Friday, July 16, 2010

Round 10: Top 3 Adult Theater Women - "Liza" in Vancouver & Seattle by Video Randy

Doc here with Round 10 of the Top 3 Adult Theater Women.  This next installment is from first time contributor Video Randy from Vancouver.  Sit back and enjoy his nomination!
Hi Doctor,

This first comment is about the Venus theater in Vancouver Canada about 7 years ago. A girlfriend at the time, Liza, and I would visit the Venus around 10 PM on the weekends, as the Venus would close at midnight or 1 AM. Liza was 32 y/o. Half Chinese and half Native Canadian Indian. Great looks, great body and great attitude and loved to use all her holes. She was from Vancouver Canada. We dated about 4 years. We met in Vancouver and made many weekend trips to the Venus in Vancouver.

In your post you made the Venus sound very dangerous, and maybe it was, but Liza and I used to go there and always felt safe and very welcomed. The guys were always very courteous to Liza. She earned the nick name of "The Cum Queen". Liza would get totally naked and let the boys play with her. Then she would lay out a beach towel on the nasty floor and let the guys play and finger her. Sometimes she would fuck a guy or two but she usually liked to suck cock most of all. She was addicted to guys cum on her face. Her record at the Venus was 12 cum shots on the face. She loved it and asked for more, but no one was left to cum. Then I fucked her in the ass and gave her butt hole a cream pie. I used to video her in the Venus using nightvision on a Sony video camera. The guys didn't mind as they knew I was not shooting their faces, only their cocks and Liza. One guy would even run the camera for me sometimes. I must have taken 5 hours of video inside the Venus. Excellent video.

About the Everett Airport Theater (EAT). For a change of scenery we started going to the EAT about 2003 - 2005. We would go on the weekends at about midnight. We became regulars there on the weekend and the guys soon learned to expect us. One time when we walked in the building the clerk announced on the loud speaker that "Vancouver has entered the building". Liza and I would go in and as you noted, sit in one of the plastic lawn chairs. Liza would be there about 5 minutes and start getting a crowd. She said she loved all the attention. She always wore a black short dress with nothing on under it. She would stand up and pull the black dress over her head and the boys took it from there.

One Saturday summer night there were about 40 guys there. Liza must have blown 20 of them. There was cum flying everywhere and Liza's tits and face were glazed over. Once she had exhausted the crowd, more guys would come in as others left. She was a busy girl. We did this many Saturday nights. She told me she was hooked on porn theaters.

The most memorable night at the EAT was when Liza and I walked in and sat on the second row from the front. Most of the action occurred on the back two rows where Liza would bend over a plastic chair and one guy after another would take their turns. On this night we sat next to one of the guys we knew from our many previous trips. He wasted no time and began fingering Liza's pussy and sucking on her tits. He got up, dropped his pants and fucked the shit out of her. He barebacked Liza, as most guys did, and filled her pussy with cum. As he pulled out a guy knelt down and ate the cum from her pussy. Then another guy, with a huge cock, fucked her and dumped a ton of cum in her pussy. When he pulled out I used a small flashlight to view her cream pie. It didn't take long before another guy knelt down and ate the cum out of her pussy. Liza was in heaven and hotter than hell by now. Then 4 more guys fucked her and gave her a cream pie. She stood up and let the cum run out on the floor while everyone watched. Then I fucked her, with her on top, and shot a load in her now very wet pussy. Then Liza laid out her beach towel on the aisle down the center of the theater, toward the back of the theater and laid down on the towel totally naked. Some guys were standing over her and jacking off on her. One guy came in the theater door and walked up the aisle and saw Liza lying naked on the towel. He sat down about 2 feet from her, pulled his dick out, and got on top of her and fucked her good. He pulled out and came all over her tits. I am sure that guy couldn't believe what he was seeing. He walks in, sees a beautiful girl on the floor and then bareback fucks her.

That was a night to remember. That same night she went to the woman's restroom, after the theater action and took off her dress and walked from the restroom to the video booths. The guys running the theater were cool and enjoyed Liza as much as anyone. Liza fucked two more guys at the video booths. One guy, a black guy with a nice cock, came in her pussy, and the other guy waited for his turn and put on a condom and fucker her in the ass. Then he came on her face. Then I laid her down in the aisle between the video booths and fucked her again and added to her cream pie.

Needless to say, Liza was special.

Epilogue: Recently, at the EAT, there have been some couples during the daytime. Once as early as 10 AM on a Saturday morning. She was hot but only wanted the guys to cum on her tits. One guy ate her pussy for 20 minutes. She was young and hot. Many of the couples that go there during the daytime seem to not be very interested in group play. The EAT gets pretty wild sometimes with lots of people naked and the gays and bi's going after it openly. Then most of the time it is just a bunch of guys sitting around jerking off with an occasional blow job.
Thanks Video Randy for the terrific first-time report!  Sounds Liza was a special girl...