Tuesday, May 30, 2017

International Flash Report! The Traveler Hits Sameplace in Amsterdam, Holland

Doc here, a man who some say loves his wooden shoes & tulips more than most, with another outstanding International Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, The Traveler.

In this report, The Traveler ventures to The Netherlands, wherein a lifestyle club in Amsterdam called "Sameplace" is located. And it sounds like this club has a little of everything going on...In a good way!

Settle in, pop open a Fresca (Hi Gemini!), and enjoy this adventure from The Traveler!


Review of Sameplace: An Amsterdam Lifestyle Club

Doc, I’m spending some time in the beautiful city of Amsterdam with its picture perfect canals and old world architecture. It is one of the great cities of Europe to explore on foot. Amsterdam is also renowned for its sexual inhibitions and vibrant red light district. I spent the first several days strolling down narrow brick streets taking in the sights and of course checking out the theater and club scene. I found a small neighborhood club to visit on a Saturday night in May. The club is called Sameplace and it’s located just beyond the centrum, a 20 minute walk from De Wallen (the red light district). (ed. note: I have the address information in The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Database)

Sameplace looks on the outside very much like many other neighborhood bars in Amsterdam. It’s located in an upscale neighborhood facing one of Amsterdam’s many canals. To enter you step into a small foyer, ring a buzzer and wait for the manager to invite you inside.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
The d├ęcor is features dark colors and dark wood keeping in the style of an older neighborhood bar. Accent lights give the club a red glow and a warm and cozy feeling. I took a seat at the bar ordered a drink and began to check out my new surroundings. I was setting at a u-shaped bar with seating for a dozen or so people with additional seating arranged around the room. 

Along one side of the bar area were two small alcoves with cushions where quests could relax and play. I could see into a second room that looked like a large open play area. Stripper polls and several large raised platforms with thick cushions lined one wall. This room appeared to double as a dance floor with a raised DJ stand. During my orientation I was told the lower level is where most of the action takes place. I scanned the bar area until I located a small steep set of stairs that lead down to what I assumed was the play area.

I decided I would check out the lower level a little latter and began to check out the crowd at the bar. It was still early and the crowd was lite but to my surprise, a group of six woman were seated at the bar drinking and having a lively conversation. They appeared to all be in their early 30’s and overall a very attractive group. Two couples were also at the bar relaxing with a beverage. They were both middle age and attractive. This was beginning to look like a good night.

As I sat and enjoyed my beverage another young couple arrived and took seats at the bar. I began a casual conversation with one of the older couples and was working on a second beverage when two of the young girls approached me and asked if they could join me. I just couldn’t say no. They took seats on either side of me and I learned they were tourists visiting Amsterdam from England. We chatted for about ten minutes and I got a good look at my two new companions.
Bar Area
To my left was a thin girl with long brunette hair. She had a beautiful face and a graceful body with narrow waist and hips. The thin material of her dress covered small pert breasts and she had a smile that lite up her face. To my right was a girl with womanly curves. Her bright blond hair outlined a pretty face and large breasts were staining the top she wore. We continued chatting for about ten minutes when to my surprise the brunette asked me if I would like to take them both to the lower level. I said a small prayer for my good fortune and told them of course I would.

The girls lead the way down a very narrow and steep stairway. I had to duck my head to avoid a beam as I stepped into a dark play area cluttered with a variety of slings and tables. The girls didn’t stop in this first area but walked into an adjoining room. I followed to see they had selected a small play room with a door that could be closed. The door provided some privacy but several large windows allowed everyone to watch the action taking place inside.

Once inside we found ourselves standing around a raised platform about the size of a queen size bed covered with a cushion. The platform took most of the space in the room but we only needed a small area to stand while we began removing our clothes. It become a race to see who could get out of their cloths first. I was clearly losing that race so the brunette began to help me get out of the rest of my clothes. She was already down to her thong panties. It didn’t take long for our four hands to get the rest of my clothes off.

As soon as the last piece of my clothing hit the floor the brunette was in my arms pressing her mouth against mine. I held her body against me and her slight frame seemed to melt into my arms. Tongues began to probe and I pulled her even closer. My hands moved down to her ass and pulled her firmly against my now rock hard cock as I felt her tongue explore my mouth.

I could feel hands pulling me away from this amazing body. They were turning me and forcing my hips to rotate. I continued to kiss that hungry mouth but a new sensation grabbed my senses. I felt a hot wet mouth close around my hard cock. I looked down and saw the blond laying on the cushion where she had maneuvered my cock so she could take it into her mouth. I was almost overcome by the sensations I felt from these two unbelievably sexy women.

We began a marathon of sex. I remember sucking on two pairs of nipples. The brunette had small sensitive nipples setting on top of pert breasts just perfect for licking. The blond had thick pink nipples sitting on large soft natural breasts that craved attention. They filled my mouth and I could suck as hard as I wanted.

My companions changed positions and the blond moved into my arms and our hungry mouths and tongues came together. I crushed her large breasts against me as I was pulled into the ecstasy of her mouth. I again was reminded that I had to move my hips to allow access to my cock. I was rewarded with another wet and hot mouth closing over my cock.

I soon found out that my two companions were not only beautiful but they had sexual appetites that were off the charts. We spent an hour enjoying every form of sexual activity we could think of. Both of the girls were able to enjoy orgasms thru oral sex as well as intercourse. At one point I remember being between the blonde’s legs eating her pussy while the brunette played with my cock and balls. At another point, I was laying on my back with the blond sitting on my face while the brunette was riding my cock. We seem to always find a way to keep everyone in our threesome involved in the action. 

When we were nearing the end of our party, I placed the small brunette on top of her blond friend so they were facing each other in an embrace. The smaller girl was laying between her friend’s legs with their bodies pressed together. Their mouths joined in a passionate kiss as I positioned myself behind the brunette’s legs raised her hips slightly and entered her doggy style.

I began to slowly stroke my cock into the brunette’s tight pussy. I could feel her walls contract and massage my cock as I pushed into her. She was sucking the blonde’s tongue into her mouth and the intensity of their kiss grew as I fucked the brunette harder. I pushed my cock deeper and forced her small hips down into her friend’s pussy. As I stoked her I was now forcing the two girls to rub their pussies together. We ended with a climax that seemed to drain us all of any remaining energy.

After that ending we found ourselves lying together in each other’s arms enjoying the afterglow of sex. Evidently we had drawn a crowd while we were playing and for the first time I noticed a half dozen faces at the window looking at the three of us on the cushion. We rested for a few minutes and then dressed slowly searching for clothes scattered around the room. I said goodbye to the two girls who rejoined their friends and I took a place at the bar and ordered a beverage. I needed to rest and recover, the night was still young.

The club was filling with people. I had several conversations with some of the couples who were now seated at the bar and I noticed more people were taking the stairs down to the play area. I was beginning to feel like it was time to rejoin the party downstairs when an attractive brunette walked up to me and said hello. I had seen her earlier seating across the bar from me with her husband. She had her hair pulled back which complimented her pretty face and her sweater showed amply breasts. I said hello and invited her to join me. In a few minutes her husband joined us and stood behind his wife since there was no more room to sit at the bar.

We talked for a while about Amsterdam and I learned she and her husband lived in a nearby suburb. As we talked her husband began to work his hands over his wife’s body. He began to massage her breasts and dropped his hand into Y between her legs. I placed my hand on her leg and she smiled to encourage me. We talked for a little longer while her husband’s groping became more aggressive. She excused herself saying she needed to go to the restroom. When she returned it was obvious she had removed her bra.

Her husband took full advantage of this new access and I was encouraged to take advantage as well. Her hand moved to my leg as I was now seated facing her. I felt her begin to massage my cock thru my jeans and I became more aggressive in exploring her body. It was her husband who suggested we go downstairs and play. We all agreed and I followed the couple down the narrow stairs.

The husband picked the same room I had been in earlier but that was ok with me. He was in a rush to get the cloths off his wife while I went about removing my cloths. When she was naked she turned to me and I took her into my arms pressing her body against mine. I could feel her full breasts pressed against my body and my cock pushing against her shaved pussy. I cupped her ass and pulled her closer.

She broke our embrace and sat down on the cushion with me standing in front of her. She took my cock in her hand and stoked it slowly. Her husband stood to one side watching her. After several minutes of stoking my cock she brought it to her mouth and licked the head gently before taking it into her mouth. She caressed my balls as her mouth slide further onto my cock. The feeling of her hot wet mouth sucking my cock was amazing. Her husband moved behind her on the cushion and began to caress her breasts at the same time pushing even further down my cock.

After several minutes of great head, I pushed her back on the cushion and moved between her legs so I could taste her pussy. It was sweet and I found her clit right away. She was very sensitive and it didn’t take long to give her her first orgasm. I continued to tongue her now soaking pussy until she pulled me up and positioned me with my cock at her slit. She grabbed my cock in her hand and rubbed the head against her wet slit. I pushed into her and began to pump but I wanted more penetration so I raised her legs to give me a better angle and pumped harder. The husband was playing with her breasts and watching me fuck his wife.

I’m not sure how long we had fucked when the husband said he wanted to fuck his wife and I should change places with him. As he pushed his cock into her I moved to the spot where he had been and maneuvered so I could put my cock in his wife’s mouth. This seemed to be what the husband was waiting for because he started pounding her pussy hard. At the same time I placed my hand behand his wife’s head and began to force my cock deep down her throat.

She worked hard at getting all of my cock down her throat. At times she choked and I had to pull back to let her catch her breath. Her husband and I were filling her pussy and mouth and she was loving it. I felt my cock go deep into her throat and she pushed hard to get every last inch. That sent me over the edge and my cock exploded in her throat. The sudden blast of cum caused her to gag and I had to pull out and shoot the rest on her breasts. She grabbed my cock in her hand and pumped out every last drop while her husband deposited his load in her pussy. When I was completely spent, her husband massaged my cum into her breasts while giving her a few last strokes.

I must have cum a lot because her breasts were covered and she needed our help to clean up the mess. As we dressed and prepared to return to the bar she said she hoped to see me again at the club. I know I would definitely enjoy a repeat with this couple.

As I settled onto a bar stool, I looked at the clock and it was almost 2:00 AM. The whole night had gone by very quickly and the crowd was beginning to thin out. It had been a great night and some incredible experiences. I was tired and drained so after a nightcap I left for home sure that I would sleep like a baby.

Note: Sameplace draws a wide variety of people so you need to be aware of special event evenings. Some of the events are tailored to a specific sexual orientation. Most nights the club draws hetero couples and singles but check the website before you go. The manager does not always allow single men into the club. It will depend on the mix of people in the club at the time you arrive and if you are a regular they know well. They try to balance the number of single men with the number of couples in the club while giving preference to regulars. In my opinion this makes the environment in the club much better and increases the number of couples and single females that attend. It might however make it harder for single males to attend on certain nights.

~The Traveler~


Doc here again... When I grow up, I want to be The Traveler!  

Many thanks to The Traveler for taking the time in the midst of his travels to report back to us back here in the US of A. Each report from The Traveler has me researching air fares to Europe, Tokyo, or even Grand Canary Island. 

Well done, sir!  We are looking forward to your next entry on your grand tour!