Saturday, May 5, 2012

Flash Report! The Jolar Cinema in San Diego by SixFoot4

Doc here with a new reporter here @ The Journal, SixFoot4. His first report, about one of The Good Doctor's favorite adult theaters, The Jolar Cinema in San Diego, is a home run. 

I hope he continues to provide us with the same quality reports moving forward, as I enjoy his writing and reporting style.  But don't take my word for it, judge for yourself... Here is SixFoot4 and his first Flash Report.  Welcome to the team, sir.


Hey Doc,

Okay, newbie least to reporting. You can just call me SixFoot4, a basic, yet descriptive enough, journalist name.

I have been doing this thing of ours for a couple of years now...just started when my company started sending me to San Diego regularly for work. I usually hit up the Adult SuperStore on Barnett at least once when I was there over a weekend. Have seen some action there, but not enough. After finding your web site, I decided to take a little trip to the Jolar Cinema (address info in the Dr. Emilio's Adult Theater Database). This was on a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago.

First, I must tell you, I have little patience for waiting around. I usually check things out at a theater, give it about an hour, and then, if nothing is happening, take care of myself in a booth. Just my style..and my self diagnosed  ADD.   
The great thing about the Jolar is that they have stripper booths with live women you can view for a premium. I prefer the free show in the theater, so I just perve the ladies from behind the glass while they try and convince me a show is well worth the outlay. But on this particular Saturday night, I would have zero need for those ladies anyway....

(They must hate it when a couple comes in the door!)

The theater is set up into 2 sections, with both confused and straight movies playing at the same time (kinda sucks...but I can narrow my focus). Probably 20 seats in each. The first couple to arrive was a mixed couple...a busty white woman and her boyfriend, wearing jeans (usually a red flag....but not tonight) and a low cut black top.

They came in and sat on the front row. Immediately she started man-handling his junk, while a couple of guys stood in front of them to show their wares. She waved them away, so he could see the movie.I watched, trying to make eye contact. There was a lot of whispering and over the clothes groping. After a short time of this, they moved to the back row, in the corner. I just it seemed they were only interested in each other. She went down on him in the back row, gagging, slurping, and almost getting louder than the movie! A couple of guys rubbed her over her jeans, and she didn't stop them, but everyone was fairly civil. After he got his, they got up and moved into the other section of the theater.

As they were moving, another couple came in, a tough looking Latino guy with his totally smoking hot Latino girlfriend. She wore a short skirt and a loose fitting low cut blouse, showing off some nice, and very real, sweater meat. Straight to the back row. I caught her eye as they walked in, got a wicked smile, and followed. Unfortunately for me, they sat down where I was cockblocked by some guy sneaking into the seat next to hubby (She was tucked into the corner).

After a couple of minutes of snuggling, she dropped to her knees and started giving some awesome deep throat...I did have prime real estate for the view...incredible! Of course the guy was between me and the action, so his open fly was the first to be found by the girl. She stroked while sucking....after a little bit, she asked him if he had a condom (he did), and he proceeded to pound her from behind like he owned it. She was a moaner and kept blowing hubby with fervor!  I slipped into the seat next to them and got some titty action...firm, a nice handful...and she stroked me as well. After my cockblocker got his...she asked to rest, and even though there was a crowd waiting their turn, he put up the hand...encouraging no one to enter their space. Since everyone was still standing around stroking themselves and watching. I snuck off to the other section where the mixed couple had gone...

Almost empty...she was on the back row, riding him reverse cowgirl in a chair...her big tits bouncing around while she watched the movies. I walked up to her, told her she looked beautiful like that...she winked at me and said between gasps.. "I'd look better with your cock in my mouth". Well now...isn't that precious? I whipped it out, still hard from the other couple action, and got exactly what she had given earlier....deep, sloppy, wet, and moaning blowjob, all while she was getting her ass smacked and pummeled by boyfriend...Needless to say, I lasted as long as humanly possible, and filled her throat with my batter. She took it like a champ, even cleaning off the corners of her mouth while I zipped up.

I left after that, and it was only about 11pm. I will go back again in the coming months...maybe have another report your way.

And by the way, I was in New Jersey last week, within driving distance of the Berlin News Agency...nothing going on there, except some tranny getting pummeled by a bunch of guys. Not my cup of tea. But they have a nice setup and I chatted with a few of the folks, and they said Sat nights are pretty rockin. I am usually only there during the week...but I will keep trying.

Until next time...


Doc here again... SixFoot4 did an awesome job of capturing the vibe in The Jolar... This place can be off the chain at times, very couples friendly, and it looks like our intrepid reporter hit one of those nights.  We look forward to your next reports, sir.

The Good Doctor still needs your adult theater reports.  Just drop me an e-mail at I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or two.  You provide the report, and if you are a new reporter (like SixFoot4), please provide a pen name you want to use.