Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Flash Report! Halloween Meets Mother Nature (or Sweater Puppies Come Out In The Snow)

Doc here with another entry in the ship's log from our good friend, that old seadog himself, The Captain.

Now was the weather on his side this past weekend?  Was he wearing his new "Dora The Explorer" costume? Or did he pull out his Captain Ahab outfit (complete with wooden leg) for the sixth straight year?

All the questions will be answered in the following report... Here is The Captain, dropping anchor (and trou) at Adult World in Rensselaer, NY.


Ahoy Doc,

Halloween weekend, a swingers paradise, collided with mother nature dropping a snowstorm on the northeast this weekend. This disrupted many of the swingers parties planned throughout the area. How does this make a field report your might ask? Read on weary travelers!

The Halloween weekend swingers parties are often the most fun and well attended parties of the year, with possibly the exception of New Years Eve. Couples sign up months in advance and plan out there sexiest costumes and fantasies. Anonymous sex is even more anonymous with a mask on! What could be hotter?

So what happens when a sudden October snowstorm throws a wrench in the plans after a months long buildup? Couples have to let it out somewhere, and the theaters get a little bump in traffic, with this in mind the Captain took a long overdue shore leave and headed over to Adult World on Rt 9&20 in Rensselaer NY (right across from downtown Albany).

Not the real woman,
but a look-a-like
The Captain was in the theater watching the comings and goings for a while when he heard the distinctive clicking of heels on the tile floor in the booth area. While my ears perked up, I listened for more evidence before giving up my seat in the small theater, as the beautiful and heavily tattooed staff member on duty Sunday at the front counter  was also wearing heels. A few minutes later I heard the distinctive female giggle and my ears zeroed in on the booth area again. Sure enough we had a live one!

I made a hasty trip out the theater door and around the corner to booths area and was the only one besides the couple in the booth. They were in one of the buddy booths, where the glass can be fogged or cleared by each booth occupant's consent. I entered the adjoining booth and put a bill in the machine and clicked the button hoping they had done the same on the other side, I was initially disappointed when the glass remained fogged. The couple was undressing, kissing and flipping channels to make a selection of their liking. They continued to kiss and finish undressing each other. He was asking if she was getting turned and she said yes, how did you know about this place? She admitted to never having done this before and was getting very turned on. I could see their shadows through the Plexiglas as the groped each other and pressed her beautiful curves against it.

He then said watch this, and clicked the buddy booth button clearing the glass. The Captain was treated to a sight!  A beautiful blonde, 40's, large C cup breasts, smooth skin, and a beautiful ass. Her head was in his chest and he smiled as my jaw dropped upon seeing her. (The pics are VERY representative of what my eyes beheld, but are not the actual couple). They continued kissing each other and he whispered to her that someone was watching them and she tensed up and started to turn around and stopped, not wanting to see if it was someone she knew. Thankfully we were strangers.

He then clicked the buddy booth and the show was over. Or so they thought. Being an experienced sea-goer this salty Captain knows a few tricks. There is a small crack where the framing for the buddy booths is and just so happens to line up with a crack on the other side. I could only see from the waist up through the crack but it was plenty to continue to build the excitement for me. She went down on him again and while I couldn't see anything but her head bobbing, I could hear the slurping noises and see his eyes rolling back in his head as she went to town. They abruptly stopped and he told her to get dressed and said I want to undress you and show you off in the theater. (yep, finally getting to the theater report!).

The went into the theater and went right to the front row where he unbuttoned her top, and the sweater puppies were on full display. Beautiful creamy skin, full roundness and pencil erasers for nipples. He played with her breasts for a bit as those of us in the theater repositioned ourselves for a better view and started yanking our cranks in appreciation.

They kissed and he played with her breasts for a while and treated us to a nice show, but sadly returned to the booth to finish their early afternoon escapade. At this point the Captain was spent and stayed in the theater listening to her muffled groans building up to the final intense grunts of a job well done.

The Captain has a feeling in his moustache about this lady,  that she'll be back and continue her theater de-virginizing soon.

The Captain


Doc here again... The old seadog we know as The Captain always finds trouble, no matter what port he slides the Wally Power Yacht into... Thank you sir for another great report!

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Flash Report! Eye of The Eagle Reports from The REDACTED Adult Theater

Doc here with a GREAT Flash Report from long time contributor to The Journal of Adult Theaters, Eye of the Eagle.

Eye of the Eagle's home turf is the Midwest... Home to some of the most Draconian adult business laws in the country.  Certain states like Illinois have very friendly laws in regard to this thing of ours.  Others do not.

And that is where you might find Eye of the Eagle... But has that stopped this intrepid reporter?  No way.

I suggest you sit back, throw another log on the fireplace, and gather around Eye of The Eagle for his tale from the REDACTED Adult Theater.


Hey Doc,

Been awhile since I've reported from the Midwestern adult theatre scene. Due to the situation here the action has slowed to a crawl. It's still there, but couples have been reluctant to "let loose" like they used to. Patience has been the key to having fun and Friday night can still produce some action. In this case, no patience was needed.

I almost always arrive at the theatre around 7:30, talk for a bit with the crew and anyone else that is hanging around the lobby. If the "couples only" sign is on the designated theatre door I know there is a possibility that a horny pair might be there. Since I saw no sign I didn't bother to ask who might be in attendance. After a few minutes of idle chit-chat, the guy at the counter told me there was a couple there. He added that they were in the singles theatre.

I quickly went into the room and saw what seemed to be a single female, around 45 sitting alone on the love seat. Two other guys were there, one watching the movie and stroking his cock, the other guy didn't seem too interested in anything.

I sat down on the empty couch and greeted the lady, who immediately asked if I was interested in sitting with her. Hell ya!!!!! She was around 45, small BBW, in a loose fitting dress that indicated she was not there to observe. I sat next to her and she explained that her hubby, the guy stroking his meat, loved to jerk off while she sucked cock. It was then that she showed me a small hand towel that she brought to, as she put it, "Clean up the mess that might be on my chin." (ed note: This could be the quote of the year so far at The Journal)

Seeing that  there was no need to rush, we chatted for a bit until she asked if she could see my cock. She unzipped me, took it out, and I slid my jean down to my knees. Leaning back she slid the top of her dress down and revealed a nice pair of D's that she "thought you might want to play with these while I play with this." Her hand found my semi-hard cock and she slowly stroked me while I fondled those nice titties. As soon as I was fully erect, she looked across at her husband who just nodded and that was when she dropped her head to my lap and took it all the way down her throat.

She was in absolutely no hurry to get me to bust a nut. Occasionally she would stop sucking and stroke me gently while she watched her hubby stroke. Alternating between the soft caress of her tongue and her hand for about 10 minutes, she finally asked me if I wanted to nut I was ready. Believe me, I was ready.

Her hand gripped the base of my manhood and she took me all the way in her mouth. When she started to roll her tongue around the head as she stoked...I was done. My first squirt went into her mouth, she pulled her head back and watched as I shot into the air, then dribbled down the shaft and onto my balls. She stoked me gently until I started to soften. Glancing over at Hubby, he was still stroking.

She took her hand towel and almost ceremoniously wiped her mouth and chin. She also cleaned up the mess on me and put the towel in a small bag she had brought long. I excused myself after compliments and thanks, and went outside to have the traditional post-BJ smoke. Just then an old regular that is one of the really good guys I've met there pulled up and I told him what was going on.

When I finished my smoke I returned to the theatre to see what was happening. It was like dejavu all over again. My buddy got his rocks off. I'm not sure if Hubby ever unloaded.



Doc here again...Thanks to Eye of the Eagle for another great report from across the plains of the Midwest.  We are looking forward to more to come from you, sir.

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