Sunday, April 17, 2016

Box Score! Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema Saturday April 16th!

Doc here with the Box Score for last night's great Mardi Gras at The Art Cinema event in Hartford.

It was a very playful crowd at the mighty Art Cinema, featuring a lot of first-timers which is always great to see!  Guests as far away as Pennsylvania, Vermont, and NJ attended, in addition to the folks a little closer to The Art.

A big hats off to the security team at The Art Cinema, who did a fantastic job. The additional security cams inside and outside The Art provided a safe and fun environment for all concerned.

Here is your Box Score for Mardi Gras at the Art:

Couples: 75
Singles: Dozens and Dozens

The next big event at The Art Cinema is Saturday June 25th:  Beach Blanket Bango.

Here is your first look at the poster for the event:

See you in June for Beach Blanket Bango at The Art Cinema!