Monday, March 15, 2010

Flash Report! JaxBchBum Chimes In From Florida!

The Good Doctor here with a quick report submitted by regular ace reporter JaxBchBum (now with his own avatar).  Take it away JaxBchBum...

Great to hear you are back. There is a new theatre in Palatka FL. Former bookstore / DVD / Arcade booth only, they remodeled and opened a new theatre. Visited for the first time last Saturday during the afternoon. Didn't expect there to be any couples there at that time of the day, but hope springs eternal. Couples admitted free and singles are $6 (plus tax). Theatre accessed through a short hallway at the back of the store where a chime is activiated when someone walks through. Theatre has about 25 of the plastic, high back chairs. Not the most comfortable, but at least they are sturdy. As expected, no couples were there nor any came during the hour I was there.

Will send you a report from my last trip to Theatre X (formerly Pure Pleasures) in Orange Heights FL where the couches tend to attract the couples.
Nicely done JaxBchBum!  It's always good to get a report from a new establishment as well as the tried and true exisiting theaters and ABSs.  We look forward to your Theater X report!
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