Saturday, July 24, 2010

Round 12: Top 3 Adult Theater Women-Honorable Mentions By The Good Doctor-Part 2

Doc here with Part 2 of my Honorable Mentions for the Top 3 Adult Theater Women.  These fine ladies got close...Very close to being in my Top 3.

Honorable Mention #5
"Nancy B"

The first of my Midwest entries (near the small women's college, in The Valley) would be Nancy B. Nancy B until about 2 years ago was located in the upper Midwest and would venture on a semi-regular basis to the 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL.  She has since moved down south from I have heard.

Nancy (as you can see from her pic above) is a vivacious blond, about 5'5", armed with a killer body and a great sense of humor.  There are videos of her on the net (under different names for some reason) playing in the gloryholes of her favorite book stores.  What made her a standout was on top of all the things above, she was a notorious dirty talker when she was being fucked or while she was applying lip service to the next hard cock. 

My most vivid memory of Nancy B was at the 4th Of July private party at 15th Avenue in 2007.  Nancy was there in a red g-string and nothing else, having fun in the party room at 15th.  There were several legendary theater sluts there that evening, including Nancy B, Femcar, & newcomer Angel, among others.  The action drifted from the party room into the theater, which at that time had couches up front by the movie screen.  The guys of course followed them into the theater... Nancy was on the far left of the couch, fluffing guy after guy. When they were good to go, you had your choice of fucking Femcar who was on her back against the arm of the couch, or Angel who was bent over doggie style on the couch. Nancy B was quarterbacking this scene, and it was unreal to witness.

Honorable Mention #6
We now turn the car back around and drive back to Upstate NY to discuss HM #6, Donna.  Donna was one half of a regular couple that visited the Niagara Falls Cinema back in the late 90's/early 2000's.  Donna was American Indian and was as naughty a theater slut as I have ever seen.  She was about 5'6", shoulder length black wavy hair, and a slender frame. Her MO was usually the same...After coming into the theater and sitting against the back row (sound familiar, readers of the celebrity nominee article), she would take about 15 minutes to warm up.  She would start off by giving her guy a BJ, and them climb on top for some intense fucking... She would then hop off, sit back down next to her escort, and guys would come up. 

Donna loved to have her pussy eaten, and she would hike up her flowered skirt, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy, and the tongue bath began.  With her, the nastier and rougher you got with her, the more she enjoyed it.

The last time I ever saw her at the Niagara Falls Cinema, she and her guy were sitting next to another couple.  A single guy was next to Donna, and she was giving him an intense BJ.  Donna led this guy over to the other woman (who was masturbating watching Donna), and guided this guys cock into the other woman.  This lasted only a short time, as when he pulled out, Donna removed this guys condom, and proceeded to jerk this guy off until he came all over the other woman's bald pussy.  It was quite the scene.

After the Niagara Falls Cinema closed, Donna and her guy did not move across town to the other theater, Talk of the Town.  That was unfortunate, since Donna was one in a million.

Honorable Mention #7
Back to the Midwest for HR #7, Femcar.  At different times, Femcar played at both CTs in Gary, IN and at the 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater.  Femcar, who I discovered, has a Twitter feed (, is Hardcore with a capital H.

Femcar is tiny...Maybe 5'3", in her 30's, in great shape, and hot mom next door looks. She had at that time long brown hair down below her shoulders. Innocent looks - extremely naughty attitude.

The first time I saw her, she made a Christmas time visit to CTs Adult Bookstore and Theater.  She showed up in a Mrs. Claus/Naughty Santa's Helper outfit.  She bent over the exam table at CTs, and she demanded to fucked hard, one after another.  No oral, no banter with the crowd...She was all business, and her business that night was to get her pussy filled with hard cock enough to make her shake in her Xmas booties.

Subsequent visits I witnessed to both CTs and 15th Avenue were similar, with the exception of that 4th of July party.  Only one have I seen her give a BJ, and again it was at that 4th of July shindig.  She was completely under a table, with a huge black cock in her mouth, while the guy was on the phone. Really? Had to take that call?

Last thing about Femcar... This Tweet from last weekend shows you what kind of girl she is:
"Okay that was amazing. Scubbed clean at carwash then Driven around for a good 10 minutes nakked tied on the top of an suv southside Chicago! "

Have you ever been to the southside of Chicago? Well, I have. I'm not crazy driving in my 2010 Lizardo 3000 on the southside, let alone being a)female, b)naked, c)tied up, d)on top of a SUV.   That gives you an idea of what Femcar is all about...And that just scratches the surface.  She is well known in the D/S subculture, and there is plenty of info about her exploits out there on the net.

So hats off to Femcar for making the honor roll here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.
So that clears up all of the honorable mentions for Round 12.  I'll be back with my Top 3 (or possibly 4) nominees in the next couple of days.