Monday, October 17, 2011

Couples Flash Report! C&R Report On The Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH

Doc here with a HOT Couples Flash Report from regular contributors, C&R.  Their first report was a big hit (read it HERE), and their new report doesn't miss a beat.  The Summit News Yahoo Group has been abuzz over this visit.  Here is a quote from Bill, (owner of the Summit Yahoo Group) about C&R's visit:
"R is an incredible of the hottest ladies I've ever seen party at a adult theater.....loved her party outfit...her hubby C was very nice..don't miss her next visit guys"

If that isn't enough to wet your whistle, I have included two pics of the very HOT R in some very revealing photos (that they were kind enough to share with The Good Doctor).

You WILL enjoy this hot Couples Flash Report from the Summit News Adult Theater in Warren, OH (info located in the Dr. Emilio's Adult theater Database).  Money Back Guaranteed.

Take it away, C&R!


Hi Doc,
We had promised a report a couple of weeks ago about our hi-jinks at the Summit News Adult Theater, but alas, work took precedent over writing our story.  However, we have a new adventure to report from the Summit News this last Saturday night (10/15).

The Real "R"
R had been on a boring business trip during the week and returned home in a very playful mood on Saturday.  During a morning sexual romp, she told me that she wanted to go the Summit and let loose. R prepared her evening by taking a long, steamy shower, shaving every part of her long body. After drying off, make-up and perfume, she chose an outfit that was sure to let patrons of the theater know she wanted to play. She decided on a black, crotch-less body stocking, a short, black skirt and a black bra under the body stocking. Of course, she wore CFM pumps. (picture attached). She sipped a few glasses of her favorite wine while she prepared.

While driving to the Summit, she placed my hand between her legs. I rubbed her clit and felt her juices starting to flow. She did not allow me to bring her to orgasm, citing her desire for someone in the theater to make her climax. Well, she was not disappointed.

We arrived at the venue and entered the public theater. Most of the seats were taken. We took a seat on the couch to the rear. She placed my hand on her breasts and leaned her head back while I played with her nipples. Soon, a man came over and sat on the couch next to her. They exchanged glances and she lifted her leg over the top of his thigh.  They kissed and he began to caress her leg in the sheer body stocking. He worked his way from the top of her high heels up to her pussy. She unzipped his pants (it was a joint effort on their part) and began playing with his cock. She leaned back into me with her eyes closed.
Another man came over and lowered the top of her body stocking. I removed her bra exposing her 36D breasts. A third man came over and began playing with her tits. I gently rose from the couch and allowed her to lay flat on the cushions. One man slid in next to her on the couch. More men approached and surrounded her. She didn’t protest and I was standing there watching.
The first man went down on her pussy and began licking her. R spread her legs and then lifted her head up to suck the cock of the man standing in front of her. He thrust forward, making sure that she enveloped his whole cock. Within a minute, he shot a load of cum causing her to giggle over the large load. The man licking her pussy changed modes and began sliding his fingers in and out of her pussy.  My cock was rock hard watching the action. She started thrusting her hips up to meet his fingers and within a couple of minutes she let loose with her own orgasm.

The men standing in front of her were waiting for their turns. She began sucking and stroking each man that presented his cock. She was not bashful. R asked them if they liked their balls played with while she made each of them cum. She asked them if they wanted to cum on her tits. Her chest and face were covered in cum.  The man who had slid in next to her encouraged her and the men to take their turns with R. In between all of this, she was getting finger fucked.  She came three more times while taking loads of cum in her mouth and on her tits. Every man that came forward was rewarded with her warm mouth and hands on their cock and balls. They rewarded her with their loads of hot cum.

The Real "R"
When no one else came forward, R rose from the couch. Even though she had tried to wipe some of the cum from her breasts and face while taking loads, there was still lots of evidence of the men’s gratifying experiences. She went to the bathroom to clean up and prepare for the theater in the back. She was on fire.
We went to the back and found a mattress was placed on the floor.  A good porn movie was playing on the flat screen. One couple was playing on the couch.  A few men had come to the private theater.  R invited one man to come sit next to her.  She unzipped his pants and began to play with his cock. Soon his pants were off and on the floor.  While he was sitting on the couch, she straddled him and slid his cock into her pussy. She rode his cock and they fucked until he shot his load.
I asked her to lie on the mattress and began to fuck her myself. I removed her body stocking so that she was nude. She was on her back and her legs were in the air. Another man came over and slid his cock into her mouth. He said he wasn’t sure if he could cum again since he shot his load on her in the public theater. But, she coaxed that second load out of his cock and onto her. I unleashed a full load of cum right after his.
A very quiet gentleman had been patiently waiting. He was sitting on the couch, his pants were off and he was stroking a very large cock. R crawled off the mattress on her hands and knees and placed her mouth on his cock.  She sucked him for a long time. R then brought him to the mattress where she coated her breasts with silicone lube.  The man slid his cock between her boobs back and forth. R squeezed her breasts tightly around the man’s large cock. She encouraged him to cum all over her tits and he did. He shot a huge load of cum that landed on her breasts, neck and face.
When everyone was sexually satisfied and there were no more, we got dressed. We left the theater with smiles on our faces. When we got home …. Sorry, that’s between us.



Doc here again... Where to start on this report?  OK, a show of hands... How many of you out there wish you were in Warren, Ohio last Saturday?

Thought so.

It is action like this that makes the Summit News Adult Theater the incredible play place it is.  Couples friendly, great facility, and a well organized atmosphere.  Bill, along with his co-moderators, S&R, do a great job.  I understand the staff at The Summit is extremely helpful as well, which is always a critical part of the equation in this thing of ours.  A big thank you goes to them as well.

But the big Thank You Award goes to C&R!  A great report on a great evening. If you are lucky enough to meet them at The Summit, or at The Foster in Youngstown, you will not regret it (or forget it) anytime soon.


Flash Report! JaxBchBum Reports On Theater X in Orange Heights, FL (Multi-Media Edition)

Doc here with one of the best Flash Reports I have read in a long time... Senior reporter JaxBchBum has been on a Bob in Biloxi-like lucky streak as of late, and the following report showcases this trend. The theater in question is Theater X in Orange Heights, FL (information available in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database). 

Special note:  I did something a little different with JaxBchBum's report... To fully enjoy this multi-media report, click on the small media player when you come up to it. If you like it (you'll know it when you see it), or don't like it, let me know

So without any further ado, he's a surfer, he's an excellent driver, and he's tan... It's JaxBchBum and his Flash Report...



Well, after a short break in my lucky streak that started a couple months ago at Deja Vu in Vegas, I was reminded that if you are patient enough you might just be rewarded. 

Theater X
Orange Heights, FL
I stopped by Theatre X last week on Wednesday arriving about 8pm.  As I have stated before, I never have much expectation for couples at most adult theatres during the week; but with Theatre X having some regulars and being close to the University of Florida, you just never know. 

Theatre was almost empty with one other guy there.  Another guy comes in and says there is a couple coming in.  Sure enough, about five minutes later I hear the door opening and the unmistakable sound of two people coming in, one wearing heels.  I glanced back from my position on the second row outside couch and there is a mid-20s married couple (wedding rings) standing at the back.  She is about 5'4", slender, red-headed and an angelic face.  She is wearing a floral print clingy top but is also wearing form fitting jeans - nothing provocative but not the usual dress of a female wanting to play.  He is a lanky 6', blond curly hair, also wearing jeans and a T-shirt.  Seems obvious he has talked her into coming into the theatre and trying it out. 

They stand at the back for a few minutes and I wasn't sure if it was uncertainty as to whether they were staying or getting their eyes adjusted to see where to sit.  He seemed to keep reassuring her that all was OK.  After a few minutes, they came and sat down on the other couch in the same row I was sitting.
Not much happened.  They snuggled a bit and it looked like she had her left hand resting on the crotch of his jeans but no real activity.  They stayed about 15 minutes and then left. 

Sad Trombone

OK, that experiment didn't go so good I thought.  Went back to the show and about 45 minutes they reappear.  By this time there were only 3 guys (including me) in the theatre and the couple takes the same position.  This time there is definite crotch rubbing by both parties, but all on the outside of their clothes and no titty playing by the guy.  One of the guys is sitting in a chair on the far wall but with a good line of sight of them and visa-versa.  He pulls out his cock and starts stroking.  Well, I figure, if they were put off by seeing that, they would have reacted and left. 

After about 30 minutes of this, the other 2 guys leave so I am there alone with the couple.  Thinking my presence might be a hindrance, I got up and walked out to get a soft drink and then came back in.  I was on the back row in the couch directly behind them.  As I walked behind them , I noted that she had unzipped him and was rubbing his cock and he had the top of her jeans unzipped.  Ah, maybe some good voyeur activity after all. 

After a few more minutes, her head disappeared and I quietly got up from my sitting position and looked over and sure enough she was sucking him off; but he had made no effort to undo her top or loosen her jeans.  She sucked for a bit and then sat back up.  He bent in towards her and she scrunched down on the couch, so I stood back up and he had his hand down the front of her jeans.  I couldn't really see anything and it was getting frustrating.  So I sat back down and waited.  After a bit and after hearing some "be easy" comments they both sat back up and affixed their jeans, stood up and walked out. 

Sad Trombone

Well, I thought, so promising but so little to show for it (pun intended).  I figured that was it as it was almost 10:30 and the reality of another couple coming in so late when they closed at midnight was pretty low.  So I just sat back and watched the "Nurses III" porn and started trying to decide if I was going to go back to the hotel in Gainesville or stick around a little longer.

A little before 11:00 I decided to call it a night and started to head out of the theatre, leaving it empty. The theatre door has a clear glass panel so the store is visible.  As I approach the door, I see the couple coming back in and headed back to the theatre.  I quickly retreat back to my previous seat on the back row.  The couple enters and immediately goes back to their place on the couch in front of me.  As the reader can guess by now, (wouldn't be writing this much if nothing happened) things started heating up. 

Before he sat down, he undid his belt, jeans zipper and let his pants drop to the floor so he was only wearing a t-shirt and his boxer shorts.  She laughed at him and stood up and did the same thing, stepping out of her jeans and showing off a neon orange thong style of panties.  He turned around and said to me "I hope you aren't offended."  I told him that I had been watching them earlier and was disappointed when they left as I hadn't gotten to see much.  She said "Well, this is our first time and we quickly learned that wearing jeans was not a good idea." 

They sat down and started going to it.  He reached over and slipped her clingy top off and her bra.  She had a nice set of B/small C breasts that were quite perky and he immediately leaned over and started sucking them vigorously.  After a bit, he stands up and she slips down his boxers and starts sucking his good-sized cock.One thing led to another and within 10 minutes they were both completely nude.  He sat back and she bent over sucking him while he had his hands roaming all over her ass and back and then underneath on her tits and pussy.  Then she laid back and he started eating her pussy.  He clearly was hitting the right spots as she would moan and wiggle every now and then. 

The next thing she is laying across the couch and he has mounted her and fucking her like crazy.  This position lasts a couple of minutes and then he sits back and she mounts him facing towards him (and me).  All this time, I am standing behind trying to get as good a view as possible.  I have been stroking and am fully erect when she reaches out and begins to rub my cock. 

Hallelujah Chorus Short

I don't last more than a couple of minutes before I explode in her hand.  She continues to rub me while bucking up and down on her husband's cock.  I pull back, clean up and continue watching as they both have climaxes close to one another. 

They sit back, all spent and catch their breath.  I thanked them for the excitement.  They said it was the first time in an adult theatre.  They said they enjoy making love outside and by the lake or when they go camping, but doing it inside had a special allure.  They said it took them a bit to get up the courage even with it just being me there.  I told them I understood and thanked them for sharing that special experience.  At that, they dressed and left promising they would be back on a regular basis.

So, you just never know what will happen when you least expect it.



Doc here again...  Now that my friends is a classic Flash Report of my favorite variety: A first time couple having a positive first experience.  This should be a template for any couple thinking about dipping their toes into this thing of ours:
  • Went on a week night
  • Took their time and exercised patience
  • Didn't engage the "gallery" until they were ready
  • Had fun in the theater, and left wanting to come back
Thanks again to JaxBchBum for another great effort, and thank you for taking a test drive with a few sound effects inside the report.  Feedback will dictate whether I will drop them in future reports...

Speaking of future reports... I am in DIRE NEED of reports.  Typically I have one or two in the que ready for publication.  For the past week, I have had none. Zero. Zilch. I am looking for Flash Reports, Field Reports, and Blasts From The Past.  Send your reports to Grantland Rice The Good Doctor at I will edit, format, polish, and make you look great.  You provide the report, and get the byline.

Seems fair, right?