Thursday, July 15, 2010

Round 9: Top 3 Adult Theater Women - "Ruth" by Major Voyeur

Doc here with a special celebrity "Top 3 Adult Theater Women" submission by none other than Major Voyeur My esteemed colleague from St. Louis chronicles his weekly adventures in the dark underbelly of "this thing of our's" in his awesome blog.  His Sunday evening posts of things of legend, and should be required reading.

So without further ado, here is Major Voyeur's nomination:

When I look back across my long years of theater sex, there are several damsels of daring sexual escapades that I remember fondly. Trying to limit it to top 3 is tough. However, I am willing to give it a try. My #1 is from back in the early 80's, at Paducah, KY. There were several good adult theaters and booths in Paducah back then. The gal I remember most fondly was named Ruth. She was approximately in her mid-thirties and build for loving with soft parts and billowing breast. If you seen her on the streets during daylight, you would take her for a librarian or sunday school teacher. But place her in an adult theater with a bunch of swinging dicks and Ruth became a porn queen.
I first met up with Ruth while visiting Adult World Bookstore in Paducah, Ky. It was a hot Saturday night there. I had already played with a couple in one of the back booths. Adult World was different in the 80's. There booths were these plywood wall and door combos. Quite cheaply made with lots of gaps for outsiders to view the going-ons inside. The booths were either old quarter loop projectors or preview VHS with TVs. Most couples would pay for a full video and setup in the VHS booths for fun. Those booths had a couch and plenty of room for play.

I was talking with a regular when Ruth came in with her hubby. The regular told me that the night just got right. He told me that she was a regular to Adult World and Regina's. Stick around and watch her work the crowd. There was about 6 of the Penis Gallery regulars hanging in the hallways. Normally, it was not allowed, but there was a new clerk that night and he never came to the back. I watch Ruth meekly slide into a preview booth after they had selected their tape for the evening. I remember thinking that she was too shy for this. Well, I was definitely wrong. After the movie had played for 15 min, her hubby opened the door and motioned for anyone interested to come in. There was a quick shuffle by several guys, including the dude I was talking too, to be first in the door. I went over and looked in expecting a scared woman with all these guys rushing in.

Guess what I saw? Ruth and hubby had swung the couch in the booth so that both back and front were accessible. Ruth was stripped to garters and half bra, up on the couch in doggy style. I heard her tell the guys that she was a horny bitch that had holes open for all. There was cocks out now and the bolder ones quickly moved up. As one mounted her from behind, another went around the couch and was feeding her his cock. She was very loud in her appreciation for hard cocks. The rest of the guys gathered around her and she would grab cocks as they got near her hands.

Ruth went through those six guys quickly. There was loads of cum streaming off her face and down onto those nice, big tits. She was ok with barebacking and I could see that several guys had filled her to the brim. I was thinking of trying it myself, but pulled back for a quick check on the clerk. I then noticed more guys in the hallway. Apparently, someone had put out the word that Ruth was in the house. That was the most people I had seen in there. Ruth was quite a horny trooper, she worked the guys with her mouth and cunt for over 3 hours. That couch was soak completely. I lost count of how many guys she drained, but it was impressive.

At one point, a young couple walk in and was turned on by the sight of Ruth getting it at both ends while the hard cocks were lined up around the couch, that the woman immediately offered to 'fluff' for Ruth. I got some of that awesome head, she was good, but like the rest of the guys, decided not going to drop their loads with her. All wanted a shot at Ruth. I finally reached overload and decided to give it to Ruth. A break occurred at her eager mouth and I slipped my cock between her lips. Wow, it was like getting sticking your finger in a lightsocket. My head was tripping from the sensations of her mouth and tongue working my glands. I could not last any longer and fired all my ball juice straight down her throat. Ruth swallowed and never choked on my massive load. As I slipped away to be replaced by another anxious cock, Ruth thanked me for such a big load for her belly.

I had the pleasure of seeing Ruth in action a few more times. Once was at Regina's which back then had booths in the back with big gloryholes and a theater up front that was quite open to the front door. At Regina's, Ruth took on to the back booths, taking cocks thru the gloryhole in her mouth and left the door open for those who wanted to dip into her wet pussy. When Ruth work a place, all the single guys within a fifty mile radius of Paducah would show up and get drained by her talented holes.

I have not seen a more enthusiastic nor prolific adult theater slut since.


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