Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Flash Report! Henry Chinaski and Milfy Nextdoor at The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here, a man who some say never forgets to put the lotion in the basket, with the return of Henry Chinaski, who burst on the scene a couple of months ago here at The Journal with a couple of must-read reports.  

And this new report?  Another must-read.

Ol' Henry meets up once again with Milfy Nextdoor (not her real name), who along with her hubby (Mr. Holland), and a +1, enjoyed some quality time on the upper floor of The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas. 

It is here where we join our report...

Take it away, Henry!



Henry Chinaski here again. Its been a few weeks since I reported in on the Dallas scene. The gods of the theater were recently very good to your poetically inclined deviant reporter. 

I hope you recall Milfy Nextdoor. She was the wonderful culmination of my magical Friday at Bliss. As I reported, her partner Mr. Holland (named for his resemblance to Richard Dreyfus), asked for my contact information to hopefully schedule another round of fun when they were in town again. I gave him my number hopeful but not anticipating anything more than the wonderful lurid memory of that afternoon.

Well work and life moved on and I had only able to escape to the theater for one uneventful afternoon. Then like manna from above my phone screen lit up with "Caller Unavailable." I figured I owed someone some money or it was a spam call from someone who got my number from the Kielbasa of the Month Club in which I had recently enrolled. About 30 seconds later my phone buzzes to let me know that the unknown caller had left a message. I checked it and to my great surprise and pleasure it was a voicemail from Mr. Holland. He said he was trying to reach Henry Chinaski. He had met Henry Chinaski a couple of weeks before and he would be calling again at a certain time if Henry Chinaski was the owner of this number. I really appreciated the discretion Mr. Holland had showed in his message. It instilled a sense of trust immediately. 

The cloak and dagger nature of the call mingled with the fond memories had me anxiously by the phone at the aforementioned time. With military precision "Caller Unavailable" springs to my phone and after clearing my throat and putting myself in my best Cary Grant mindset I answer the phone. Low and behold it is Mr. Holland. He explained that Milfy really enjoyed our time together and was hoping to meet for fun again. My heart and loins swelled with pride. Turns out my prior guess as to why this beautiful vision of a woman chose me was right on. She was into clean cut professional guys and my previous interactions with her through out the day (I had seen her scoping out this theater and another and had actually spoken to her once) made her comfortable with me.

We had a long conversation about the theater and swinging scene in Dallas. Turns out Milfy would have enjoyed several more professional white men to have fun with that day but no one else fit the bill. While we did not discuss certain plans I gave him my email address and we promised to contact each other when they were here or I was in their neck of the woods. About 3 days later I receive an e-mail asking about my availability during the Memorial Day weekend. Short story long I let them know I was only available Friday afternoon. 

During our conversations it was clear they enjoyed the exhibitionist ways of playing in the open theater but also longed for more privacy and space than Bliss allowed for extended play. They had previously tried the old dame of the Dallas theater scene The Lido and had disliked the clientele' but liked the layout. After several conversations I agreed to meet them downstairs in the porn shop of The Lido at 5:30 on Friday afternoon. We would go up and see what trouble we could get into. They also let me know they would have another friend along, we'll call him "Hey Joe" in tribute to James Marshall Hendrix, and wanted to know if that was a problem. Again polite to the core. I let them know it wouldn't be and calendared the appointment with glee.