Sunday, July 28, 2013

House Call! The Good Dr. Encounters Monsoons, Canadians, and a Librarian @ Talk of the Town Video in Niagara Falls, NY

Doc here, your humble sea bass, with a special House Call Report.  My name is Emilio, and I will be taking your drink orders...

Last Friday (July 19), The Good Doctor was back in his old stomping grounds of Buffalo, NY for a combined business trip and a little R&R. I had blocked out Friday night for an adult theater visit, since Saturday was booked with a business dinner and I had no idea how long it would run.  So with Friday night booked on my dance card, where should I spend it between the two main adult theaters back home?

The choice was easy, since I am getting all sorts of negative reports from Video Liquidators on Elmwood Avenue in Buffalo. The negative reports are from their truly awful staff manning the place, a staff that likes to give patrons a tough time and throw out couples for no good reason (like my good friend Tony and his girl Silk a few weeks ago). That type of behavior by the staff of any adult theater is unacceptable, and I will take every opportunity to bash them until it changes.  I hope someone brings this to the manager's or owner's attention.

So my choice was clear: Talk of the Town Video in Niagara Falls, NY.  I am very familiar with this place, since I spent many a night at this ABS/Theater combo before moving to The Valley many years ago.

A brief history of Talk of the Town (TOTT): Up to the early 2000's, the only adult theater in Niagara Falls was the venerable Niagara Falls Cinema on Pine Avenue. This was a regular movie house that seated about 150 and was the perfect size for an adult theater. I spent many, many nights also in this theater, and the action ranged from fair to off to the charts. 

The city fathers in Niagara Falls attempted to gentrify the area in which the Niagara Falls Cinema was located, and thus cut a deal with the owners to give them a new location in a light industrial area of the city in return for closing the older cinema.  The Niagara Falls Cinema closed, and TOTT opened & became the only game in town.

Talk of the Town Video
Niagara Falls, NY
TOTT has around 60+ seats, and is still in pretty good condition. The only downside is that the theater is much darker than it used to be, due to the fact they use a large flat screen TV to show movies instead of a LCD projection system. Very little light is thrown off by the TV, and it makes seeing in the place difficult.

Ok, on to the evening...

By the time I got to TOTT on Friday night, the weather was taking a turn for the worse. Light rain turned to harder rain, and eventually to monsoon levels by 9pm. Luckily for us that got in earlier, we avoided the flooding in the parking lot and by the entrance.

As I was just exiting my rental 2014 Kobiashi Maru, a couple had just pulled in, hopped out of their car, and entered TOTT. As I paid my modest entry fee ($10 for the straight theater, $15 for both the straight and gay theater - I opted for the $10), the couple was asking some questions of the young man manning the ship that night.

It turns out this was the Canadian couple's first time at TOTT, and they were getting the rundown of the place. She was a light brown haired curvy school teacher-esque lady, in a white tank top and flowered skirt, and fair skin & glasses. He looked like a banker.

As the storm cranked up outside, they decided to enter the theater.  Inside (besides myself)were about 10 guys, and spaced out comfortably so the couple could find a place they liked to sit. After trying a seat further back, they moved to the second row where there was more light and room to maneuver. The vibe was picking up nicely; the question was would it pay off into something more.

The answer was yes.

As soon as the couple got situated in the second row, they began making out like a couple of teenagers. She was absolutely the aggressor, and that is an excellent sign within this thing of ours. With a minute, her top was off and the penis gallery was moving into better position to see. (Throughout this scene, the guys were very well behaved, so kudos to the gents there that night.) 

One guy asked if her could touch, and got "the nod" from The Banker.  The Teacher was loving the attention, and soon more hands moved in.  A lucky gentleman who was standing by the side of the row where she was sitting was the first lucky recipient of first her hand, and then her mouth.

It what probably seemed like a sword fight from her perspective, The Teacher took turns stroking and sucking all the presentable cocks on display. It was at this time I executed the "Lizardo Flanking Maneuver", and walked behind the crowd towards the front to get a better angle. As one gentlemen tapped out, I stepped in.

This Teacher was talented indeed... She grabbed hold of my situation, and after a few gentle strokes, engulfed me.  Her BJ skills were top shelf, and within a few minutes (and after I told her I was ready), I filled her mouth with a generous amount of my best. I leaned down, and thanked her, and her response was "you are not going yet, are you?" 

"Of course not" was my response... It was barely after 9 at this point, and the evening was young. And flooding.

I walked out to clean up after my first encounter, and saw that the clerk on duty was frantically using a wet vac to suck up the rising waters by the front door. I peaked out, and it was coming down in sheets. Unless you brought your hip waders, you were not leaving anytime soon.

I went back into the theater, and The Teacher was now in the front row, and someone was going down on her while she was sucking another cock. It was about this time she was begging to be fucked, and a gentleman stepped up and did his civic (and international) duties. I am not sure how many banged The Teacher, but she much busier giving BJs this evening.

It was around 9:30pm when I noticed another couple had stepped into the theater.  By their actions (she came down front, sat down, while her hubby stayed in the back), I knew this to be "The Librarian". Senior reporter The Oral Reporter has filed a report on her , and his description was spot on: Nice looking lady, probably in her mid- to late 50's, glasses, very put together, no bra, and a long dress.

One member of the penis gallery approached her, but for some reason was not of interest to her.  After a few minutes, she disappeared back into the booth area of TOTT (the store has about a dozen booths).  I went back there a few minutes later and engaged her in a little small talk ("I didn't bring my Ark tonight", etc.).

After a little cat and mouse, the conversation took a personal tone, and we ducked into a booth at TOTT, soon followed by hubby. After a little rubbing, she asked me if I didn't mind following them to the other ABS in town (which is right down the road), which is party of the Video Liquidators chain. This place has only booths, and it's usually dead there. More privacy, etc.

I agreed, jumped back into the Kobiashi Maru, and followed their pick up truck to VL.  We got out and headed in, but after maybe 15 seconds inside, they bailed back outside.  The Good Doctor was puzzled. Was it my aftershave ( "Horizontal Mambo" )?

It turns out they recognized someone in there, and wanted to head back to TOTT. Ok, fine. Hopped back into the Kobiashi Maru, and back to TOTT. At this point, I was getting winded...

Back to TOTT, back into the booth, and back to rubbing. All was good with the world. As we began rubbing again, I snuck my hand up and underneath her dress, to find a) no panties, and b) a wet pussy. I finger banged her a bit, but what she really wanted was to suck my cock.

As per all reports, she rolled on the condom with her mouth, and proceeded to give The Good Doctor his second top shelf BJ of the evening. Loved her innocent Librarian looks as she was on her knees, and she didn't even ask for my library card in the process. We finished, and I exited stage right...

I saw The Librarian repeat her dance at least two other times with other lucky patrons, and I'm sure they had the same great time with this lovely (and naughty) lady.

It was a good night at TOTT... It was like jumping back into the Wayback Machine and setting the controls to 2001 again. I was happy I had time to visit my old stomping ground again, and leave my mark a couple of more times at TOTT.