Sunday, June 17, 2012

Programming Note: House Call Report On Monday Morning!

Doc here with a Programming Note from the control room, deep inside the Chez Lizardo, located in The Valley, near the small women's liberal arts college.

I have been working on a House Call Report for last Thursday's visit to CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  This night was one for the ages, and featured the juggernaut now known as M&A (The Asian Couple). I have published 3 reports focused on this incredible couple, and tomorrow morning's House Call captures a crazy night featuring them and some very special friends.

The reason for the delay in publishing the report will be well worth it, if you know what I mean (nudge nudge, wink, wink).  I mean, what good is a great report without a few photos, right?

So set your alarms for 7am CDT Monday morning. 


Flash Report! The Back Row Reporter Returns & His Take On CTs Adult Theater

Doc here with the return of yet another Journal veteran, the Back Row Reporter.  BRR has put his two cents worth in on the recent wave of adult theater action at CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN, including his general observations, as well as visits by a certain hot Asian woman and her gentleman escort.

While The Good Doctor doesn't always agree 100% with BRR's observations, one thing The Journal is all about is free speech. The Comments section can be used to express your views.  I only request to keep it civil, no flaming, and most importantly don't be a moron.  I will have a few comments on the other side of BRR's report.

Here we go...


Hi there Doc,

It's been several months since my last report.  Life has just been getting in the way of having a good time lately.  And apparently I've missed a couple really hot nights at CTs since my last report.  There was the return of the sexy redhead from Colorado.  She's an all time favorite of mine... and that's after only seeing her once.  Wow, she's fantastic.  And I missed her.  There was another visit several months ago by the sexy Wisconsin bbw WISWIFE4USE.  Another all time favorite of mine.  And I missed her.  Geez, I have both these women as my most favorite for completely different reasons.  One is a slim, tight, hot redhead and the other is a sexy, blond, bbw.  Both rock my world.  And I missed them both.  Like I said, sometimes life just gets in the way of having a good time.  But enough about my missed opportunities for ecstasy.

It's the times that I did manage to make it to CTs that I'm reporting.  And lately we've seen an increase of fakes, frauds, and fools.  There were the fakes & frauds that post and then don't show up.  These included someone claiming to be a big time submissive ready to please all the guys at CTs.  She posted a couple pics and sent an email for the big day that never happened.  There was a couple that posted on 2 separate occasions and never showed up or reposted that they couldn't make it.  And there was the couple who apparently had played at CTs before and posted for a hot night only to demand that someone "service" her bi husband first.  They apparently wanted him to get a "birthday" fuck before she would play.  Well, that didn't play too well with the crowd and they soon left. 

Now to be clear, everything happens at CTs but some nights (Fri & Sat) are usually straight action nights.  And the demand seemed to put off the crowd that was keen to give the wife a good fucking.  I just think they should have approached that whole deal differently.  And then we've also had an uptick of foolish behavior from the wolf pack.  One couple left because someone had his phone/camera/light going and it freaked them out.  Yeah, haven't we addressed this before in a previous report.  Yes, in fact we did.  Why can't guys stop using the cell phones while in the theater.  Most folks don't want their pics taken and posted somewhere.  Ask the couple (or anyone within the frame of the pics for their OK first before snapping away.  And to be courteous to everyone just put the damn phones away while in the theater. 

Then there have been the pushy guys crowding the couples before they are ready to play.  Guys, be cool until the couple (or single lady) gives us a sign.  Unless it's one of CTs known freaks who goes right for the table for immediate fucking then hold back a bit and let the couple relax first.

And finally, there have been some good times that I did manage to stumble into at CTs.  There was a sexy, playful, bbw named Jodi who was very fun.  This couple relaxed for a bit before she got up and bent over her fella - presently her ample behind to the crowd.  Then raising her skirt to show off her thick, shapely, sexy legs.  It wasn't long before 2 brothas jumped on it and started giving her a good pounding.  Later a couple white guys and another black guy joined in.  The white fellas hit it and quit it while the 3 brothas started taking turns pounding her doggy.  One brotha even tapped that ass.  She wasn't interested in any table action so she stood there bent over and taking one hard pounding after another.  It was great fun just watching her.  I'm gonna hit that next time myself. 

And then there was a new couple featuring an attractive, slim, young, Asian woman. And she was a freak.  Now I don't have to tell you that the CT crowd goes gaga over the description - "slim and young".  But add to that "Asian" and they start nutting in their pants.  And this young hottie was a total freak - going bareback and asking for cum deposits.  This couple made like 3 visits to CTs within about a week.  And the comments from the crowd was that she was a hottie.  I saw her on the last night and the crowd was light.  And surprisingly there wasn't much action.  Yeah, a few guys hit it, but most guys held back because of the bareback action.  It's ladies/couples choice at CTs and that's what they wanted.  Anyway, folks said her other visits had alot more action.  She was hot and definitely freaky, but this reporter like his hotties more seasoned and more curvy.  Again, another night for watching.

Well that's it.  And I'm hoping for a really hot summer at CTs.  That's action hot not temperature hot.
Hint... CTs - please get the air conditioning working consistently before we all vaporize on a really hot night.

Signing off from the back row,
BRR (the Back Row Reporter)


Doc here again... Thanks to the BRR for his report on the recent fun at CTs in Gary.  I'd like to add my two cents on a couple of the points made in BRR's report.

Adult theaters can sometimes magnify foolish behavior on part of the penis gallery.  There are certain theaters that have this issue on a regular basis, but one theater that has consistently NOT had this issue is CTs. Sure, the rare moron can slip through, but compared to other adult theaters across the country, CTs is in the top 3 for best behaved patrons (the others being HEB in Seattle and The Jolar in San Diego). I beg to differ, but two instances of questionable behavior does not constitute an "uptick".  CTs has a core group of guys that know the protocol, and that police themselves in the theater. Management checks in on a constant basis, and knows what's going on inside. Considering the cozy size of the theater, even when filled with couples and guys, the behavior is exceptionally good.  One would be hard pressed to find a more couple's friendly adult theater than CTs.

Secondly, again due to the size of CTs theater, when you put a bunch of horny guys alongside a few hungry couples, the temperature inside goes up in the summer.  I've been in much worse, guys... Try The Paris Theater in Portland in the middle of the summer during their yearly hot period. The a/c was on during my two recent visits to CTs, and when the theaters partially emptied out, the a/c kept up.

Adult theaters in general are not perfect places... All have their quirks.  But it's important to appreciate the fact that they exist for the pleasure of the couples and guys who patronize them. In the past, I have had no problem publishing about major issues at some adult theaters (Tampa in 2011 with LE, Portland in 2010 with patrons).  But nitpicking... That's not how The Good Doctor rolls.