Monday, September 10, 2012

A Call For Reports!

Doc here.... Yes, you guessed it. I have completely run out of reports for you, the good readers of The Journal of Adult Theaters. That means one thing...

Please just submit reports, from anywhere, and I will edit, format, and drop in a pic or three. It's that easy!

Please send your reports to me directly at


Flash Report! Vanessachaser @ The Berlin News Agency

Doc here with a great first time report from our newest contributor, Vanessachaser. One again, we find ourselves at the Berlin News Agency...


This one is from about a year ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. The thing about Berlin News is you never know what you're going to get.

It was a Thursday night and I crossed my fingers as I pulled into the parking lot. No guys hanging around in their cars - a good sign. I paid my $10 and buzzed into the theater. Hopes are high as I went through the first rooms, peered into the theater and finally into the back rooms. Nope, all guys. Sigh. Guess I'll enjoy some videos and see what the night brings.

The buzzer that announces a new theater patron gives you a little jump each time. What is it going to be? As you all probably know, most of the time it's another guy just like us. But you keep hoping. I moved into the big theater room and settled in, watching a nice blonde slut show her cock sucking talents on the "big screen."  Then the buzz I was hoping for. The one followed by two sets of footprints, and one of them the click click click of high heels.

I wasn't the only one that noticed, and suddenly three other guys are out of their seats and heading to see what kind of treat just walked into the jackin' palace. I'm up and walking toward the front room with them to see what treat just walked in.

Turning the corner there she is. Long straight red hair, early 20's, short black dress. Fuck. Yeah.
She's with a guy who's easily 30 years older. Not sure what the situation is there, but I don't really care either. I take a seat on one of the benches lining the walls of the room. Right next to her. A cute smile. Other guys take seats lining the walls, the round fuck table in the middle of the room empty. For now.

She takes off her dress to reveal a killer pair of tits and shoves a hand in her black panties while she watches the fuck flick on the flat screen. Guys have their cocks out watching her. I'm on one side and another guy is on the other and we both reach out for her tits. It's on. Squeezing, pinching, sucking.

Her man standing in the doorway and enjoying the show. Then he tells her to get on the table.
She peels her panties off, leaving her exquisitely naked in a filthy, nasty, smutty porn theater surrounded by jackin' guys. She climbs on the table, face down/ass up. Perfect. Her man asks, "so who wants to FUCK?" I stand up, assess this beauty in perfect submission, run my hands all over her body and give her ass a couple of good cracks with the palm of my hand. Everyone has a good chuckle.

Then one of the guys gets up and before you know it, puts on a condom, gets behind her and starts fucking her. While the rest of us circle around watching. He finished pretty quickly and two more take their turns, running a little train on the sweet slut. Then there's a break, and one of the best, sluttiest moments in my adult theater visiting experiences happens. She's alone, face down/ass up on that table, surrounded by guys, waiting for the next one to get a piece, and her man takes a condom out of his pocket, throws it at her on the table, and it lands on her ass. He says, c'mon, who's next?


Another guy takes up the call, puts on the supplied rubber and starts working her. Hard. She says, and I quote, "POUND ME!" and then "You can't out fuck a redhead!" What a gal! She takes a good solid dicking and we all enjoy the sight of her getting absolutely fucking rocked. Model quality. Fucked right there in the center of the room.

That's the kind of thing that keeps a guy seeking out porn theaters.


Doc here again.... Thanks to Vanessachaser for a quality first time report.  Keep cranking them out, sir.

Well kids, this is my official call for reports.  I'm out. Without your reports, there's nothing for me to edit, format, and post.  Please send your report to me direct at First timers, please give me a pen name to be used with your reports.