Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! Ms.Tara @ Horse Cave, Metro Station and Theatair X (w/PICS)

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from regular correspondent Miss Tara.  Tara and hubby visited three theaters, with mixed results at best:

- Horse Cave, KY
- Metro Station in Louisville, KY
- Theatair X in Clarksville, IN

Here is Miss Tara and her report, which include pics from this trip.

Here we go!


Hello Doc,
Thank you for helping me check out the adult theater scene in Louisville.   We took our trip as planned a couple of weekends ago and I wanted to follow-up with you on our experience.  
Friday night we drove up and checked into the motel at the exit at Horse Cave.  Definitely a low quality motel, but, for what we were there for, it set the mood.   My husband and I drove by the book store about 3 pm.  there were a lot of cars in the parking lot, so I assume it was probably a nice crowd in the theater. However, since we had just got there, I wanted to freshen up and do my girly things, as we planned to go back later that evening. 
We headed back to the bookstore about 10 pm thinking it would have a nice crowd.  We were wrong.  After paying the $20 admission fee, we go into the theater.  I will say as far as furnishing, this theater is nice.   Big over stuffed sofas, not torn and in good shape.
Ms. Tara at Horse Cave
After we got settled, we noticed there was one older couple there.  Turns out, they were there to watch me from the ad I had placed online.  Most of the men there were older, and I was not attracted to anyone.  One younger guy came up and asked if he could sit down and I said yes.  Unfortunately, he was a motor mouth, and his constant rambling was doing nothing for me.  After being there for about an hour, we called it a day and decided to leave.  I think we would have had better luck during the day, and will try again another time.
Then Saturday, we drove to Louisville.  Checked into our hotel and drove to the Metro Station to check it out.  It was about 3 and there was a good crowd in the theater, but again, we were planning on playing later that evening, so we headed out for dinner.  Then at 10 we returned to the Metro, and it was almost dead.   We sat down and there was about 5 men in there.  My husband, trying to make the best of it, commanded me to walk to the front of the theater, bend over and remove my panties from under my micro mini skirt.  Then instead of sitting back with him, he instructed me to move to the back couch with the one guy who seemed interested.  I pulled out his cock and gave him a blow job while he played with me.  However, he must have been shy, because he never could really get it up enough to fuck. 

Ms. Tara @ Theatair X
So, after about 30 minutes trying with him, we left and drove up to Theatair X in Ind.  Lots of guys there, even though I knew it was on the "red List," I was willing to have some fun.   Going into the theater we were very disappointed in the seating.  It was like old junior high auditorium seating.  Straight back chairs, half of them broken, very cramped and it really smelled bad.  My husband almost got stuck sitting down in one.  Knowing that it was on the red list and there wasn't any comfortable seating, we moved on and got some tokens to check out the booths.  Lots of them, lots of men.  But the booths were so small two people barely could fit inside one.
However, we did give it a go and got settled into one.  Sure enough, there appeared a nice cock thru the hole.  I jacked him off but was so uncomfortable in the cramped space, we gave up there.  It seemed that this theater/bookstore does every thing it can to make you uncomfortable.  Plenty of guys, but just couldn't take how it was so cramped.
I am sorry I couldn't give you a glowing report of success, as I really wanted to have a great weekend.    Lesson learned.   Try Horse Cave and the Metro during the day, and don't bother with Theatair X.
Next month will be headed back to Atlanta and to the Buford Highway Twin Theaters,  where I had a great time before.  I plan on getting really slutty there, the last weekend of August. 
Stay tuned.......


Doc here again... Many thanks to Ms. Tara and her latest adventure in this thing of ours.  I'm surprised she encountered as little fun as she did, as I did my best to help promote the visits.  I have big hopes for her next trip to Buford Highway Twin Theaters in Doraville, GA.