Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Darkangel Digest: A Return To Love Stuff in GA

Doc here with Part 2 of Darkangel's recent Flash Report.  This chapter takes us back to Love Stuff in Cordele, GA.

Take it away, DA!
Good Dr. ,

Sorry for the long gap as you know there are priorities. we will continue as life allows us the time hopefully just not so long in between.

Well off we go for another adventure to Love Stuff in Cordele, GA.  As we drive out interstate 16, DA is having fun showing her tits to the truck drivers - some liked it, some didn't. It was around 5pm when we got out to Cordele and grabbed a bite to eat before heading to the theater. When we got there it was a little slow but being a Tuesday evening we hoped it would pick up and boy it sure did!

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The Real Darkangel
We went into the theater and there where only 2 men in watching the movie, so we sat down in the 3rd futon from the front on the right side. The men were on the left side and as we watched the movie I started to caress her tits. There was no reaction except the men who looked over at us a couple of times. I'm guessing we are not what they were looking for in fun that night as they soon left the theater.

M and I continued to play hoping for playmates to come in and join us. But,  to our dismay, the two men came back in and stood at the back for just a minute and  then left. These men we will call "The Cowboys"  because they had cowboy hats on. They came in and out of the theater each time we did and  we could feel their disappointment and hear the door close harder after each exit. It got to be funny after a while as they would come in leave in a huff and slam the door on their way out! LOL we were in their time slot I guess and they didn't want us in the theater!

Well we just stayed and watched the movie and played with each other for a while when then a man came in and sat down across and behind us. We sat watching the movie as every time someone enters we will cover up and wait to see if they take out their cock and play. If they don't, we won't trust them to not be police so as we are waiting someone else arrives in the theater and they took a seat at the back of the theater and we keep watching the screen. After a couple minutes we noticed both had their cocks out and playing, so we began to play.

It didn't take long as we had already warmed up. M had me pull down my velour pants as it was a cold night. He played with my pussy, the 1st man that had come into the room had came over to watch. He waited a couple minutes then asked if he could eat my pussy. I looked at hubby and he said if I would like for him to, yes he could. So we got into position and ...well it was great! He ate me for about 15 minutes! I was just about ready to cum when hubby asked if I would like to take a break.

Well as we are still new at this I wasn't sure why he asked, but I told him yes as I figured he knew of something going on around us that I didn't. so we gathered ourselves and went outside for a break, turns out he just wasn't sure if I was comfortable as I was not making verbal sounds as I do at home but it was just that I wasn't use to this thing of ours yet. Funny thing we saw the cowboys in the parking lot talking. Hmm.

Well we returned to the theater were the one man was still there.  We sat together and talked a minute and I asked hubby if I could take his cock in my mouth. He nodded yes so sucked him dry while the two of them played with my tits.

When all was good and done hehe. We went outside for some fresh air and introduced ourselves and talked. We told him of the “cowboys” and he laughed as he was a frequent patron to the LOVE STUFF ABS. He knew of them as they also came to visit often, he said they had gone to the preview room to relax & let loose.

Well we can't wait to tell of our next adventure of this thing of ours.  Hope you enjoyed our story.

Thank You, Good Dr!



Thanks again to Darkangel for another hot report from the dirty south!  Keep up the great work, and keep the reports coming in to the staff here at The Good Doctor's practice (ok, me, in the study, with the lead pipe).