Saturday, July 27, 2013

House Call! The Art Cinema's Mardi Gras Event by The Good Doctor, Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of my Hartford House Call Report from the June 1st Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema event. 

In Part 1, we ran down the events leading up to Saturday night, and also reviewed a partial list of a few of the couples I met that night both upstairs in the balcony and downstairs on the main floor.

Pop open another Fanta and let’s continue, shall we?

The stage was set at Hartford's awesome Art Cinema, and the vibe inside the theatre was just right for a special evening.  Since couple's started showing up by 6:30pm, we started handing out the special gift bags and one by one, the couple's VIP balcony started to fill up.

Senior reporters M&S showed up, and after a quick change, "S" re-appeared in her fishnet body stocking in the lobby (top visible), showcasing her lovely boobs. The great thing about M&S is that they are a "catalyst couple"; they do not hesitate to start the fun, do not hesitate getting naked, and do not hesitate to fuck and suck on the top row under the lights.  More often than not, this gets the motors running on the other couples.

Walking in through the doors of the Art Cinema around 7 was K&S Cummin, regular contributors to The Journal. I was glad they made it to the event, as I knew from their prior reports that the lovely "S" would have a lot of fun in this atmosphere.

Aside from giving out gift bags, I escorted several first time couples to the balcony, stopping along the way to show them the ladies lounge area before hitting the balcony. One of these couples happened to be Dick & Jane. It was her first time in an adult theater, and this was an eye opening experience for her. By the time I got them to the balcony, things were still very tame up there.

Around 7:30 or so, regular Art Cinema patrons R&D came downstairs to report that things were heating up in a big way upstairs.  The Good Doctor took his chart, and went upstairs to check on the situation (at the request of The Art Cinema's management).

It took about 30 seconds to discern the scene upstairs, since it was wild. There were naked people everywhere: in front of the lighted balcony, on the stairs leading to the lighted balcony, in the aisle, and in the seats themselves. I saw M&S and K&S in the top row... M had S bent over and was pounding her from behind, while S was giving K an intense blow job.

In the darkened section of the balcony, there were naked people everywhere, with BJs seeming to be the early bird special. There were several female voyeurs this evening, even this early on in the evening.

The Good Doctor turned back around in time to see "M" waving me up to see them in the top row. I gingerly sidestepped at least 3 sex acts on the way up to see them. After a bit of conversation, the sexy S went back to work on M's cock and I scooted over to talk with K&S Cummin.

After talking for a few minutes, S reached back for K's cock and began sucking him once again. S is a stunning natural blonde, and was wearing a black outfit and thigh high black stocking that showed off her long legs. I moved away to give K&S some room, and The Good Doctor found himself in the middle of two sexy two-somes. As I was stroking the arm of S (from M&S) on my right side, S (from K&S) stood up, bent over, and took K's cock inside her as she faced me.

S had lust in her eyes, as she was being fucked hard by her hubby K.  We made eye contact, and she reached over to The Good Doctor, who was in the midst of a wardrobe malfunction and had lost my pants and boxer briefs in the confusion.  Her soft hand stroked your narrator's cock before taking it in her soft wet mouth, sucking slowly at first.  As K fucked her harder, so did "S's" sucking increase in intensity.  Within a few minutes of watching and feeling this gorgeous blonde devour my cock, and with her approval, filled her mouth with spurt after spurt of my best.   

With wobbly knees, I told K&S I would see them later... I then heard a voice say "Is that The Doc?" I saw a gentlemen I remembered from the Valentine's Event heading up to greet me.  This was Steve... A very gracious and genuine guy, who is a big fan of The Journal. He waved up his girl (and for the life of me, I cannot remember her name - I'm sorry) and introduced us. She grabbed your narrator, and gave me not one, but 5 kisses on the cheek.  Wow!

Of course, conversation turned to sex, and that Steve would love to see me with his girl.  The only issue was that I had just finished with "S" about 3 minutes before, and I was in re-charge mode.  We agreed to hook up later... I was looking forward to some fun with this very sexy brunette later in the evening.

On the way down out of the balcony, I met the very sexy Tantalizing Tammy, and her guy friend.  Another regular reporter here at The Journal, Tammy is a sweetheart. I also agreed to catch up with her later (which I did).

I went downstairs for some much needed water, and after cooling down made my way to he main floor