Monday, June 3, 2013

Field Report! A Lido Theater Protocol Report from Salicious24u

Doc here with a follow-up report from an earlier report on The Lido Theater in Dallas.  The main question from the original poster was the Couple's Night policy.

Salicious24u made a comment on this report, but I have decided to bring it front and center in it's own report.



Lido is pretty confusing.. even for an experienced couple not afraid to ask questions. It took us 3 or 4 weekends to understand what happens there and when.

The theater, lounges, hallways and bathrooms are for Couples and VIP only after 9pm Fri/Sat. For a VIP fee of $125, single men can get a wristband and will be admitted to the theater.

The private rooms upstairs are for rent anytime for a fee OR are paid for by feeding bills into the video machine.
Lido Theater
Dallas, TX
To be clear: As a single guy you can ONLY be upstairs at Lido on Friday or Saturday night IF you have rented a room or paid the VIP admission fee. There is security at the main door and watching the hallways, the private rooms lounges and the theater.

The rules are strict for a non-VIP single guy: If you rent a room, you must stay IN the room, you are not allowed to wander the halls or go into the theater (after 9pm Fri/Sat). You will get kicked out of Lido if you try it. There are cameras everywhere inside and out in the public areas.

Couples like this set up because IF you want a single guy you can choose from any of the guys standing in their private room doorways (think Amsterdam's red light district). On the other hand, if you want a couple, then you can go into the theater or park it in one of the lounges to watch for the right couple to come in.

While we have seen couples in the downstairs theater, they are usually there by mistake. We have also seen guys upstairs with the VIP bracelets.. and others parked in the private rooms.

Ok so got all that? Ok good cause it gets a little weirder... If you are in the theater after 9pm Fri/Sat there are going to be 20+ couples in there. Playing in the seats like anywhere else? No. From what we have observed, couples in the seats are watching and/or waiting. All the action is on the back wall(s). This happens precisely at Midnight. Nothing.. nothing... nothing.. and whamo.. back wall is packed with couples swapping groping sucking and fucking. It gets HOT and HUMID in there so bring water, there is a machine downstairs. Mostly its just foreplay that moves down the hall into one of the private rooms or somewhere more private.

We have been to Lido during the day, and during the evening on weekdays... We have found mostly nothing going on and no-one there you would want to do anything with anyway. Friday and Saturday late nights are when everyone goes.

Lastly we wouldn't recommend accosting or harassing anyone in the parking lot (security frowns on that) but we have picked up single guys and couples while sitting in our car.


Doc here again... Many thanks to Salacious24u for the in depth review of this policy at The Lido Theater.  Please continue contributing to The Journal...


Flash Report! The Happy Yid @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from 15th Avenue Adult Theater and Spa in Chicagoland from The Happy Yid.
Take it away, sir.
Hi all!
Happy Yid here!   Went to 15th Avenue Friday 5/31.  Got there at around 4:45pm paid my rent and other then one couple it was DEAD!  Some confused involved in this thing of ours were there and the hands were exercising  lol.  There was one couple was very different!  They kept moving to different locations in the theatre but they never sat in the couples section.  Always in the front 5 rows!  I asked if they wanted company and they said no!  OK, but they kept going outside for a smoke or liquid libation.  They would stand near the wall and he would rub her breasts over her bra then whisper something and move again.  Again very different couple. 
But that's it from where I sit in the temple of love!
Happy Yid
Doc here again... Thanks to the Happy Yid for the report.  Keep on trying, and in prime time, and your results will get much better.

Hartford Report #1: M&S at Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema (w/6 PICS!)

Doc here with Report #1 from The Art Cinema's Mardi Gras Event this past Saturday.

Regular Hartford reporters M&S have fittingly submitted the first report, along with 6 great pics taken that night (with two by yours truly. Guess which ones!) As one of the 34 couples that attended Saturday night, this is just the tip of the adult theater iceberg.

So without further delay, here are M&S and their report from Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema


Hi Doc,

Sorry that your act was solo on Saturday night. Was great to meet you again and as usual it was almost beyond describing the fun we had.

We got there at 6:30 pm on Saturday night, and had the pleasure of chatting with the great Doc and others in the lobby for a bit. We paid our admission and was told there was only 1 couple in the balcony, so Miss "S" and I went upstairs, and put our towels and stuff down on our favorite seats. Then "S" took off her top to expose her tits through her fishnet bodysuit and we went back downstairs to talk to others and show off her tits.

After a while the couples started to show up in droves, so back upstairs we went. "S" stripped off her pants to expose her always smooth,wet shaved pussy and I got completely naked. It didn't take long for "S" to decide it was time to play, and we were wasting valuable time LOL.  Like Doc has told us many times before, we are the catalysts to the playing beginning in the balcony.

Soon after "S" started giving me one of her fabulous wet spitty blowjobs, other took the hint and started to undress and play. The lit area of the balcony we like to play in filled up too (we like to play under the lights so the boys that come solo downstairs can watch, especially our friend with the binoculars,lol).

The Real "S"
 Doc came up to visit and see how things were going and I asked what time it was and he said 8:30, and I couldn't believe it was only 8:30! Lots more time to play.

3 couples sitting with us under the lights knew each other and put on a hell of a show for everyone, between all the swapping of partners, girl on girl and even a guy helping another out by stroking his cock as he ate some pussy. About 9:30 we asked Doc to help us out and take some pics for this story and being the great guy he is, he had no problem with helping,lol. At some point during the night a couple of guys played with "S"'s tits but one of them kinda gave her a good tit twister, which she didn't appreciate.

About 10pm and after 3 and half hours of sucking, fucking, watching and being watched, we called it a night even though we wanted to stay till closing or later. We had a busy day on Sunday so the fun was over for the night.

We said goodbye to Doc & Ernie, our wonderful hosts and some of the regulars til next time. Off we went with my worn out cock throbbing and her pussy wet and tired. Here are some great pics of the night, hope everyone enjoyed our show, as we did.

So until next time stay horny, hard and wet - Doing this thing we do.    

Your friends and followers    

M&S Gallery (click thumbnails to ENLARGE)


Doc here again... Many thanks to my good friends M&S for taking the lead (as usual) and starting off our Mardi Gras @ The Art Cinema coverage.  As "M" mentioned, they are indeed the catalysts when it comes to kick starting the action in the Art Cinema's balcony. But on top of all that, they are two of the nicest people you'll ever run across.

Part #2 of our coverage hits Tuesday here at The Journal.