Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Blast From The Past Report! Sub Slut Lin and Mr. B - Part 2

Doc here with Part Two of The Blast From The Past featuring Sub Slut Lin and Mr. B. Part 1 covered their experiences in Swing Shift Theatre in Richmond Hill, Ontario (a suburb of Toronto). Part 2 focuses on their adventures back at the hotel after the Swing Shift fun.

Here we go!


Part Two – Back at the Hotel

 Of course it was going to be hard to out do the scene we had just had Lin involved with at Swingshift once back at the hotel room, but Master P had some bondage and domination fun planned for sub Lin. We had booked a sizable suite which allowed lots of room to play and room for me to take photos.  Once back at the hotel room Master P quickly had sub Lin remove her blouse, which left her clad in her skirt, under bust corset, black panties and nylons with high heel shoes.  Her tits were now exposed for the second time of the evening, only this time with her blouse completely removed her ample 36dd's stuck out unobstructed.  As Lin stood in the middle of the room, Mister JP sat off to the side and watched intently as Master P pulled out his bag of goodies.

  He carefully pulled out a small crop followed by a set of nipple clamps which would soon be put to use. After swatting each of sub Lin's tits a couple of times which made her nipples become erect, Master P gently attached one clamp to each nipple with a small steel chain which went from one to the other hanging between her breasts.  With Lin standing with eyes closed, Mister PJ and myself watched as Master P tugged slightly on the chain … which pulled on the clamps attached to her nipples. The photo I snapped shows Lin with an intent look on her face as she obviously is in a state of arousal and slight pain. Master P takes his crop and lightly slaps Lin's tits once again before giving her the next direction as he pulled off her black skirt.

 With nipple clamps still on, Master P placed our cuffs on her wrists and then instructed sub Lin to get down on to her knees. While Lin was getting into the directed position, Master P was telling Mister PJ to get himself ready to ravish the sub. Mister PJ quickly removed all his clothing and then  moved so he was standing directly in front of sub Lin with his rapidly erecting cock swaying in front of her face. Master P instructs sub Lin to open those pretty lips and accept Mister PJ's cock into her mouth, of course she obediently obeyed and was soon sucking on Mister PJ's cock.

 The next photo I snapped  showed my Lin on her knees, with corset, pantyhose, high heel shoes, with a pretty black necklace around her neck … cuffs on her wrists and ankles, with her wrists clamped behind her back with the cuffs … nipple clamps still attached with the chain draped between swaying in motion as Mister PJ holds her hair in his hand while guiding her head on to his cock. Master P stands off to one side, with a pleasing look that his sub toy for the evening was being so co-operative. This scene that my Lin was in was so erotic, kinky, dirty … that I had to get photos from several different angles.  With each angle was another great shot  of a slut on her knees accepting another man's cock.

  After a time period of sucking cock in this position, sub Lin was then instructed to get off her knees … Master P removed the nipple clamps once she had risen to her feet and after having her panties removed she plopped down onto the bed face down which placed her ass up …  her pussy easily accessible. Master P now had removed his own clothing and began to finger sub Lin's pussy  from behind… she laying so submissively allowing him to toy with her.  Master P then re-positioned himself on the bed above where Lin laid, then instructed his slut for the evening to now start sucking his cock while Mister PJ begin to use a vibrator on Lin's exposed pussy. She moaned with a new cock in her mouth. My next photo showed her hands with red painted nails clasped around Master P's cock as her mouth slide up and down his shaft.

 Over the next ½ hour or so, both men groped Lin … at one point Master P now laying beside Lin on the bed leans over and while pinching her nipple embraces in a passionate kiss with her, simultaneously  Mister Pj had his head buried between Lin's legs licking her pussy.  Both men enjoyed slut Lin for their pleasure, Mister PJ finally had to leave … but Master P had one last plan in his mind once he had Lin to himself.

 With sub Lin on the bed, I handed Master P a spreader bar which we had brought along … Master P soon had it attached to the ankle cuffs and between the two of us we pulled her legs up and then attached her wrists to the same spreader bar. The next few photos I took show Lin on her back with her legs spread wide apart pulled up high in the air and held in place by Master P's hand.  With Lin's hands also secured to the bar, she was helpless to stop Master P from doing whatever to her. Once again she found his cock into her mouth as her head hung over the edge of the bed and then he directed me to take a couple of shots from the other side of the bed. The final few photos show Lin legs spread and Master P with his cock buried in her mouth holding the spreader bar and then reaching with his other hand to spread her pussy open in a degrading manner.

 It was one of the more memorable evenings for sub Lin and we look forward to other daring adventures that we can place her in. Any ideas??

Doc here again... Many thanks to Sub Slut Lin and Mr. B for the fantastic Blast From The Past report from the Great White North. Please keep the reports coming out way...

Couple's Flash Report! C&R Visit The Foster Theater in Youngstown (w/HOT Pics!)

Doc here with the return of one of The Good Doctor's favorite couples, C&R. I have had the good fortune of both publishing several of their reports in the past, but also meeting them last year at 15th Ave Adult Theater in Melrose Park in 2011. R is as hot as they come folks, and C is a terrific guy.

This report is sizzling... And the photos sent along are from the actual visit from mid-August to Youngstown's Foster Art Theater (address in the database). You will want to click on the pics, since they are high resolution, and also super hot!

Please welcome back, C&R!

R arriving at The Foster Theater
On a beautiful, warm Saturday night in August, we were feeling very naughty.  We always talk about our next sexual adventure.  I have had a fantasy of being tied up in a semi-private venue to be an object of men’s desires.  C indulged my fantasy and took me to the Foster, one of my favorite sexual play grounds.  It’s a large, dark, old theater with many “play areas”.  I wore a short, black cocktail dress, a black bra and no panties.

We arrived and entered the theater.  We sat in the back row where there was plenty of room to play.  We watched the movie for a little while and C rubbed my pussy and clit.  I was very aroused.  There was one gentleman who was watching us.  C gave him a nod and the man came over and sat next to me.  He slid my dress off my shoulders and fondled my breasts. He rubbed my body and worked his way to my legs.  As he slid my fingers between my legs, I felt the onset of an orgasm.  I held his hand tightly pushing his finger deep into me.  My orgasm caused my legs to clamp tightly around his hand. 
As I released, he stood up in front of me and lowered his pants.  I took him in my mouth and stroked his cock with my fingers.  He was extremely hard and I could tell he was going to shoot his load.  I like cum all over my tits. But, without saying a word, he dropped to his knees and quickly slid his cock inside of me.  While I normally don’t fuck in the theater, I couldn’t resist.  It felt so good.  Within a couple of minutes, I could feel him tense up and then ejaculate while inside me. 
After a few minutes to gather our composure, C took me upstairs to the lounge and restroom area.  Instead of going into the lady’s restroom, he directed me into the men’s bathroom.  The walls were painted black.  The only light in the bathroom was from the red neon glow of the Foster marquee.  I felt strange and at the same time it made me wet.  C removed my dress.  He took a fur blindfold from a bag and cinched it around my head.  I protested, but to no avail.  He led me to a men’s stall and told me to pee. I complied.
C then made me stand and place my hands over my head.  He put wrist restraints on me then snapped them together over the men’s stall doorway.  He put leather ankle restraints on me above my strappy high heel shoes. He tied them to the door posts so my legs were spread.  I was completely exposed, naked, and vulnerable. However, my pussy was very wet.  It was very quiet. Through the windows, I could hear traffic passing by the theater.
I heard someone walking into the bathroom.  I shuddered and tried to bring my legs together.  I asked C what was going on.  The only response I got was from the stranger who came from behind and held my hips with my ass facing him.  Then, I heard him remove his pants. He forcefully bent me over, my arms were stretched upward and he quickly slid his cock into me.  I wanted to be released and see who was fucking me. I couldn’t do anything and C wouldn’t answer me. I was not even sure C was still in the room.  The man fucked me hard and came quickly inside of me.  I heard him pull up his pants and he left.  C left me for what seemed like forever hanging from the doorway.  I felt the man’s cum rolling down my legs, which were shaking.  I wondered if my fantasy was fulfilled or would I want more.
C returned and released me. I dropped to my knees.  I took his cock in my mouth and made sure I thanked him.


Doc here again... Where to begin with this awesome report. R truly is a very naughty girl, and I've seen her in action inside a theater. But what makes this report so good, are the little areas around The Foster that she and C (& a friend) played in.  I have looked out that same window as in the photo above, and it looks right through the marquee of The Foster and onto Sylvania Avenue in Youngstown. 

C&R have mentioned that they might plan a trip eastward... Eastward to Hartford.  I wonder where they might end up if Connecticut is their destination.  I'm thinking of an adult theater on Franklin Street in Hartford...

Thanks again to the always awesome C&R for this 5-start report.