Monday, May 21, 2012

Couple's Flash Report! C&R Hit The Foster in Youngstown, OH

Doc here with a quick report from one of the hottest couples I have ever come across in this thing of ours... C&R

I first met C&R last year, when they were looking for a little guidance for the Chicago adult theater scene.  Being the good natured fellow that I am, I was able to give them the skinny on both CTs Adult Theater as well as 15th Avenue Adult Books & Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  Fast forward a couple of weeks, I met them in person at 15th Avenue...

Since that time, they have made several visits back at 15th Avenue, engaging in the same monkey business as I saw them enjoy last year.  In this quick report, they decided to stick a little closer to their home base by visiting the Foster Art Theater in Youngstown.

Here is C&R and their latest adventure...


Hello Doctor,

R and I went to Summit (News) a week and a half ago. It was pretty lame at the time.
So, we went to Foster's and had a blast. R got naked in the theater seat and
played with about 6 or 7 guys. She had one guy fuck her from behind in the
middle of the theater. Ahhhh ... life is good.


Doc here again... R is as insatiable as she is hot folks, and if you happen to run into them at a theater near you, go play a lottery ticket.  Your luck just got a lot better.  Thanks to C&R for the report, and hopefully many more to come.