Sunday, October 7, 2012

Flash Report! Charlie Weiss (No, Not THAT Charlie Weiss) at Olivia's in Tea, SD (w/11 PICS!)

Doc here with a great Couple's Flash Report from regular contributor, Charlie Weiss (No, Not That Charlie Weiss). Their port of call is Olivia's in Tea, SD, and this report is filled with 11 pics of the fun. (Click on the pics to ENLARGE them)



Well Doc,

I am proud to say I finally have a really good report and some pics also. On Monday, the 1st of October, I took a submissive lil wench I have met up here to Olivia's for her first ever time to be used in public.

Sherry was very nervous when we first walked in, but when the first gent sat down and asked if he could suckle her breast, all her nerves left her. She got quite turned on by having me stand guard while 2 very nice gents took turns playing with her tits and the next thing she knew her panties were gone and a tongue was licking her while she was sucking a cock.

Before the afternoon was over she had been taken by 4 super nice guys. We all wore condoms as asked, and one even eat the creampie I dumped deep into her out of her and that was when she got her best orgasm. Was hoping there would have been a few more guys there, but as luck would have it there were only the 4.  We have been chatting with a couple of couples who are talking about going soon, so I will be taking my lil slut back for a repeat. I will do my best to get more pics of it for you.

Thanks Doc for a forum and the chance to share!



Doc here again...Many thanks to CW for an awesome report and the hardcore pics of the actual event that we all enjoy.  Keep up the solid work, sir, and keep sending in reports!


Flash Report! Dark Knight @ The Jolar Cinema in San Diego

Doc here with a fantastic Flash Report from senior reporter Dark Knight.  His venue is The Jolar Cinema on University Avenue in San Diego (and one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters in the country).

Dark Knight is my eyes and ears of the Southern California adult theater scene, and this detail filled report is one of his best.

So without further delay, please welcome back Dark Knight and his Flash Report from San Diego.


Hi Doc,

I was in San Diego last week, Thursday 9/27 attending a meeting, so I decided to stop by the Jolar Cinema. I got there around 7:30 paid my $10 bucks, and was buzzed in the first theatre. Had about 3 guys inside them, and the next was empty so I decided to sit in the back.

About half hour later, a couple walks in and sat to my right, with one seat space from me with her nearest to me. She looked like a brunette Chelsey Handler, with glasses, wearing a green above the knee skirt and black long sleeve blouse. The guy remind me of ex ball player Jose Conseco.

The Jolar Cinema
San Diego, CA

Immediately his left hand went between her legs and they start kissing. He then he opened her top and pulled out her left tit and and started sucking it,  so I released my dark saber and started stroking.
They were looking at me and whispering but kept playing at this time. I asked politely if they would mind me sitting closer Jose said "only if I promise to rub her legs", so I took the seat and started my job rubbing those sexy legs.

The entrance buzzer sounded, so we composed ourselves, but no one came in our side of the theatre so we proceeded to play. She started stroking my cock then said" I love big cocks!" Just when I think things couldn't get and better, in walked a Mexican couple and she sat right next to me they were younger maybe early 30s she had on a black skirt black heels white sleeveless blouse (sort of Eva Longoria look-a-like) with great looking C cups. The guy I don't remember, except he was bald (sorry folks at this time I could hardly believe this was happening, and I didn't even notice 2 other guys came in the room).

Jose now got up from his seat and stuck his cock in Chelsey's mouth, while she continues stroking me. Next I felt a hand on my right thigh, and it was Eva! Her man was now playing with her shaved pussy, and before I know it I was being jacked off by both women.

I was now playing with Chelsey's exposed left tit, & I told her they were beautiful, and Jose replied they were real too. I think they were D's! None of the other guys got into the action, as they just sat and watched.

Next Eva's lips were on my cock, and at this time I was close to exploding. Chelsey now was playing with her pussy while blowing Jose. He then pulled her up and had her sit on his cock as she rode him. I kept whispering in her ear stuff like "you dirty girl getting fucked in a you like that cock fucking you?" This was driving her crazy, and me too!

All this time Eva's sucking got more intense and I couldn't hold back anymore. I gave her the warning I was going to cum, and she pulled her mouth off and my first load shot straight up her face and hit her bangs. All this time we were looking at each other. Next she rubbed my cock all over her face and spread my cum to her cheeks and nose with a smile.

I heard grunts and moaning to my right and Jose was now cumming inside Chelsey. He got up and finished on her tits. The bald guy got up and walked to the far wall and grab a hand full of Kleenex for his lady to cleanup.

We all composed ourselves and started small talk. I later learned Jose and his wife I will now call A&D (as I learned their real names) had visited several times but were overwhelmed by the guys on the weekend so this was their first time actually playing. This was also confirmed by a regular who came in later who saw them leave. Eva and her man did not speak much English, but I gave each couple my card and thanked them and left the Jolar. I began my long almost 2 hour home ride into the night back towards LA.

I still can't believe what just happened but know and understand the rush and excitement and why we do this thing of ours.

Thanks Doc!

Dark Knight


Doc here again.... Many thanks to Dark Knight and this terrific report.  Some nights at The Jolar are spectacular, and this was one of those nights.  My advice?  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights.