Sunday, February 24, 2013

Art Cinema Event Report #7: Chrissy & Mike Hit The Main Floor (w/PICS)

Doc here with report #7 from the great Valentine's Event from last Saturday at Hartford's awesome Art Cinema.

In this report, I'd like to introduce you to Chrissy and Mike.  They have provided a first hand account of the fun on the Art Cinema's main floor, and their part in all that noisemaking!

Here is Chrissy and Mike!


Hi Doc,

Chrissy and Mike here. We were reading your review and figured we would give you our review of what we saw Saturday night. We were first timers Friday night, I had on some black slacks and a red and black top with along black jacket a true bbw with brown hair and eyes. My husband who is the true meaning of a bean pole weight wise, has dark hair and blue eyes was wearing blue jeans and a black coat.

The Real Chrissy & Mike
We walked in Friday not quite sure what to expect and what was allowed. I have to say we were still a little curious as to what is allowed when we left that night but when we heard from you and the owner on our way out about the event we decided to try it out on what proved to be the best night there.

We arrived around 7:30 Saturday night. I had a purple sequin shirt on black skirt and heels hubby in jeans and a T-shirt. I remember you saying "Your back" in a sound of surprise (ed. note: I was happy that you were back!). We made sure to grab our goody bag, which my husband decided he wanted to put in the car (lol). Of course I made sure he grabbed out the condoms, because you never know what might happen once your in the mood!

The Art Cinema's Lower Balcony
We started up to the balcony and couldn't believe our eyes. The balcony was pretty packed! I am pretty new to this lifestyle and being a bbw not too into being in the center of attention, but that all changed later on!

We went down the front row of the dark portion of the balcony and after a few minutes began to play a little. The atmosphere and the sounds of (I'm assuming here) Sweet Temptation getting played with on the main floor got us really going. Mike (my husband) began to take my breast out and suck on my nipples, and in reaction to his hot tongue on my nipple, I immediately began to stroke his cock. But I couldn't help feeling like there was more to be done.

The Real Chrissy
Pretty soon Mike needed a cigarette break and  came back suggesting we go on the main floor. I grabbed his hand and we were down there in a flash. When we arrived on the main floor Sweet Temptation had a crowd around her of horny men of all ages and sizes. Hubby and I got in close for a good look at the action and within seconds I had my own little crowd. (I honestly think she was happy I came along.)

With me being a bit reserved at new places, it didn't take long for me to come out of my shell. I have to say there were some really decent, well mannered men there and then there were a few others that well, lets just say they need to learn to ask before touching or trying to stick their cocks in without a rubber (big deal breaker). Anyways, as soon as I got my jacket off it was on!
The Real Chrissy & Mike

I had the crowd of men rubbing my tits, ass and then my pussy. There was one man there that really knew what he was doing when it came to fingering a pussy!  I had to have been fingered for a good 20 minutes while standing. I was soaking wet from how well this guy worked over my pussy and everyone including my husband was loving the show! I also got pretty loud with the moans and at one point I remembered screaming out "oh my fucking god!" where my husband kicked in and tried to shush me (an automatic response at home because we usually have to stay quiet). I had to laugh when one guy said to him " No, let her scream, the louder the better!"

Well after that 20 minutes we decided I needed a break and some air. Those guys had me sweating, that's how good it felt and how many times I came. When we came back in, we went back to the balcony but didn't stay up there. I have to admit I liked being the dirty little slut on the main floor, so back to the main floor we went.  ;o)

The Real Chrissy
I obviously made an impression with the guys from earlier, because they were back for more! The same guy with the magic fingers came back to please me some more. He had joked earlier that his hand needed a rest because of how tight I am and once he knew about my condom only rule, he was ready! Matter of fact I had a couple guys in line to fuck me good! In honesty I originally had an age limit of 50, but that night of fun killed all age limits I would ever think of making.

There were men of all ages fingering and licking my pussy, I had cocks of all sizes in my mouth and hands and honestly I had the time of my life. If I could put a number on how many times I came that night it would probably be well over 30. We ended the night on the main floor, just at 11pm and the few men that were left there thanked us for the show and even shook my husbands hand. I see us becoming quite the regulars there, so thank you for informing us about the event. All that fucking made us anxious for the weekend to come around so we can go back again and have fun! Although we didn't take any pictures, I figured I would offer up some of our own so you know who we are.


Chrissy and Mike


Doc here again... Many thanks to Chrissy & Mike for a Fantastic Couple's Flash Report!  This is how you do it folks... Dive right in, write it up, and send along some pics.  I'll handle the editing of the report and PhotoShopping of the pics. You supply the words, and I'll polish them up.

I hope Chrissy & Mike head back to The Art Cinema this weekend!  And if they do, I also hope they submit another fantastic report like this one!

Thanks Chrissy & Mike!

I am also still looking for more reports from last weekend at The Art Cinema.  Send them direct to me at First timers, pick a pen name and send it along with your report.