Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Flash Report! Henry Chinaski and Milfy Nextdoor at The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas

Doc here, a man who some say never forgets to put the lotion in the basket, with the return of Henry Chinaski, who burst on the scene a couple of months ago here at The Journal with a couple of must-read reports.  

And this new report?  Another must-read.

Ol' Henry meets up once again with Milfy Nextdoor (not her real name), who along with her hubby (Mr. Holland), and a +1, enjoyed some quality time on the upper floor of The Lido Adult Theater in Dallas. 

It is here where we join our report...

Take it away, Henry!



Henry Chinaski here again. Its been a few weeks since I reported in on the Dallas scene. The gods of the theater were recently very good to your poetically inclined deviant reporter. 

I hope you recall Milfy Nextdoor. She was the wonderful culmination of my magical Friday at Bliss. As I reported, her partner Mr. Holland (named for his resemblance to Richard Dreyfus), asked for my contact information to hopefully schedule another round of fun when they were in town again. I gave him my number hopeful but not anticipating anything more than the wonderful lurid memory of that afternoon.

Well work and life moved on and I had only able to escape to the theater for one uneventful afternoon. Then like manna from above my phone screen lit up with "Caller Unavailable." I figured I owed someone some money or it was a spam call from someone who got my number from the Kielbasa of the Month Club in which I had recently enrolled. About 30 seconds later my phone buzzes to let me know that the unknown caller had left a message. I checked it and to my great surprise and pleasure it was a voicemail from Mr. Holland. He said he was trying to reach Henry Chinaski. He had met Henry Chinaski a couple of weeks before and he would be calling again at a certain time if Henry Chinaski was the owner of this number. I really appreciated the discretion Mr. Holland had showed in his message. It instilled a sense of trust immediately. 

The cloak and dagger nature of the call mingled with the fond memories had me anxiously by the phone at the aforementioned time. With military precision "Caller Unavailable" springs to my phone and after clearing my throat and putting myself in my best Cary Grant mindset I answer the phone. Low and behold it is Mr. Holland. He explained that Milfy really enjoyed our time together and was hoping to meet for fun again. My heart and loins swelled with pride. Turns out my prior guess as to why this beautiful vision of a woman chose me was right on. She was into clean cut professional guys and my previous interactions with her through out the day (I had seen her scoping out this theater and another and had actually spoken to her once) made her comfortable with me.

We had a long conversation about the theater and swinging scene in Dallas. Turns out Milfy would have enjoyed several more professional white men to have fun with that day but no one else fit the bill. While we did not discuss certain plans I gave him my email address and we promised to contact each other when they were here or I was in their neck of the woods. About 3 days later I receive an e-mail asking about my availability during the Memorial Day weekend. Short story long I let them know I was only available Friday afternoon. 

During our conversations it was clear they enjoyed the exhibitionist ways of playing in the open theater but also longed for more privacy and space than Bliss allowed for extended play. They had previously tried the old dame of the Dallas theater scene The Lido and had disliked the clientele' but liked the layout. After several conversations I agreed to meet them downstairs in the porn shop of The Lido at 5:30 on Friday afternoon. We would go up and see what trouble we could get into. They also let me know they would have another friend along, we'll call him "Hey Joe" in tribute to James Marshall Hendrix, and wanted to know if that was a problem. Again polite to the core. I let them know it wouldn't be and calendared the appointment with glee.
The Lido Adult Theater
Dallas, TX
Friday comes and as I expected, work let out early at 3 p.m. I pointed the poetry-mobile to the west and stopped off at Bliss to see if there was any pre-game trouble I could get into. Alas and alack, nothing there but gentleman wanting to explore their recently obtained civil rights. After an hour or so of watching well done mommy teaching step daughter how to fuck her boyfriend porn I headed out. I stopped for a libation at a nearby watering hole and made my way to the Lido at 4:45. I bought my ticket and headed upstairs to the theater to see what, if anything, was happening.

I will briefly describe the layout. you walk up a set of stairs and are buzzed into the theater. There is a sitting area in front of you and to the right 3 viewing/play rooms with futons and pay as you go porn. to the left is a long hall with 8-10 more viewing/play rooms, another seating area with bathrooms and then the theater. It has about 6 rows of old theater style chairs seating about 40 folks. The parking lot was fairly full but the theater was oddly empty. After a few minutes I go downstairs and look around just as a couple is entering downstairs. The gentleman, a tall 6'8" or so, thin African american in his late 30s and and his date, a mid 20's white lady with killer curves poured into a skin tight dress and high cum fuck me heels. Not a supermodel, but she looked like a lot of fun, and given the opportunity l'il Hank would not decline the opportunity. 

I went upstairs and waited for them. They entered and went directly to the theater. I followed after a second. They were standing in the left corner letting their eyes adjust. I took a seat to not crowd them. The woman took the initiative and started heading toward a seat but beanstalk must have lost his nerve because he grabber her hand and pulled her back to him. He hugged her and whispered in her ear and they left. They chose a viewing room as far away from the theater as possible and locked the door. About 15 minutes later you could hear her enjoying herself. I would have been disappointed but I had bigger plans for the afternoon. I left the theater and after getting permission from the clerk to go make a phone call, The Lido technically has a no in and out policy, I went to wait in my car.

With military precision Mr. Holland entered the theater at exactly 5:30 but he was alone. I approached him inside and re-introduced myself. After a moment of pleasantries he tells me Milfy will be there shortly and that she was unaware that I was meeting them there. I asked if my presence would be a pleasant surprise and Mr. Holland promised me it would. I returned to my car to wait and wonder (and send some work e-mails). My concern was what would Milfy look like. I recalled her as one of the loveliest women I had ever encountered in this thing of ours but was my memory accurate? After all, I was lust drunk last time I saw her. Was she really that good? 

Out of my car window I see her and no she was not that good. She was better. Short blonde hair, face really is reminiscent of Markee Post. 5'2" 120lbs. With large natural breasts and a nice firm curved ass. She is wearing a nice black dress with cut outs on her shoulder and nice wedge heels. It's a sexy outfit but not one that would be inappropriate at the country club. Hey Joe is escorting her and I excitedly follow them in. She is browsing lube choices and does not see me till I tap her on the shoulder. She turns and looks at me with surprise, then a glint of recognition fills her eyes. She said "What are you doing here?" "Hopefully you" was my hopelessly corny reply. We hug and chat and she really is surprised and happy to see me. She lets me know its a great surprise and after an introduction to Hey Joe is officially made, we are up the stairs.

We enter the door and with Milfy in the lead make our way down the hall to the theater. She is grabbing the attention of all 5 or 6 men lounging in the waiting area. We enter the theater and after eyes start to adjust we make our way to seats in the middle of the theater. After a second to readjust our positioning it is Hey Joe, Milfy, Me and then Mr. Holland. Milfy spreads her legs and shows us her glorious wet womanhood. Both Joe and I are caressing rubbing and touching her. we take turns exploring her breasts and her magical pencil eraser nipples. She is rubbing each of us through our jeans. The vultures come in fast and hard. We are quickly surrounded. I have already announced loudly that there is no touching and to give us some space. 

As I reported last time I love the taste of a woman, So I kneel between Milfy's legs and pull her up the seat and begin to really enjoy myself. She is wet and delicious and so so tight. Then I hear Milfy say "no touching dude!" and I look behind me to see a frail black man trying to stroke her leg. He backs off but there are three men furiously masturbating right behind Milfy, with their cocks centimeters from her shoulder and cheek. Listen, enjoy the show, get off to it that is fine but follow the rules you jack-asses. 

I am continually telling people to move back and they do momentarily but then crowd in again. It is my biggest complaint with the clientele at the Lido. I am continuing and Milfy is getting worked up. I look up and see Mr. Holland enjoy her lovely big breasts and Hey Joe getting what appears to be one hell of a blowjob. I figure out that she must know Hey Joe well because Mr. Holland told me she only gives head to those she really knows well. I even see Beanstalk and his date watching us from a distance. Unfortunately, they did not attempt to approach us.

After the 4th or 5th intrusion into her space Milfy opens her eyes and says lets move to a private room. We head out and I have to practically physically move people out of the way. We pick a big room with a couch and a folded out futon. I run to the restroom to gather paper towels and return and lock the door. There is already a semi-circle of hopeful perverts crowding the door. I let the most egregious offender in the theater, and the other there as well, know that his actions robbed everyone of the show. I hope that some form of mob justice teaches the jack-ass a lesson but onward and upward. 

We start to remove clothes. Milfy stands there while Hey Joe and I just worship her body, caressing kissing sensually exploring. We remove her dress and she lays down. I return to my spot tasting her. I remember from last time that Milfy enjoys g-spot stimulation and massage so while I focus on her clit with my tongue my fingers are in and making the come here gesture gently rubbing her g-spot. Let me take a minute here to echo something I read recently in a ladies report. Finger action is very intimate and can be dangerous for a lady. Part of my pre-theater ritual is to make sure my fingernails are clean and trimmed. I also know from my last experience that Milfy enjoyed this type of play. I would never jump right in to this with a stranger or new partner. 

Finally, even though I knew she enjoyed it I still started slow and built to more firm massage. Milfy was blowing Hey Joe while Mr. Holland watched with a smile on his face. After a few minutes she began to buck. She was softly saying "oh yes." "right there" and things like that so I intensified my attack. her hips bucked up she grunted and I felt her walls clamp on my finger. After about 20 intense seconds she started patting her flat stomach, my cue to slow and stop. She looked at me and said "I am so glad you could make it."

Over the next hour and a half the three of us enjoyed worshiping Milfy's body. She loved giving handjobs and does it well. I could have easily cum from her handjob but I wanted to be inside her again. I took her from behind while she blew Mr. Holland. Milfy likes it slow to begin but then hard and I did my best to deliver. I felt the rising coming and even though she had not arrived again I could not hold back and came hard into the cover. Now its important to know that it was about 98 degrees and very humid that afternoon and the AC upstairs at The Lido is not great. As a result the room was hot. I was sweating by the time I finished but I knew Milfy had more in mind. 

Hey Joe, maybe because of the heat maybe performance anxiety could not muster up but all three continued to explore her with fingers and mouths. We gave Milfy at least 7-8 more strong orgasms. Normally, I easily rise to at least a second feature with about 10 minutes to collect myself but the heat was preventing me from getting all the way there. Mr. Holland finally took his turn. Mifly was on her back and he pulled her legs up over his shoulder and fucked her hard but he did not arrive. 10 or so minutes later I am back down exploring my new favorite place in the world. I am not sure what happened but between my G-spot manipulations and my tongue Milfy came extremely loudly, which seems out of character for her. Her hips bucked up and she pushed me off her. Mr. Holland said Milfy you want Henry's cock in you now. She looked at me with lust filled eyes and said "Fuck yes." That was all it took and I am as ready for round two as I have ever been. 

I pull her legs over my shoulder and I enter her. We are locked eye to eye as I am thrusting deeply into her. Every thrust is met with an almost silent "yes" or "fuck me hard." It was intense. I am not sure how much time elapsed, again I was in another place. She started to spasm and I exploded again. I collapsed on her. She was coated in a sexy sheen of sweat. Leave it to Milfy to make sweating sexy. She looked at me, brushed the hair out of my face and said "That felt really good." And the understatement of the year goes to . . . Milfy Nextdoor but I was happy she had enjoyed it as well.

We had been playing non-stop for an hour and a half or so and we are all tired and on the brink of dehydration so we called it a day. As we are dressing I joke that I am going to have to get in better shape if I am going to keep seeing Milfy. She said I better start working out because she wants to see me again. Maybe a hotel next time. Hallelujah. 

We are all dressed when the last bit of comedy struck. As Mr. Holland opened the door 3-4 "gentleman," the same lined up outside, the same that would routinely rattled the door knob to see if the door was now magically open literally fell into the room. I suppose they were pressed up against the door hoping for an ear orgasm. We told them we were leaving and they vanished back into the shadows. I cleaned up a moment in the bathroom and saw Milfy and Mr. Holland outside in the hot and muggy evening air. Hey Joe had already left. I gave them some recommendations on swingers clubs for the weekend. Hugged Milfy one more time and thanked them both before returning to the poetry-mobile a satisfied man. 

Hope to hear from you soon Milfy, and Doc if I do I will tell you all about it.



Doc here again... Many thanks to Henry Chinaski for another detail-rich report from the Bone Lone Star State.  Milfy Nextdoor sounds like the ideal adult theater playmate, and I hope Henry plays the lottery on the way home after seeing her, as his luck is riding high. 

Bravo, sir! Keep the reports coming!