Tuesday, August 3, 2010

CVE Update from Alex and Lauren in Gastonia, NC

Doc here with an update from Alex and Lauren (http://1playfulcouple.com/) about CVE in Gastonia, NC.  The news is not very good I'm afraid...
Good Morning Doc,

CVE and another ABS owned by the same gentleman were both cited by the city of Gastonia yesterday for being in violation of local and state ordinances. The owner maintains that he is in compliance and is appealing. You can read the details here.


Meanwhile, the couples room remains closed and it appears that there are no plans to reopen it. It has been transformed into a storage room. As a result, couples activity has fallen off. Some couples are still attending, though reports of staff members curtailing "public displays of affection" are on the rise.

Stay tuned...

Doc here again... This has not been a very good week for adult theaters.  First this report about CVE, and yesterday I received word from my esteemed colleague Major Voyeur and from avid Journal reader ThePhungirl about an incident at The Colony Theater in East St. Louis in the early hours of Monday morning (after closing).  I will have a full report on that situation as more details come to light.

Stay vigilant!


New Velvet Skye Photos From Her Chicago Trip! HOT!

Doc here with some major eye candy for you, the readers of The Journal.  Remember Velvet Skye's (http://twitter.com/VelvetSkye) visit to Chicago 3 weeks ago?  Our favorite porn start/adult theater woman/internet vixen was attending the Exxxtacy Convention up by O'Hare Airport, and she made a few field trips to a local adult theater. She promised The Good Doctor a few juicy photos from one of those field trips, and tonight she has delivered!

So here they are, in their full glory... Velvet Skye's Summer Vacation Photos - Lizardo-Style:

Read of her Chicago exploits here. You will not be disappointed by "Canada's Greatest Export".  And remember to follow Velvet Skye on Twitter at http://twitter.com/VelvetSkye. You will be glad you did!

Have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  E-mail The Good Doctor @ emiliolizardo1@gmail.com



Two Doctors / Two Reports: 7/30 & 7/31 @ CTs in Gary, IN, Part 1

Doc here with (in the words of Month Python) something completely different.

Two Doctors. Two days. One adult theater. Sometimes a situation needs the attention of more than one doctor. It required two sets of eyes and two reporters pads to take notes. This past weekend was just that scenario. Dr. Luv and Dr. Emilio Lizardo's collaboration ensues...

Part 1 of "Two Doctors / Two Reports" is authored by regular contributor, talented surgeon, and excellent driver Dr. Luv.  Dr. Luv, take it away!...

Dr. Luv

Trip Report – CTs, Gary, Indiana July 30-31st
by Dr. Luv

My first trip to the beautiful metropolis of Gary, Indiana was an interesting experience. CTs is unlike any other adult theatre I have been to, in that it used to be a strip club that sold porn movies on the side and is now a theatre that has strippers (private showings only) on the side.

As soon as you walk in the door, one of the ladies there asks you if you wanted a “private dance”...I said “no thank you, just the theatre”. Eleven dollars later, I found the door to the “theatre” – which, in fact, is a small room about 20 by 18 – with room to sit less than 20 people. At the front of the room was an examination table and behind that was an old TV showing mainstream porn (the same movie over and over and over....). Not exactly an auspicious start.

There was an older couple in there when I arrived; she was a BBW about 50, brown hair, lovely eyes, while her partner was in his 70’s. He claimed he wanted to see her get fucked, but all he did was talk...and talk...and talk about himself. Fortunately, they eventually left and two extraordinary ladies from Fort Wayne (now known as the Fort Wayne Girls) showed up along with another couple with a blonde wife.

The shorter of the two FW ladies, a lovely blonde in her early forties that looked like she might have been one of the actresses on the Brady Bunch (not Marsha) was clearly there to play. She was accompanied by a brunette who ran the show and ensured all the guys who wanted to fuck her had a condom on. The wife of the couple (they were clearly regulars but did not play themselves when I was there) showed us all what made the FW gal something special. Within about 90 seconds she had FW at her first (of many) orgasms that evening and impressed the boys with her squirting expertise. Over the course of the next few hours, she fucked and sucked every guy who was interested and squirted a gallon. We all learned that when her feverish moans got to a certain pitch, to get out of the “line of fire”

I left about 1:15 in the morning and she was still at it...

The next night was, as I will remember it, “The Night of Tina”. Tina is full value for being included in Doc Lizardo’s top adult theatre ladies of all time. She is a brunette in her late thirties, completely uninhibited, pierced nipples, with a very cute face. She also came across as a kind and lovely person who was completely into the scene...and a cum slut of herculean dimensions.

Over the course of 3 or 4 hours – with a few breaks thrown in – Tina fucked ever guy and drained every cock that arrived that evening. Some guys fucked her more than once. One overweight older black guy with a porkpie hat and a smallish Dirk Diggler fucked her three times. She spent the last 45 minutes of her visit on her knees while guys did a classic circle jerk and sprayed cum all over her face and tits. All the while her husband took pictures (“don’t worry boys, no faces...) and ensured any Captain Kielbasa that went near her pussy had a condom on.

After they left, a BBW arrived with a control complex and the room soon emptied. She was followed by another couple who got her pussy eaten by Control Complex and sucked her man’s cock while he took telephone calls.(true!)

I left at about 1:30 while the Fort Wayne Girls (they had reappeared at about 12:30) impressed the locals with more of the blonde’s extraordinary squirting abilities. Sorry If I missed anything that happened after that.

I wanted to stay longer, but the sandman beckoned.

Despite CT’s being small, somewhat dirty and having strippers constantly ask you the same question every night...I can’t wait to go back.
Doc here again... Another top shelf report by my esteemed colleague, Dr. Luv.  We look forward to his next report here at The Journal. CTs is certainly a very different kind of adult theater, but there is no doubt this place is hardcore. 

Part 2 from The Good Doctor's perspective is coming soon.  I am currently out of town visiting patients, but will be back to the office in The Valley (near the small women college) in 24 hours. 

Until then...Stay thirsty, my friends.