Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Few Minutes with Dr. Emilio: Halloween Parties Galore!

Doc here with a quick update on Halloween Weekend and this thing of ours'.

The Good Doctor has been in the pacific northwest all week, culminating in tonight's Halloween parties in Portland.  This is my 3rd night here in The Rose City, and so far it has been a bit underwhelming.  Hopefully this will correct itself tonight.

The Oregon, 1982
 In comparing the two Portland adult theaters (The Paris and The Oregon), my personal opinion is that The Oregon is more conducive to couples play with the general population. It is a larger old movie house, couches replaced theater seats, and the new couples section (more like a couples corral) is nicely placed within the old theater.

Tonight The Oregon is hosting a big Halloween party.  They tied with a local bar and a restaurant nearby to cross promote.  There will be prize give-a-ways as well.  The buzz is good leading up to the event.

The Paris is doing nothing out of the ordinary.  It should be a good night there as well with many downtown events nearby.

The Paris, 1982
  You, the good readers of The Journal, will be privy to a one-two punch of reporting.  Brent (from "Brent's Theater Tails") will be on-site at The Paris, adding comments to his Yahoo Group "Flag" posts.

The Good Doctor will be at The Oregon, live Tweeting.  You can view the Tweets at or my monitoring the Twitter feeds on the right hand side of the web page.

I will have a full write up next week, but if you wish to experience the evening virtually, pull up a chair and enjoy the show.  You'll get our best efforts.

I also want to request right here, right now, any of your Halloween adult theater reports from across the country.  The regular Journal reporters should step up to the plate and deliver.  Thanks in advance.

So strike up the orchestra...Let's see if we can dance.  The fun should start around 7PM Pacific Time.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

House Call / Flash Report! Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Seattle

Doc here with the first of several House Call reports from his west coast trip this week.  This report chronicles events 3 hours old... Here at The Journal, we focus on accuracy and timeliness.

I started the week in The Emerald City of Seattle...Home of flying fish, scenic vistas, and lots of rain.  Since my last visit in September, it is about 20 degree cooler.  That is not usually conducive for theater sex (especially mid-week). 

On Tuesday 10/26, I invested 2 1/2 hours at Hollywood Erotic Boutique. This investment yielded nothing other than a sausage fest.  I was tired, jet lagged, and frustrated.  Muttering under my breath just like Yosemite Sam, I left HEB a beaten man.

Earlier this evening, on Wednesday 10/27, The Good Doctor's luck was much better.  I had enough time to hit both HEB, as well as Airport Video in Everett, WA. 

Round 1 at HEB started at 8:30pm... As mentioned in earlier House Call reports, HEB has a very unique set-up.  The main floor is the ABS, and the front desk with the friendliest clerks I have run across in recent memory.  The $12 admission gains you access to the downstairs screening rooms.  After walking down the 2 flights of stairs (that are outside, mind you), you enter into the main screening room.  To your left are two more rooms...One is small and holds maybe 6 or 7 seats.  This room is adjoined by the largest room, which is at least 30' x 30'. The large room, plus the screening room you enter initially show straight porn.  The other two rooms show gay and/or TV/TG/TS porn on flat screen televisions.

Nothing is

At 9:15, I decided to drive 25 minutes to Airport Video in Everett, WA.  I didn't go there last night due to the fact that Tuesday are gay movies only.  No thank you, I'll wait until Wednesday.

I spend 30 minutes there...You guessed it...

Back to HEB... My last trip in September was identical...No luck at either place early in the evening (both places are 24/7), so I end up back at HEB.  There are noticeably more cars there now...A good sign.  I walk back down to the theaters, and while there are more guys there, no couples. 

Hollywood Erotic Boutique
12706 Lake City Way NE, Seattle, WA
 30 minutes elapse, when the door opens at the rear of the main screening room.  Two sets of steps can be heard... Finally, a couple enters the dark, almost "Fight Club" atmosphere of HEB.

The couple is of the May/December variety.  He looks like Billy Batts from "Goodfellas" ("Go home and get your shine box, Tommy!"), and is probably 60.  She, on the other hand, is HOT.  She has a Sasha Grey look to her... Late 20's, 5'4", 125 lbs, but with blonde hair, pulled back into a pony tail.  She is wearing tight jeans and a red top.

"Billy" and "Sasha" walk into the large screening room... The chairs are set up against the back wall.  They sit on the far right hand side... There is one other guy in that room on the opposite corner.  The Good Doctor decides splitting the difference is the best course to follow, and sits down 2 seats away from Sasha.  This proves to be a good decision.
Sasha and Billy are talking and laughing (as almost always a good sign of being comfortable)... After some whispers between the two of them, she stands up, and starts a slow strip tease.  Under her tight jeans, is a bright red thong (magically delicious).  She flipped up her top showing us a black and red bra, covering a pair of 34Cs.  She kneeled down and started giving Billy a BJ...

As The Good Doctor was watching Sasha and Billy, Billy gave me "the knod".  You know "the knod"... It's the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval to move in closer and participate by the male part of an adult theater couple.  So, quicker than you can say "bada bing, bada boom",  I sat in what was her seat, and got a close up view of her expert cocksucking skills.  She then leaned over, and swooped in on what I was bringing to the party. Her soft lips and wet tongue glided up and down in the shadowy corner of the screening room.

Sasha Grey

She was very skilled to say the least... And in the middle of Sasha's fluffing, Billy hands me a condom. It seems Billy is the corner man...An Italian version of Mick from the Rocky movies. 

Sasha stands up, turns around, and slips off the red thong.  She placed her hands on the sides of the chair we both sat in, and stuck her tight ass in the air. The guy that was across the room was now sitting just to the left of her, standing at attention.  She grabbed his cock at the same moment I plunged deep into her wet tight pussy. There was not an ounce of fat on this girl...Just enough meat on her ass for me to grab onto while she got fucked.  I started slow but quickly ramped up the intensity and the roughness.  At one point I had my hands on her shoulders, pulling her back toward me while my balls were slapping against her ass.  After a few minutes, she said she needed a break...


I had not even gotten close to finishing.  So off they went for a smoke break outside the theater.  Would they come back?  Would the Good Doctor need to be treated for blue balls?

Thankfully, 5 minutes later they came back.  They resumed sitting where they were before, but the "other guy" was now sitting closer to them.  The same situation unfolded as before... Strip tease, Billy gets a BJ (was that an "After School Special"?), and then move to the anonymous cock.   Sasha gave this guy a good BJ, and finished him with a handy all over his stomach. 

Now it was my turn... I had bigger plans.  No handy on my tummy, thank you very much. 

She started with a more intense BJ...I ramped up the dirty talk, telling her to look at me while sucking my cock. When I was getting close to lift off, I told her I wanted to cum on her boobs (you never know if you never ask). She was into it, and pulled her red top down by the neck, exposing her gorgeous tits.  After fucking her mouth a little bit more, I pulled out and showered them with a heavy load of cum. Somehow, I even managed to get some in her eye.

It was collateral damage...I apologized, she accepted.

She was making a comment about another smoke break, which I saw as my cue to exit stage right.  I thanked her as she was putting her thong back on, and made my way up the "Fight Club" stairs.

Just as in my last visit to HEB, the fun starts there late.  It was 11pm by the time I was saying good night to the friendly brunette clerk.  Thursday is a long day, and will be capped by a summit meeting with Brent prior to a visit to The Paris.  It was time to call it a night.

Next stop...Portland.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update and Party Announcement: Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway in Atlanta

Doc here with an update from our good friends, the new owners of The Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway. 

The re-opening of this twin theater is an important development in this thing of ours'. After closing 1 1/2 years ago, and after the long court fight involved with re-opening this Atlanta area adult theater, The Good Doctor's fingers were crossed that the patrons would come back. 

So far, so good... Below you will find an update received this morning from the new owners of the Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway.  Good stuff follows...

Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway
Doraville, GA

Hello Doc,

So sorry about being so late in sending you some updates.  We have been busy with everything and have been brain storming ideas.  Here is an email we sent out a couple of days ago to our contact list.  We call them our Loyal customer list.  In addition, attached are some photos of the couple of the month for Oct..........

We wanted to announce some upcoming hours of operations and special events for November.

On Sunday Oct 31st (Halloween Night) we will be open an extra hour or later for all you trick and treaters!!!!

In auditorium two, we will feature a Domination type movie on Wednesday Nov 3rd at 8pm.

Also, in auditorium two, we will feature an Asian themed movie on Wednesday Nov.10th at 8pm.

Hours of operation for Thanksgiving:
Thanksgiving Eve we will close at 10pm
 Thanksgiving Day we will be open between 10am and 10pm AND the price will be 12 dollars!

We hope everyone will have a great Halloween and an even better Thanksgiving.  We want you to know we are thankful for all of our loyal customers!  We will see you at the movies!


Things are going good and the business, although needs improvement, is above our expectations.   After all, the place has been closed for a year and a half.  We have been making sure our new name is taking hold.  As you know it is: Twin Cinemas at Buford Hwy. (a photo of our banner is attached) Also, we want everyone to know it is a new business and a different owner.  We want to make some changes but along with this, we want to be sensitive to all of our customers and to the community.  Therefore, we are taking things slow. 

For example, we have shown some bi movies, but we do not announce when they are shown.  We feel some may not appreciate the contact; therefore,  we only show the alternative content in theater 2.  We have coffee for free (as did the previous business) and a photo is also attached of the coffee area! 

For the past few weeks, we have been trying to improve our customer data base so that we can send specials and announce events.  Unfortuantly, there is a lot of spam and nobody wants more junk mail.  However, we offer discount specials and hope this type communication will be used by all of our customers.

Thanks again for allowing us to update everyone.   We hope everyone has a great Halloween and even better Thanksgiving.  We are thankful for our customers and the First Admendment lives on stronger everyday! 

Thanks again,

Doc here again... I really like the approach the new owners are taking...Slow and steady.  Let the business re-establish itself and the rest will follow suit.  So, if you are in the Atlanta area, venture over to The Twin Cinemas at Buford Highway and support the hard work of the new owners.


Monday, October 25, 2010

On The Road Again...

Doc here with a sneak peak at the week to come here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.  As many of the regular readers of The Journal know, The Good Doctor travels extensively with his practice.  This side benefit allows me to visits many of the largest and most active adult theaters in the USA. 

I will be making the drive from the scenic valley near the small women's liberal arts college to my regular airport, Stugots Field, and fly west once again.  The Good Doctor will be visiting patients in both Seattle and in Portland, OR, and we all know what that means... House Call reports from:
  • Airport Video in Everett, WA
  • Hollywood Erotic Boutique in Seattle
  • The Oregon Theater in Portland
  • The Paris Theater in Portland
My last trip to Seattle was entertaining, and Portland is always a blast.  I also look forward to comparing notes with my esteemed colleague (and excellent driver) Brent.  I will do my best to report from the field, and possibly hold 1 or 2 "Twitter Events" which will allow me to send live Tweets from the theaters listed above. 

If you have not done so already, follow The Good Doctor's Tweets here.

It promises to be a productive week.


Flash Report! Major Voyeur Enjoys The Fall Foliage @ The Colony in E. St. Louis

Doc here with a Flash Report from my esteemed colleague, Major Voyeur.  His blog, The World of Major Voyeur, is a must read for adult theater enthusiasts.   MV's post from Sunday is a classic, and with his permission, I have reposted it for you, the good readers of The Journal. The only editing I have done is to drop in photos and addresses of the adult theaters MV visited on Saturday. 

Enjoy the song stylings of Major Voyeur, and his trip to the East Side:
Could not ask for a better weekend.  The temps are moderate, nice breezes, and the leaves are turned.  This is the favorite time of the year for me.  Hard to explain, its just a feeling of contentment when I experience these types of weekends.

It was also great weather for theater sex.  Mild temps lets the ladies dress more skimpy, ready for action.  I set out on Saturday to see what the St. Louis Scene had to offer.  I knew that there were several parties this weekend which did seem to make it quiet for the ABS/Theaters.  My first stop was Pure Pleasure.  I walked into an empty theater with one of the couches turned sideways.  There was that smell of sex in the air, so I knew whatever action happened was not long ago.

Pure Pleasure Bookstore & Theater
2626 North Broadway, St. Louis
 One of the Penis Gallery told me that there had been a skinny single gal in the theaters not more than 15 minutes ago.  She fucked and sucked 5 guys before having to leave.  I check out the booth area and found a couple back there finishing up some fun.  Just missed their show. The couple in the back booth was all show though, not playing with anyone.  I went back to the theater and sat through one movie just to see if anything else would occur.

While there was no play during my attendance, I did find the movie interesting.  It was called “Wife Swap”.  It surprised me cause it was well thought out with decent dialog and quality camera work.  I have been quite fed up with the porn movies since the 90’s.  All that grunch, emo crap with the gal hacking up hairballs to spit on a guy’s cock.  Sorry, I am old school and enjoy a porn with a semi decent plot.

 Since there was not anything happening at PP, I decided to make the trip across the river to the eastside.  A stop at Hustler was first on the list.  A walk through of the booth area was a bust.  There was a crowd of men doing laps in the booth area.  I wonder if this was a influx of BABs regulars.  There is a staff member who now sits across from the front theater.  He is to make sure you pay your dollar to get in the theater and not sneak in behind someone.

Hustler Club and Theater
5420 Bunkum Road
East St Louis, IL

I put my dollar in, but never got the buzz.  The staff guy told me that the lock was broke, just go in.  The theater had a few guys in it.  The place was dirty with coffee cups everywhere.   I started to watch the movie, but the sound was way off and kinda flickered.  I left the theater and found that the staff guy had abandon his post.   Guys were lining up to sneak in while the watcher was gone.  Spend a dollar you cheapskates!

 did find a couple in one of the side booths.  They had the door locked though and did not seem to want any company.  A peek through the lock slot showed a BBW on her knees, sucking her man off while he was looking at gay porn.  About this time, I realized that the Hustler was not going to be a happening spot tonight.  I almost went back to the MV Lair at this point.   But I decided to visit Suzanne @ the Colony first.

A look at the parking lot at the Colony showed a decent crowd.  Scotty, the parking lot watcher told me it was a good crowd tonight.  I paid my respects (and money) to Ed and wandered to the bar.  It was crowded with couples, several deep to the point where I could not sit at the bar.  I took up a spot at one of the tables and watched the couples mingle.  I spotted D & J who were regulars and not my favorites.  B & L were there also.  L is skinny as a rail.  No bumps even for tits.  Just dots.  They are always looking for the chocolate sticks to play with.

 The other couples were not familiar though, but seemed to be semi-regulars in the way they were bantering around with Suzanne and Pedo.  I then notice this cute, slim chocolate drop come out of the dance floor with a tray in her hands.  She was busing the tables and stopped at mine.  She introduced herself as Summer, the new hostess.  I gave her my usual drink order.  She looked familiar to me as in I had stuck my cock in one of her orifices familiar.

Summer brought back my drink and then proceed to bend down in front of me, pulling her blouse open at the top.  She stated that she worked for tips and was quite friendly.  I reached in and found small breasts with thick nipples that jumped to attention with my caresses.   I slipped a few dollars in her top then.  Summer stood up and flashed one of those smiles of appreciation.  Being a bold person, I then ran my hand up her plaid skirt and found that Summer is commando.  Her pussy felt nice and inviting. 

Summer purred from the attention, but had to move on to continue her job.  This was a new development for Colony.  There had not been a hostess running around in years.   I sipped my drink and watched her interaction with the couples.  Summer is definitely a friendly gal.  After finishing the drink, I decided to check out the theaters then to give time for the bar to clear out.  I walk through of the main coed theater found a couple guys just hanging out.  I looked into the split theater and saw that gay side was blacked out.  I noticed movement though and slide into the corner so that light from the hall provided some help in seeing what the action was.

It was Summer giving a guy a little touch and feel.   She soon left and the guy grumbled that she was a tease.  Not really, the guy did not give her tips was the reason she terminated the grope.   I sat in the middle theater for awhile to let things calm down.  Summer did make trips back and forth to the theaters, carrying drink orders, and letting the guys grope her when tipped.  This was definitely a first as far as know that a hostess worked the coed theaters.

The Colony II Theater and Cocktails
4500 Forest Blvd, East St Louis, IL

I made it back to the bar which had emptied out.  The couples were split between the dance floor and the couples theater.  I caught up on things with Suzanne and Pedo.   I found out that the Colony is having a Halloween Party next Saturday.  I will post the details later on.  I told Suzanne that the gal who moderates the yahoo group never mentioned the party.  Suzanne is quite annoyed at that.    Pedo told me of his adventures in finding a hostess for the lounge.  Apparently he interviewed three women.  One was a crackhead and one was hooking.  He settled on Summer who I think he has a shine on for.

 hope that it works out.  After awhile at the bar, an old friend shows up.  Miss Kitty and she was deep into her drink.  It seems that Suzanne was feeding her the mistake drinks that were made.  Suzanne is a good bartender but does make mistakes occasionally.  MK and I bantered awhile.  I gave her a couple dollars for the jukebox.  Summer was working the crowd, letting everyone know that games were going to be played soon.  MK told me that she was too drunk for games other than cock and pussy ones.  I laughed at that. 

MK announced that she was taking me into the couples theater and rape me.  She slammed down two mistake drinks quickly and pulled me from the bar stool.   I meekly followed cause I knew that several couples were already partying in the theater.  We made in there and went to one of the side couches.  By this time, those double whammy drinks hit MK enough that she had to rest a moment.  I gave me time to look around at the action.

There were three couples down a couple couches that were all tied up in an orgy configuration.  Nice.  On the other side, there was about four couples in various stages of undress, sucking, and fucking.  A nice looking black couple had the couch by the door and were at the moment just watching the action like I was.   I did spot addition couples far down front, but could not see what they were up to.  MK was laid out on the couch and I ran my fingers down her pants to find her hot pussy. 

That got her started.  She was bouncing all over the couch from my fingers in her pussy and mouth on those big tits of hers.  She was popping O’s like crazy.  I traded my attention from the action on the couches to her luscious nipples.  It was a hot time in the couples theater.  That is the secret to the Colony.  The action happens in the couples theater and the only way to enjoy it, is to have a woman to grant you access.

I was to the point where I needed my cock serviced when Summer stepped into the theater.  She was going around to all the couples and stating that the games were starting in five minutes, so wrap up what you are doing and come out to the bar.  What!  five minutes, fuck that!  I was nice to Summer, but told her that we were working on our games at the moment and it would be more than five minutes before we were done.  I may have miffed her, but damn!  You don’t stop theater sex to go play ice breaking games.  The fucking ICE is broke.

Would you believe that almost all the couples stopped then and headed out to the bar?  There goes the visual sex candy!  Only MK, myself, and the nice black couple next to the door stayed.  I was fingers deep in MK and she was gobbling my cock down her throat.  Not moving out of that situation.  MK was quite vocal in her cummings and wanting to suck my cock.  To the point that it aspired the NBC guy to pull his date up and drape her over a couch in front of us.  He had her short skirt up and was pounding her pussy in time with MK’s strokes down my cock.

He pulled her blouse up and I saw beautiful dark tits swaying in the motion of the fucking.  It was nice.  MK reached a point where she wanted to be fucked and moved quickly to sit on my cock.   First time in years that I was torn between the want to fuck bareback and the fear of no protection.  I was able to hold off MK enough to slip a condom on.  But she made her promise of raping me come true.  She was slamming up and down on my cock so hard that I was afraid to move.

I sat there and took it like a man.  The black couple moved closer and while MK was bouncing, the guy was rubbing her tits.  His girlfriend was close enough that I was able to reach her small tits.  She had these really small nipples that was tight to her breasts.  As I rubbed them, she was moaning.  I did slip back to her mon and flick her clit which made her slam right back on her man.  It was too much for him.   They were finished and moved off quickly.

MK however was still fucking like a jackhammer.  Unfortunately, she was also drying out which made for a tough go on the strokes.  MK finally had to stop and pulled off.  I rubbed her clit to a final orgasm for her.  She asked if I was ready and yes, I was close.  MK sucked my cock deep and I fucked her mouth while hold her hair tight with one hand and finger deep in her pussy with the other hand.  I soon roared to a massive firing of sperm deep into her throat.  MK swallows good.  We were both wiped out at this point.

And then Summer walks in.   Still trying to find folks for more bar games.  She looked at me and smiled.  Told me that I must have had fun and reached down to squeeze my soft cock.  Not sure what to make of her yet.  MK finally got it together enough so she could make it to the bar.  I hit the restroom to clean up.  Talked to Pedo in the hall afterwards.  He was still praising his Summer acquisition.  I decided that I had enough for the night or morning since it was after 2am at this point.  I gave my goodbyes to Pedo, skipping returning to the bar, and vacated the premises. This change at the Colony is a good thing I believe.  Time will tell on how the folks and Summer get along.  I remember some of that past time with Summer and it was good.  
Doc here again... The St. Louis area provides some interesting stops for this thing of ours'. The Good Doctor has enjoyed a few fun evenings at The Colony and at the Hustler Club Theater, and can attest to MV's accuracy in his accounts of the theaters. If you ever get a chance to visit the Arch City, make the trip across the river to the East Side.

Do you have a report you'd like to see on the pages of The Journal?  Click on the "Submit An Adult Theater Report" section on the right hand side of The Journal.  It's easy...Trust me. I'm a Doctor. 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blast From The Past: Old Marine Corps Guy on The LA Adult Theater Scene in the 70's and 80's

Doc here with a great look into the not-too-distant past by Senior Reporter Old Marine Corps Guy.  His take on LA's version of Boston's Combat Zone is a treat for those of us who never made it to LA during those pre-Meese Report times.

So about face, and join Old Marine Corps Guy in this Blast From The Past.

This is another submission for your, “Blast from the Past” column.  It’s not about a specific theater, but about an area. Kind of like “The Combat Zone” in Boston, Times Square and 42nd St. (the way they were before they were cleaned up) in New York City and the Tenderloin District in San Francisco. 

The Combat Zone
Boston, circa 1986

In the LA basin back in the 70’s and 80’s there were well over 200 XXX theaters, but those were spread out over a very large area.  The area I’m thinking of was an area in Hollywood at the junction of Western Ave. and Santa Monica Blvd.  It didn’t have a name, but if you wanted to find low down, nasty sex this was the area to go to. 

Old Marine Corps Guy
The Action Figure

In an area of 2 blocks there were 9 porn theaters and about 10 or 12 bookstores/arcades.  All of the other businesses within that 2 block area were either massage parlors (LOTS of them), “modeling” studios or bars showing “live sex shows”.  Oh, and one coffee shop where you could rest up between rounds.
The 1st time I went into the area I was like a kid in a candy store.  I didn’t know where to go first, or which flavor I wanted.  I was in hard-on overload.  For theaters there was the Cinema, the Tiki, Stan’s, Richards, the Projection Room, the Libra Den and a few others that I can’t remember the names of (damned CRS disease).  The bookstores all had $.25 arcades (dollar bill machines had not been invented yet) and all of them had full length, lockable doors, plus every booth had professionally cut, VERY large gloryholes (you could get your whole head through the hole).  And, everything (except the bars) was 24/7. 
When the massage parlors in the area were a little slow the girls working there would put on coats and go the each of the theaters.  They would leave their coats with the clerks out front, go into the theater (just wearing a bikini and a smile) and pass out discount coupons for massages to all the horny guys who were spanking their monkeys.  MANY times the girls would make a fast few bucks inside the theaters giving up hand or blowjobs before putting on their coats and going off to the next theater.  

The Art
LA, circa 1982
My favorite theater there was the Libra Den.  It had a bookstore in front, with a small theater in the rear.  The theater had a center isle with about 6 rows of 6 or 7 seats on each side.  The manager (who later managed the Lil Fox…another story in itself) and his staff were all “players” so whatever went on in the theater was cool with them.  Whenever law enforcement would come into the store, there was a switch under the clerk’s counter that “flashed” the lights inside the theater to let everyone know to “clean up their act”.  When something REALLY good would come into the theater (which was very often), and the action got REAL hot and heavy, whoever was working would put a “closed for 15 minutes” sign on the front door and lock it and then go into the theater for a little taste for themselves.  I hated it whenever I would come to the theater and see that sign in the front door because I knew that some extra good action was going on right then and that I couldn’t get in on it myself.
The Tiki
LA, circa 2008

As I mentioned in a previous article, back then the admission to all these theaters was only $.99 (and they would give you a penny change!!) so you could go from one theater to another pretty cheaply until you found the action that you were looking for.  And back then you could be picky because there was action pretty much anywhere you went. 

It’s not like it is today.  Now you can go hours or days without something good coming into the theater.  Sad to say it’s almost like work now.   BUT, it’s always still worth it. 
Doc here again... Thanks to OMCG for another great look into the past.  Do you have a Blast From The Past?  If so, click on the "Submit An Adult Theater Report" and The Good Doctor will do the heavy lifting for you.


Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio: The Clicker, Halloween , and a New Regular Column

Doc here with another edition of "A Few Minutes With Dr. Emilio".  I have slipped on my sweater, put on my gym shoes, and I'm ready to have a chat with you, the good readers of The Journal.

Topic #1: "The Clicker"

"The Clicker"

On The Good Doctor's Twitter feed, I will announce happenings and visits and they come across the teletype machine located at Lizardo Labs in regard to adult theaters.  Whether it's 15th Avenue Adult Books and Theater in Melrose Park, IL, The Paris in Portland, The Colony or Hustler Theaters in St. Louis (among others), I will do my best to get the word out via Twitter. These feeds can be seen by following me, or by checking The Journal itself and locating the Twitter section on the right hand side.  

We call our teletype machine "The Clicker", due to the loud sound generated by news as it comes across from the universe of this thing of ours' . Thus, when you see a Tweet starting with "The Clicker", now you know where that info is coming from.

Topic #2: Halloween

Halloween (to the many patrons of this thing of ours') is our equivalent to Christmas, Easter, and the 4th of July.  In my many, many years of experience in our realm, rarely has Halloween been a disappointment in an adult theater.  People dressing up, pretending they are someone else, are more likely to enter the doors of an adult theater (or ABS for that matter) then they would do normally.

The Good Doctor will be in an popular adult theater to be revealed later this week to celebrate the holiday, with Blackberry at the ready to bring you the news from the scene. Do yourself a favor and follow The Good Doctor on Twitter here.

Topic #3: A New Regular Column

 This past Thursday, I published a report from Nancy and "T" about the gloryhole scene in Toledo, with some very hot pics to go along with the report (check it out here). The report received a ton of hits and page views (I wonder why? Nancy is HOT!)...So much so I approached them to see if they would like to have a regular feature article featuring Nancy's exploits at various gloryhole locations. 

Look for the new column coming soon to The Journal.  Also check out their Yahoo Group "Glory Hole Nancy", with the link under the Link-o-Rama section. 

In closing, I would like to thank every reader of The Journal, as well as all the contributing field reporters that submit their work for publication here.  This is a big weekend coming up, and I hope to have tons of field reports from across the country to share with you.  If you have a report, just click on the "Submit an Adult Theater Report" photo of The Good Doctor, and fire an e-mail to me.  Before you know it, your report will be seen by the hundreds of visitors who stop by The Journal every day.

Stay safe out there.


Friday, October 22, 2010

Breaking News: Paris Theatre Website Re-Launches

Doc here with a short blurb about the re-launch of The Paris Theatre's website. Ray (The owner of The Paris and the late great Jefferson Theater) and his staff have put together an informative website explaining the theatre, it's rules and regulations, and best of all, the various features of The Paris.


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

UPDATED! Blast From The Past: The Cine Arts Theater in Hollywood by Old Marine Corps Guy

Doc here with another outstanding Blast From The Past by Senior Journal Field Reporter, Old Marine Corps Guy.  OMCG's reports are always a treat, since he was there in southern California during the golden age of adult theaters when he was Young Marine Corps Guy.

But don't take my word for it, check out OMCGs Blast From The Past... It's a must read.
Old Marine Corps Guy
circa The 70's


For your “Blast from the Past”, column I thought I would add my $.37 (it used to be $.02, but you know…Obamanomic’s).

From 1967 to 1984 there was a theater in Hollywood called the Cine Arts.  It was probably the most “played” theater in Southern California.  There were LOTS of theaters in the area to choose from back then, The Pussycat, the Melrose, the Tiki, the Swedish Arts, Richards 1 and 2, the Projection Room etc., etc., but of all of them the Cine got the most, and the best play.  It was right on Hollywood Blvd., near Western Ave. with lots of drive by and walk by traffic.  It changed movies every day and had a “Couples Always Free” sign out front. 

The Cine Arts was (like all the smaller theaters back then) 24/7 and, believe it or not, only charged $.99 admission.  That was the admission price for ALL the smaller theaters back in the late 60’s and early 70’s.

The Twin X Theaters
Los Angeles

The XX Main Theater
Los Angeles

Even without the internet (it hadn’t been invented then…can you believe it?!?!) the Cine Arts had a national reputation.  You could find couples from all over the states coming in to play saying that they had heard about the place and wanted to try it out.  It was not set up like the old Jefferson or the Paris in Portland, but it had the same reputation and, for that time, the same kind of following.

The Pussycat Theater
Hollywood Blvd

On weekday nights you would be able to count on anywhere between 10 – 15+ couples coming in.  On weekends you could count on double or triple that many, plus a pretty good amount of single ladies.   You have to remember, this was the time of, “fuck-the-one-you’re-with”, Pre-AIDS (another thing that hadn’t been invented yet), and home videos.  So when couples got horny, they went to the theaters.  A lot would go to the larger theaters first, Pussycat, Cinema X, The Twin X, get heated up there and then come to the Cine Arts and fuck EVERYBODY!!!

We had regular couples that would come in that you could set your watch by.  The Wheelchair couple, The Sleeper couple, The White Thunderbird couple, The German couple, The Amyl couple, The Curtin Store couple just to name a few.  But one of the most memorable was when a limousine pulled up in front and let out 2 couples that looked like they had just been to a fancy dinner ball.  The men were in suits and the GEORGOUS ladies they brought with them were in cocktail dresses.  Both women were in their mid to late 20’s, blond with VERY sexy bodies.

The Tiki Theater
Santa Monica Blvd.

Both couples sat in the back row, which had a wide isle between it and the back wall.  It didn’t take but a few minutes for a lot of players to get in front and behind them and start yanking their cranks (just to let the couples know that they were friendly).  Both women were breaking their necks looking at all the guys jacking off, when one of them said, “Hey, everybody here in jacking off, let’s do it too”.  Well, that started a non-stop fuck fest that seemed to go on and on.  Those women did every guy in the place (by the way, there were a few other couples in at the same time and they all joined into the fun as well) and a few other women as well.  I remember that I had the duty the next morning and had to leave at about 0400 to get back to the base, but the action was still going strong when I left.
When I heard that the Cine Arts finally closed, it was like a piece of history was closed.  I miss that place, and will always remember it fondly (and with a woody).


The Cine was a rectangle with the entry door (covered by black-out curtain and beads) behind, and to the right of, the seating area.  It had about 10 - 12 rows of seats with 8 - 10 seats in each row.
As I mentioned, there was a large empty area between the back of the last row of seats and the back wall (probably about 10 feet).  You entered through the door in the back wall, which ran to your left.  If you followed the back wall to the adjoining wall there was a small (6x6) alcove which got a lot of action in it. A wide isle ran on one side, from the entry door, all the way to the back of the screen.  The restroom (only was uni-sex) was behind the screen as well as a fairly large storage area.
Thanks OMCG for that walk down memory lane.  For you regular readers of The Journal, OMCG is a walking encyclopedia of the west coast adult theater scene from the 60's through the present. he also runs his own Yahoo Group focusing on the Arizona adult theater scene (see the Link-O-Rama on the right).

Who reading this wouldn't give anything to be transported back in time to witness the best of times for this thing of ours'?

Do you have a Blast From The Past? Click on the "Submit an Adult Theater Report" section and fire away...Just like Old Marine Corps Guy did!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blast From The Past! The Jefferson Theater in 2006 by Brent in Portland

Doc here... I have a very busy day planned here at the office located in the sceneic valley by the small women's liberal arts college, thus an early start to posting today's report. 

Today we have a "Blast From The Past" from poet laureate Brent from Portland. The Jefferson was a special place in "this thing of our's"...It was probably the perfect adult theater (if you had to draw one up). Not too big, not too small, easy access, a bar next door, good parking, and a great environment.  Ray (the current owner of The Paris") provided a great place to see and be seen, as he now does at The Paris.

Enjoy Brent's missive about a simple time not too long ago...
I miss The Jefferson. I miss The River City Saloon. I miss 2006 and the booming just about ready to crash too many plates spinning in the air, economy:

Sometimes I'm asked what's the best time to go to the Jefferson Theater to guarantee that they will be able to witness and/or participate in hot, nasty, indecent, public, exhibitionistic, orgasm inducing, Jiffy Pop, making, bubble gum expanding, panty dampening, organ engorging, jizz exploding, heterosexual sex? The answer is "I don't know." (Write that down on the blackboard, Mr. Hand.)

You can get lucky, and see a lot of hot action inside of Portland's adult theaters or you can get "Murphy" and never see any action at all. That's just the way it is. I mean, a New Yorker could have attended 100 Yankee games in the twenties and never been present when Babe Ruth hit a home run. What's the difference between Bobby Bonds and Babe Ruth? Bond's was on steroids. Ruth was on Hemorrhoids.

The lady who has fucked more men in adult theaters than most was in the theaters this past weekend. One of the amazing things about her is that she prefers to get fucked bareback, to have multiple loads of come inside of her. She has a raw sexuality that transcends her age. I would guess that she is pushing sixty. She is tall, curly haired, thick and womanly. She always reminds me of a librarian or secretary.

The Jefferson Theater

This past weekend, She and her husband were at both theaters and she was very active. I saw one player fuck her hard twice at the Jefferson on Thursday. She was on top of his big cock, riding up and down on it. Her ass hole was open and ready, if somebody was so  inclined.  I've never seen her get double fucked inside of a theater. I have seen a few women get fucked bareback in the ass and pussy at the same time. The last time was a couple of months ago, in the couple's section.

This past Thursday, May 4, there was another couple at the theaters besides the one I described. She was cute. She looked Italian. Average size, pretty face, and dark hair. She was dressed in long pants and a sweatshirt. They sat in the couple's section and played with each other without taking off their clothes. He had his hand down her pants and was fingering her cunt. She was writing and squirming like a restless kid on a long car ride. Although I never saw any part of her body, it was still an erotic scene. I'll have to ask my friend who was there if they went any further, after I left Thursday.

The ever-present ogre/troll gauntlet continued to be effective in scaring away new couples this past weekend at the Jefferson. Even though there were couples already playing inside of the ropes at the Jefferson, a few of the younger, newer couples never got a chance to get comfortable and play. The clerk had to clear a path with his machete, just to allow room for these promising new couples to pass through. Needless to say, most of them stayed less than five minutes.

But there were a lot of couples that did come in and stay and watch and play inside of the theaters this weekend. So it was a very good weekend. The Jefferson and Oregon continue to attract, a slightly atypical porno theater audience. For example, a couple came in on Friday. They have been in before. They are both in very good shape and probably in there 60s. She has a nice tight body. He has a nice sized cock. While they were in on Friday, they were the only couple so they got all the attention. They always sit in the front of the couple's section. At one point, she was naked and bent over giving her husband a blow job. Her ass was positioned so that the guy standing right next to the rope was able to finger her pussy. A lot of the guys who were sitting in the back row, reached over and groped her nude body while she sucked and fucked her husband. She relished all of the attention. Later she stood by the ropes and gave a few lucky guys hand jobs while they played with her ass and cunt.

The Jefferson
Original Entrance & Marquee
circa 1982
 There were other couples in on Friday. Strap on K and Bend over B held forth for a few hours. One or two guys fucked K z young body. There was a young black couple that snuggled in the corner of the main theater. They didn't stay long and never got past the cuddling stage.

I got a little action on Saturday at the O from a couple that reads these posts. I've described her as a country housewife. She is very pretty, but not flashy. I found out, Saturday that she loves to give head. At first, I was reluctant to join them because I was afraid I couldn't satisfy her. I finally sat down next to her on the couch and started rubbing her thighs. Before long I had my fingers inside of her. She leaned over and started sucking my cock. It felt wonderful.

I decided to reciprocate. I went down on her and started eating her juicy pussy. While I was head first between her legs, I was blissfully  unaware of the fact that we were surrounded. I was too busy concentrating on fingering, licking and sucking her sweet love box. I could feel the walls of her vagina tighten around my fingers while I licked her as hard and then as soft as I could. She cried out in pleasure. If I  didn`t take her to the Big O I got her to the doorstep. My foot had fallen a sleep so I stood up to let the blood rush to where it needed to go. Another eager lad took my place between her sexy legs. I said good-bye and walked out of the theater feeling the rush of theater sex energy.

The leering faces of the crowd of on lookers fades into the back ground for a lot of couples when they play inside of an adult theater. I wonder how many women close their eyes or only look into their husband's eyes while they are being groped and caressed; or fucked and sucked by a steady stream of strangers inside of an adult theater?

The best-looking couple that came in on Saturday was a rich looking, golden couple in there twenties or thirties. He was tall and blond and fairly well built. He looked like he enjoyed his pleasures but he also looked a little angry. His lady was also a blond, with a perfect tight body. The outfit she had on looked like something Brittany, Cristina or Jessica would wear. She had on a white tennis type mini skirt, white top, and sheer panties. She was very pretty and athletic looking, like a young blond tennis star. They sat in the back corner of the couple's section. They put on a great show while I was there. She was definitely an exhibitionist.

I think the other couples that were there, inspired her to make the most out of their first visit to the Jefferson Theater. The couple that had been at the O was there, along with Cabbage Patch (I use that term affectionately) Girl and her old man, and another young couple. Everybody was playing. . At one point, the hot blond was bent over, with her beautiful ass up in the air and her panties pulled to the side while her old man fucked her from behind. Her tits were out of her bra. She was obviously having a good time.

I wish I could have seen them better. I considered going out to the lobby to ask the clerk to turn the lights up and the volume on the movie screen to low. I wanted to see her beautiful body and hear her moans of delight and the squishy sounds of her wet cunt.
There was another young couple there who was just as exciting. She was as beautiful and sexy as the blond in the mini skirt. She had reddish brown hair and a soft, pretty face. Her body was very soft and fuck worthy. She had very round 34 C breasts. They did every thing. She sucked him. He ate her. They fucked, first like this and then like that. The best scene involving them was when she straddled his cock, reverse cowgirl style, spread her legs wide more and twisted her body so that everybody could see his swollen dick driving in and out of her wet pussy. They were still there when I decided to go home Saturday.

It was past 3AM. There was a cute, single gal standing in the lobby, talking to the clerk when I walked out the door. I wonder if she ventured into the theater? I wonder what happened after I left? All of us perverts around the globe would like to know. So if anybody was at the Jefferson until it was time to go to church on Sunday, please let us know what happened.
Brent's Blasts From The Past serve as a chronicle of the best of times at The Jefferson in Portland.  At that time, The Jefferson and The Oregon were going great guns, and up the coast, The Mecca was grinding out the last several months of it's existence.  Hardcore couples like Nina The Bakery Slut and "B" would venture to The Jeff for a fun weekend of carnal knowledge from Washington state.

Do you have a Blast From The Past?  Click the "Submit An Adult Theater Report" on the upper left of The Journal, and fire one off to The Good Doctor.  Remember...Everyone loves a good story.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

I-Team Report: Tales of Nina The Bakery Slut - Part 17

Doc here with Part 17 of Tales of Nina The Bakery Slut.  In this chapter Nina shows her appreciation of law enforcement, and in particular one G-Man steps up to the plate.

Here is "B"s next installment...Enjoy!
We were in Seattle to attend a early showing at the Fantasy Unlimited but we were a little too early so we parked down the street to do a little flashing just to kill a little time and of course have a little fun.

Fantasy Unlimited
2027 Westlake Ave, Seattle
Nina sat in the car with her tits out and I was outside of the car reading a map on the hood (a pretense of course). It wasn’t long before a nice looking gentleman walked by and did a double take at the view inside of the car. His remark to me was ”nice car”. I looked up at him and gave him a big knowingly smile as he walked on by. He walked to the end of the block and stopped suddenly as if he had forgotten something and quickly turned around and walked back in our direction.

As he walked up to me he asked if I would mind if he took closer look at the topless lady in the car. I said be my guest. He complimented Nina on her fine pair of exposed tits; I asked him if he would like to see her pussy. He said he certainly would, so I invited him in for a closer look. We were all a little nervous because it was in the day time for all to see what might be going on in the car. I told him we were about to go up the street to the Fantasy unlimited to the porn theater and he was welcome to tag along. He said “he would love to but his time was limited because he had to catch a plane back to Phoenix”. He extended us a invitation to go up to his room at a nearby hotel. We accepted his invitation, and on the way up to his room I asked Nina if this makes her feel a little like a call girl? She said “yes isn’t it exciting?”

Nina gave him one of her famous blow jobs and we went on our way. It turns out he was a horny Phoenix police captain in Seattle for a seminar, who was lucky enough to run into a foxy little nympho and her portly husband on the streets of Seattle.

We went from there directly to the Fantasy, paid our entrance fee and went on into the theater. Nina was in her usual attire of short skirt, no panties, garter belt, stocking, bra less and low cut blouse. She always causes a stir amongst the boys as she enters the theater. Nina hardly had time to get into her seat when she was surrounded by four horny guys with their dicks hanging out. She doesn’t really like to be surrounded when she first comes into a theater, so I usually tell the boys to back off a little and give her a chance to get into the mood. The boys gave her a little room and a little time, which did wonders for her sexual disposition. The guy sitting next to her slowly ran his hand up her leg and in just a little time she responded and just a little more time he was on the receiving end of a wonderful blow job.

Nina was getting felt up from every angle, which she really enjoys as long as it is done in a gentle manner. The first guy that received a blow job moved on and another fellow took his place. He played with her pussy a little and then I noticed he was whispering in her ear and I was receiving signals from her she was not comfortable I asked her what was going on and she told me the guy wanted to take her to a motel and shit on her tits. I quickly told him she is not into potty tricks and that it was time for him to move on.

Someone new came into the room and was perusing the scene. I looked up and recognized him as the Arizona Captain. I said "shouldn’t you be on a plane heading East?" He said he was going to catch a later flight, and he "just couldn’t leave without enjoying Nina just one more time”.

She makes more friends that way.

End of Part 17
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