Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Undersea World of Bob from Biloxi: Tales of Scuba Lady

Doc here with another top-shelf report from Bob from Biloxi.  The Gulf Coast Theater has been the subject of past reports, and the action there can get hot.  So without further ado, here's Bob:

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
222 Iberville Drive,
Biloxi, MS

After three weeks of a lull, 4 couples showed up last night, one very petite lady with a huge rack sat in front and allowed her husband to show her off some, but every time someone would approach either in passing or trying to sit near them, she would cover up. This went on all night and became boring after the first hour. Meanwhile, seated just behind them was another couple playing by themselves, she did give another fellow a blow job, but that was the extent of her playing. One other couple just sat by themselves and watched the show or the patrons. Late that same night a thin woman came in carrying an oxygen bottle and blew and fucked anyone that would get it up to do the deed. That was a first for me seeing something like that? She was very vocal despite the tube under her nose, she was later nicknamed scuba lady. (by me)

She later left and went down the street to the gloryholes, and fucked and sucked until her oxygen ran out. I was told by those that got with her, she was very enthusiastic. It was a dry night for Bob, I just couldn't get into that scene. I'm really glad she had a good time though, it may have been on her bucket list? During this time a tranny came in and sucked and fucked a bunch of guys. Again, not my scene, but theater fun is just that, its fun for someone. Just wasn't my night I guess. There's always next weekend!
Nicely done as always, Bob! Suddenly I want to dust off my fins and go for a dip...