Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Flash Report! Jay @ Horse Cave, KY on 1/5/13

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior reporter Jay.  His trip to DSC Video in Horse Cave, KY this past Saturday yielded some interesting results.
Here is his report...
Dear Doc,
On a whim I drove up to DC Video in Horse Cave, KY last night (1/5/13). Didn't really expect to see many folks after Monday night's wild time.
But as I drove up I saw ten tractor trailers and over 40 cars in the parking lot @ 9 PM. When I walked in the theater it was more packed with folks then I have ever seen. One couple was sitting on the back couch. She was blonde 40ish and in a skirt. They stayed in the theater until about 10 PM then bounced around to the booth area, sitting in the hole booths from time to time. While standing in the booth area her and hubby were making out like teenagers. She seemed to be looking for a specific type and I am not sure she found it.
At 10:30 another younger couple came in and went right back to a booth with a large hole. She was 5' 4" or so , short black hair and wearing a gold metallic dress. Several guys seemed to enjoy her from the adjoining booth. The third couple I saw as I was leaving was sitting in the booth area socializing. She was a larger older gal and I have seen her spend the night there and not play. I am told she plays when the urge hits her it just doesn't hit her as often as we might like.
Doc here again... Many thanks to Jay for another solid Flash Report!  Keep up the hard work, sir.
Well, The Good Doctor is in dire need for reports!  Please send along your reports direct to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. I will edit and format them for you... And you get the byline! First timers, please include a pen name for your reports.

Couple's Flash Report! Hawaiian Eyeful @ The Paris Theatre in Portland on 1/5/13

Doc here with possibly the best adult theater report I have read in a long, long time. This outstanding report comes by way of the sexual dynamo known as Hawaiian Eyeful.

What makes this report so good is the personal touch HE takes, as she experiences all the sensations at the legendary Paris Theatre in Portland, OR.

This report is a treat folks... Savor it.


It was a cold and chilly Friday night as we headed out for the evening. As I exited the car and entered into the lobby of the Paris Theater I was greeted with a warm and friendly smile.

My man and I, along with our friend, wandered down to the front. As both guys took their seats I turned to face them and lifted up my dress and began fingering my already wet pussy. Our friend's eyes grew bigger as he watched in delight. My man pulled out his cock, stroking it ever so gently. With my free hand, I brought my big tits out and began to fondle them. As things began to unfold, the few men that were there began to gather around - keeping their distance.

I bent over to suck my man's cock as I knew it would be just a matter of time before I would feast on the next cock. Enjoying my cock sucking, I could feel his rod getting harder and longer. I then repositioned myself so I could take in our friend's cock into my mouth. I began to suck slowly swirling my tongue around his shaft. He tasted and smelled so good. By now, I was on fire and needed to be fucked.

My man must of read my mind because he entered my now sopping wet pussy from behind and began fucking me. As each thrust got harder, I could feel myself sucking even harder. In just a few short moments I felt his load release into my mouth. I continued to suck not wanting to miss a drop. I zipped up our friend's pants and then proceeded back to my man to suck his cock as he was now sitting once again. It was just a matter of time before we headed into the bedroom where I was looking forward to some more harder, fast fucking. All the men in the theater followed and gathered round waiting in anticipation for the next round of live action.

Not wanting to disappoint them, I laid out on my back, sprawled out like an eagle and once again began playing with pussy. In just a few short moments you could hear the wetness of my juices ready for another cock. As my man thrusted his hard cock in me I could feel my juices just overflowing. We than switched positions and as I grinded away, I began talking with the men surrounding the bedroom. I was amazed that they weren't watching the football game and asked them why they weren't doing so. The closest man to me replied, "20 to 1 us men would pick fucking over football". I than replied, "Too bad they didn't have the game on so you could have the best of both worlds". They laughed and said the live action was much more exciting. Since we had already had additional plans for the evening, we ended up wrapping up early. Unfortunately, for me this meant no playing at the arena table this time. Don't worry guys – I'll be back performing back at the arena table soon.

As I was finishing getting dressed, I noticed another gentlemen had just entered the theater. My first thought was that this was Brent. Not knowing for sure, we left the bedroom and were heading to our next destination. Since curiosity got the best of me, I stopped and asked the guy in the lobby if Brent was here now and he confirmed my suspicion. Up until this time, I think my only contact with him was when he came in at the tail end of my first venture on the arena table. He finger fucked me well and I remember cumming all over his fingers. I returned to the theater and introduced myself to him. Even though he was unable to join us in action today, I did promise him the next time I am on my way to the Paris Theater I would contact him. He was hoping that I could cum back tomorrow evening knowing that Gemini would also be in attendance. I told him our usual visits are every other late Sunday noon and if we were to make it, it would be during that time. I would anticipate as often as Gemini and I enjoy our times at the theater we will meet someday.

In the meantime and until my next visit – everyone keep all those sexy thoughts flowing and your fantasies fulfilled.

Aloha from the Hawaiian Eyeful

Doc here again... I will wait a moment until you get yourself composed.

A huge thank you to Hawaiian Eye for another terrific report from deep in the heart of this thing of ours. I could go on and on why I like this report, but I think it comes down to HE's voice being present through the report.  I may be a jaded paesan, but this report is something special.