Friday, July 12, 2013

Couple's Flash Report! The O'Hare Milf & Hubby @ 15th Avenue Adult Theater in Chicago

Doc here with a fantastic Couple's Flash Report from first time contributors The O'Hare Milf & Hubby.
This is a two cans of Fresca report kids, so try and keep hydrated when reading this terrific report. 
This report has it all folks, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
Here we go...
The O'Hare Milf & The 15th Avenue Double Nickel
After some talk and discussion my wife agreed to try out the 15th Avenue Adult Theater & Bookstore in  Melrose Park, IL. She had sampled Glory Holes before but this I told her was going to be different.
As the night approached she started to get more excited about the evening. Coming downstairs to proudly display her freshly shaved pussy, this would really complete her look. Now she stands at 5'1", 125 lbs, extremely attractive, very petite body and stunning blonde hair. For the event she would wear a deep v neck black teddy, covered at first by workout shorts and a mesh top. (All in black). During the day I was also showing her some videos from Theater Sluts, to show her the flow and prepare her for what to expect.
15th Avenue Adult Theater
Melrose Park, IL
As we pulled into the parking lot, we saw there was a T-Gurl party going on next store. This was too big of a step for us so we passed and went to the  theater. We entered and the place seem to be deserted, we got the lay of the land from the helpful counterman. She went to the bathroom first and as she went a couple of guys were in the hall and they both said hi to her.
We went into the theater and were a little disappointed to see we were the only ones in there. Suddenly like sharks in a feeding frenzy, 5 guys came and took seats randomly encircling us. My wife being a little nervous at first did not know how to respond to this. As we watched the movie she started to say aloud some comments like "That's a nice cock" and " I bet that feels good".
Suddenly the bravest of the group came up to us and asked if he could sit next to her. As we watched the movie he started to massage his cock through his pants. My wife's eyes were upon him as he took it out of his pants. The next 20 minutes were like a blur, as she leaned over and started to suck his cock, and as if on signal the other 4 guys walked over to us and unzipped their pants.
Imprinted on my brain is the sight of my wife sitting/laying in there seat with a stranger eating her bald pussy. Both of her hands wrapped around a cock, and two guys in the back each playing with a breast. Her moans and groans got really loud and I suggested we go to the back room. While there the five guys surrounded her as she was on he knees on the table. Clockwise turning to each stranger and sucking their cocks. While the others all hand a hand or two on her. Finally they could take no more and politely asked if the could fuck her. They then took turns fucking her doggy style as she sucks the cocks in front of her. Too soon it was over and we sat down and tried to take in all that happened. WOW.
15th Avenue
Theater Entrance
We got dressed and took a self-tour of the place checking out the spa and TV room, and then hydrated. After catching our second breath we returned to the theater and took our positions. Even though there was only one person in there when we sat down, within minutes there were 4 other guys coming in (one was a repeat from the first time).. Before I knew it, there was my wife in the same position her legs draped over the chair in front while someone munched on her hairless pussy. Again she was jacking two cocks and the guys behind here were taking turns feeding her their dicks. This time we stayed there and she took turns sucking them all and letting them fuck her tight pussy. Then she started to shudder and came with a low scream.
Finally she was done. We slowly got dressed and cleaned most of the cum from her pretty little body. As we left a few of the guys were in the parking lot and waved goodbye, one even tipped his hat.
Suffice it to say that my wife had a fantastic time, she loved being the center of attention. The place was clean, the guys well dressed, clean and very polite. Very respective of any limits. She asked me on the way home when we could go back. It will be soon. By they way five guys twice , refers to double nickel.
O'Hare Milf & Hubby
Doc here again... Many thanks to the O'Hare Milf & Hubby for this fantastic Couple's Flash Report!  How much would you have enjoyed being there at 15th Avenue when they came in?  On a Sunday night to boot?
We are looking forward to your next reports, OHM & Hubby!

Quick Flash Report! Berlin News Report from Friday 7/5

Doc here with a quick Flash Report from my good friend Paul at the Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ.

They had a couple stop in last Friday and it sounds like she was very busy. Here is their e-mail to Paul and a rundown of their afternoon.

Here we go!


She had a great time Friday afternoon . We got there, and the guys were very kind & not pushy. She drained 37 guys & her dream came true.

Thanks Paul & crew @ BNA they are great & make it a fun safe place to go!!!!


Thanks to Paul at BNA for the report!


(wait, what? 37 guys?)

A Quick Note From The Good Doctor

Doc here, your humble kaiju, with a quick note...

In a week that rivals the "Nick of Time" episode of Twilight Zone, The Good Doctor is back behind the desk here at The Journal this morning.  My apologies for the lack of reports the last two days.  Today will be catch up day for reports and announcements.

The dust has settled, clean-up has begun, and it's time to move forward.

Now where were we?