Friday, February 24, 2017

Final Update 2/24/17 at 2PM: TONIGHT! The Secret Room 2125 Launch Party Details at Chicago's Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Emporium on Friday February 24th, 2017

Final Update - Friday 2/24/17 at 2pm: Doc here, and the the big day is here as well! It's time for The Secret Room 2125 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

The Party Room is decorated, swag bags completed, and the BYOB bar is stocked with soda, water, mixers, & Red Bull. And the most important past of the BYOB bar? Your bartender, JP's Slut Toy (along with JP!).  Please remember to tip JP's Slut Toy, as she would deeply appreciate your appreciation!  

Also, please wish a Happy Birthday to our good friend Victor when you see him tonight! I am pretty sure he'll have a party hat on, I'm just not sure where

Final Notes to make your party experience all you want it to be:
  • This is a cash only event, both at the check in desk and the BYOB bar. We would appreciate singles and fives if you have them!
  • Please check in your booze with JP's Slut Toy upon your arrival. 
  • Please note: There is no parking at the Sports Complex across the street! It's posted as No Parking, and they mean it. Please park in our lot or on 15th Ave.itself. Sports Complex will tow you if you do not comply. 
  • There are no cell phones, smart watches, or cameras allowed in the Party Room. We will be mentioning this when you check in, but this is a zero tolerance policy. You can check your phones outside, but not in the Party Room. 
  • Guys: Be respectful of other couples and singles. Anyone not is going to have a conversation with security, and it won't be a good one.
  • If you want to venture next door to 15th Ave.'s store and theater, normal admission rates apply.  Keep your wristbands on.
I am looking forward to seeing everyone at 8pm at The Secret Room 2125 at The Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL


Updated Thursday 2/23/17 at 9pm:  The Party Room is decorated, and the swag bags completed for Friday night's BIG Launch party for The Secret Room 2125 at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

Want to take a peek at them?

New special guest announcements!  The record setting, straight shooting Vickie the Vixen, along with her sergeant in arms, Victor, will be inside The Secret Room!
Our next couple was once seen (and rewarded) dressed as a loofah and a bar of soap.  And The Mrs. is one naughty, soapy girl...  It's Mr. & Mrs. Slaneesh!  And they will be inside The Secret Room!
RSVP-ing on the 15th Ave Fetlife Group is none other than that legendary chocoholic, SlutDiane!  She will be inside The Secret Room too!

Also, just announced... There will be a contest for the Launch Party!  The Good Doctor will be looking for 6 contestants for our first "Boogie or Blowie" contest. Details tomorrow night at the party, and it will be something seen to be believed!

Which other sexy ladies are attending The Secret Room 2125 Friday night?  If you are, and want a pic published, make sure you e-mail that pic to me at before 2pm Friday 2/24/17! 

Gentlemen... If you miss this event with our special guests announced here at The Journal, you only have yourselves to blame. This party will be epic!

Next update Friday morning... It's only hours to go before we launch The Secret Room 2125.  Be there with us as we start a new tradition at The Party Room!



Updated Thursday 2/23/17 at 9:30am: It's a big day in preparation for the huge Secret Room 2125 Launch Party Friday night inside The Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL

Make sure you check out my Twitter feed @LizardoJournal for special sneak peeks at the swag bags (for the first 15 male/female guests with their paid admission). 

Please Note #1: This is a CASH ONLY event. This applies to both admission to the party AND the BYOB bar (which will be awesome with JP's Slut Toy running the show there). 

Please Note #2: Everyone is invited to this special launch party!  No invites are needed.  Just come to the event, and enjoy!  

Check back later today (Thursday) for pics of the swag bags, and more updates!

Do not miss this Launch Party!  Don't be that guy or girl kicking themselves Saturday morning for missing it!

Questions?  Please e-mail me at .



Updated Wednesday 2/22/17 at 9am: Doc here with another hot update on Friday's Secret Room 2125 Party inside The Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park. 

Officially confirmed to making an appearance, my very good friend Stunt Slut Simone!  Guys and gals, Stunt Slut Simone is on the Mt. Rushmore of naughty adult theater girls. She has ants in her pants, and cannot wait until Friday to get here and enjoy the party.

And...She just sent along three brand new awesome pics to tickle your taste buds:

The RSVPs on various social media are looking great!  And it's no wonder!  Legends such as JP's Slut Toy behind (and in front) of the BYOB bar, Stunt Slut Simone holding court, another good friend of the Good Doctor, Slut Diane, has RSVP'd, and a few others that I am waiting on clearance to mention that will be in attendance.

And for the ladies, a few members of The Good Doctor's GB crew, The Black Sox, will be in attendance! 

Tomorrow's update will include pics of the Launch Party swag bags for the first 15 M/F couples, and an attendee update.

Do not kick yourselves for missing this event, which is the start of something BIG in Chicago's western burbs!  The Secret Room 2125, FRIDAY night starting at 8pm and running until 1am!

Questions?  E-mail me at .


Updated Monday 2/20/17 at 7:30am: Doc here with today's update on The Secret Room Party 2125 this Friday night at the Party Room of 15th Ave. Adult Theater in Melrose Park, IL.

You are going to like this update...Pinky swear.

I am happy and proud to announce that the special guest bartender manning the BYOB bar will be my good friend, the legendary JP's Slut Toy! Need a JP's Slut Toy refresher?  I've got you...

I am very happy that JP's Slut Toy (& JP) will be on hand to help your old friend in the white suit and aviators kick off The Secret Room 2125 Party!  Not only will JP's Slut Toy assist with your BYOB bar needs, she might even venture out from behind the bar... 

Make plans to join us inside The Secret Room 2125 on Friday night, 2/24 at 8pm!  For  party details, check out the poster below.

Questions? Please e-mail me at .



Updated 2/17/17:  The final promo video for The Secret Room 2125 Launch Party is here...

The Secret Room 2125 Launch Party is a private couples and singles Dr. Lizardo event at the Party Room at 15th Ave. Adult Emporium, 2125 N. 15th Ave, Rear Entrance, Melrose Park, IL. And you are invited!
Date: Friday February 24th, 2017 Time: 8pm to 1am
This is a private party that you are invited to attend. Entrance is through the Party Room door only at the rear of 15th Ave. Adult Emporium facing the rear parking lot.  This is a Party Room Only Event. 
BYOB: YES!  PLUS a very special guest bartender!  More on this in the next few days!
Dress Code: Girls: Sexy in Black (not mandatory). Guys: Dress to Impress
Your Invite: 
M/F Couples - $20

Single Guys - $30

Single Girls and T's - $15

To celebrate our launch party, the first 15 M/F Couples will receive a Secret Room 2125 Swag Bag with their admission, starting at 8pm.
The Secret Room 2125 Parties will be a monthly event at The Party Room. We hope you'll join us for the beginning of something special!
Doc Lizardo will be your host!
Join us for the launch of The Secret Room 2125 Party, Friday February 24th, 2017 at 8pm!
Questions? Please e-mail me at