Monday, May 1, 2017

Breaking News: The End of the Line for CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN

Doc here, a man who some say was writing something else, and is now writing this.

Sad news from this thing of ours... It's the end of the line for CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  Pete (the owner of CTs) posted the following on his Yahoo group earlier this evening:


As April 1st , 2017

Due to city of GARY new ordinances for SEXUAL ORIENTED BUSINESS we had to change CT's to a regular ""GENTLEMAN's CLUB"" ( alcohol and dancers).

CT's thanks and appreciates ALL of YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your PATRONAGE for all the 17 years and for the GOOD TIMES we all had !!!!!!! CT's was a great place for ALL of YOU and for US!!!!!!!!

You are all welcome to visit us whenever you can, !!!! 


This was a change that The Good Doctor knew was coming, just not when. So while reading something like this always hurts, The Good Doctor was not caught off guard.
CTs Adult Theater, circa 2011
CTs, prior to becoming an adult theater/ABS, was a strip joint called Club Topps. It converted to an adult theater 4 years before your old friend in the white suit moved to The Valley (near the small women's liberal arts college), and close enough to CTs to visit on a regular basis. Now, CTs converts back to a strip club with alcohol sales. 

In the coming days, I will write a retrospective of some of the highlights from my experiences at CTs and it's crazy adult theater scene. 

Just over a month ago (31 days to be precise), The Good Doctor escorted porn star Cathy to CTs for her (what is now) her final visit. And it was a crazy night of fun, several couples playing HARD, and a meeting of legends: Cathy met Slut Diane.  It was a great night, filled with hot action and a sexually charged atmosphere. It was a terrific swan song. 

The Good Doctor wishes the new CTs nothing but the best in it's new life as a strip club.  Stop by and say hello to Pete... I know I will.

CTs Adult Theater...We hardly knew ye.