Monday, March 4, 2013

Announcement! The Berlin News Agency St. Patrick's Day Party 3/16 @7PM

Doc here with a Special Announcement from our good friends at the Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ.

It seems that there is a party brewing, and it may involve shamrocks, leprechauns, and splashes of green coming soon to the Berlin News Agency.

Paul, the moderator of the BNA Yahoo Group, sent along this announcement to The Good Doctor:

Our next party is our St Patrick Day party on March 16 from 7pm to 12am. The cost for single guys is $15, couples, single ladies and gurls are always free.

This sounds like a fun night at one of the busiest adult theaters in the country.  If you are in the area, you owe it to yourself to get to the Berlin News Agency, S. Rte. 73 in Berlin, NJ on the 16th @ 7PM.

Remember to tell the nice folks at the Berlin News Agency that Doc sent you!


Flash Report! Professor 7x6 @ CTs Adult Theater in Gary, IN

Doc here with a terrific Flash Report from senior Journal scribe, Professor 7x6. This time, the good Prof hit CTs Adult Theater in Gary, Indiana, and struck gold.

Take it away, Prof!


Hey Doc,

The Professor finally got to make another field trip to CT's Adult Theater in Gary, IN.  The proprietor, Pete, is a Greek guy who is like the Pied Piper of Theater sex.   It's been way too long since the Professor has been able to work in a side trip to Gary by flying into Midway instead of O'Hare.  While 15th Street may have much better amenities, it doesn't approach the hardcore level of Pete's little adult Disneyland on Steroids and Viagra.  The women and couples who come here are not tourists, they are on a mission.

I never fail to get a warm greeting from Pete even though we've only met a few times.  It was good to see him, but bittersweet to go there and not have Papi (Pete's Dad) meet me at the door and say "tree dollas" which is the only English I think he knew.  Papi passed on a few years back.   The librarians were nice and sweet as usual, I don't remember what their faces looked like, lol... I can describe some huge hooters, however.
CTs Adult Theater
Gary, IN

I dropped in first at about 8:30 on a Friday, just to see what was in store.  Pete said there'd be a couple of couples later, so I killed time and came back about 10:30.  Friday's can be hit or miss, especially before the midnight witching hour.  The Professor can't wait until the vampires come out, and I was disappointed that neither couple had shown yet.  But, just like a magician pulling a quarter from my ear, Pete came around from the back with this lady who he posted later as a single lady in the theater. So, into the theater we go. 

She was a smaller BBW, pleasant lady about early 40's.  She wasn't dressed in fuck me attire, but in nurse's scrubs.  She sat right in front, and I started to engage in patter, but it wasn't necessary.  In the time it takes to get nekkid, she's on the exam table and I'm riding the ride like I'm on my last 25 cents of credit.  The well mannered men of CT's queued up on the side for hand and blowjobs while I had the pleasure of some nice pussy squeezing and milking.  There wasn't a big crowd, so I rode it for some overtime points and when it looked like someone else was ready, I tapped out.  No pussy should go unfilled, and no cock should be blocked is my motto.
About 3-4 more guys suited up and took turns.  I rotated around for some hand action and to play with those titties with huge areolas.  I nutted from her handjob before I could get it into her throat.  At least 2 of the backup units nutted, which leads me to this amusing anecdote:

There is a paper towel dispenser by the exam table.  Each guy hit the dispense lever a couple of times after nutting.  After that happened several times, it is burned into me as a harbinger of sex and orgasm.  I'm sure that from now on I'll get a slight erection every time I hear that familiar sound.  I'll have to be careful in busy airport bathrooms now.  Pavlov was right :).

When no cocks were left standing, she took a break.  And the professor went driving off to Wisconsin...
Prof 7x6


Doc here again... Thanks to Professor 7x6 for another 5-Star effort!  Bravo, sir. Keep the reports coming!


Flash Report! Richie Rich @ Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, FL

Doc here with a great Flash Report from our good friend, Richie Rich. In this report, RR reports from Pleasure Emporium in Hollywood, FL, and the scene that night in mid-February was HOT.
Here is Richie Rich and his report...

Long time no talk.  Things have been relatively quiet down here in South Florida.  A true perv can feel it in his bones when its going to be a great night at Pleasure Emporium - and this past Saturday, Feb 16th, I felt the itch to check things out.  
I stopped by the theater around 830- around 9-930 the action started, with the beautiful Sindy and her husband decided to stop in the theater.  The hoard of mongers practically attacked her as she was taking her clothes off, but that's OK, she loves the attention and deserves it- shes a hottie.  As my fellow soldier describes it- "its like taking a beautiful McDonalds French Fry and throwing it to a crowd, everyone goes nuts.."  She was getting so much attention, it was too much for us, we just sat back and watched this time.
About a half hour later, a younger couple came strolling into the theater.  She was Puerto Rican, in her early 20s, hot, young and dressed in a sexy long dress with nothing on underneath it.  She sat on her BF's lap, he was about the same age as her so it was very unlikely that they would play.  Well I take that back.  2 minutes after sitting down she strips off her dress.  Again, the golden french fry was there and we all went in for a bite.  
Pleasure Emporium
Hollywood, FL
What was hot is that Sindy was going to town on a bunch of guys right in front of this new action. It was an all out orgy!  One of our fellow straight soldiers, pulled his horsecock out and she immediately spit on her hand and started sucking him.  While she was sucking him she was stroking my cock with her other hand.  He proceeded to put a magnum on and started fucking hard, right on her boyfriend's lap.  She turned her face and saw my cock and just started sucking it, taking it deep in her throat and gurgling all the juice.  I only lasted maybe 2 minutes and decided to leave her with a warm load of cum right on her lips and teeth.  Mission accomplished.  
She continued on to take another one of my soldiers cocks in her mouth until he came.  He was weak in the knees and started moaning so load as he came... he didn't care, his night was fine. The action kept going and this beautiful young girl took multiple cocks.  She was there for over an hour at least but left after she had her fill.  My soldier asked them as they left- it was their first time there.

Again this scene is hit or miss.  Sometimes you get it, sometimes you are left waiting like a sad dog.  My crew works hard at this thing of ours and every now and again, it pays off big.  This was a great night to have both Sindy and the Puerto Rican Princess playing in the same room.  

Til Next Time,
Richie Rich
Doc here again... Many thanks to Richie Rich for another great report from the Sunshine State.  Please keep the reports coming, sir!