Sunday, October 18, 2009

Field Report: Gulf Coast Adult Theater, Biloxi, MS 10/10/09

Gulf Coast Adult Theater
222 Iberville Drive,
Biloxi, MS

Doc here...Bob in Biloxi is back with another report from The Gulf Coast Adult Theater:

Hi Doc,

Last week a few newbie's showed up. One lady that I've never seen doing anything, finally started giving blow jobs, so that was cool. One fine ass lady came in dressed in boots and a short skirt, I got to sit by her, eventually she loosened up and started playing, shaved little beaver, hot and tight little pussy. She took on guys for around 2hrs, but I was the first and that's always awesome in my book. Later on 3 couples showed up, two were playing the other looked like they were trying to decide but never did. I counted 9 couples all together on Sat nite.