a bit at a time. I have guided many couples using this strategy, and have been thanked many times over. Trust me on this, folks.