Saturday, October 8, 2011

Field Report: Moaning Lisa Reviews Exotic Adult Books & Video in Roselle, IL

Doc here with a Field Report from one of our newest reporters here at The Journal, Moaning Lisa. The subject of her report is Exotic Adult Books & Video in Roselle, IL.

Here is Moaning Lisa...


Dear Doc,
I know that the good readers of the Journal are always on the lookout for a new venue for this thing of ours... So I wanted to mention Exotic Adult Books and Videos in Roselle, IL (514 Congress Cir N). To clarify, this is not a theater, but it has many other fun attributes!
This store is located deep in an industrial section of Roselle.  The parking lot is well-lit and
has always felt safe.  The front section of the building houses the DVDs.  It has a HUGE
selection to choose from, so no matter what you are into, they have it!  There is also a smaller section up front that has toys, lube, etc.  Not quite as extensive, but the prices are pretty good.
The back of the store has a really nice, large arcade with about 30 booths.  The booths are numbered, with half playing Straight/Lesbian films, and the other half playing Gay or Alternative films.  Some of the booths are small, and could accommodate 1-2 people, where other booth are larger, and could accommodate 3-4 people.  As you might expect, The smaller booths take $1bills, but the larger booths take $5 bills.  The staff up front rarely comes in back, so there is no harassment to “keep the screens lit up”.
This arcade also has “Buddy Booths”.  For those of you not familiar with these incredible inventions, let me fill you in:  Buddy Booths are joined by a common wall, that has a large (2’ x 3’) glass window that is opaque.  When someone enters the booth and starts the film, they have an option to push the “Buddy Button”.  As long as the person on the other side ALSO pushes their “Buddy Button”, the class will become clear, allowing full view of the person next to you.   
If you are a regular reader of the Journal, you have probably figured out that I am not shy...
but when I was just discovering this thing of ours, I was.  I think Buddy Booths would have
been a great option for me.  They allow you to show off all you want, and look all you want,
but there is no touching.  (Of course, if you really like what you see, you can always change that...)
As far as the clientele, there are always guys looking for guys... but we have seen quite a few
couples and single ladies as well.   The people that I have met/played with in the arcade have
always been nice and polite, never pushy.  The facility is usually very clean, and there are 2 bathrooms and a vending machine.  One last thing:  There is a separate door that leads directly to the arcade, so you don’t have to go into the “store” first.   This allows for a bit more anonymity, if you desire. 
Come check it out, Readers... then we can send Doc a hot, steamy report of our arcade encounter!
Lustily Yours,
Moaning Lisa


A big thank you goes out to Moaning Lisa for her report.  Lisa and her hubby, J, are experienced players in this thing of ours. Thus, take her reports as being accurate and measured against other adult theaters and ABSs.  We are lucky to have her as part of the pool of quality reporters here at The Journal.