Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Quick Note from the Good Doctor...

Doc here, your friendly kaiju, with a quick note from the control room here at The Journal of Adult Theaters.

Reports from couples that attended the Valentine's Event at The Art Cinema are coming in on a daily basis.  Right now, I have 5 in the editing bay, ready for a little nipping and tucking.  I will try my best to get these reports up as quickly as I can.

But do you know what? I want more!  There are 20+ couples out there who have not sent in a report yet, and I'd love to be able to publish your account of this legendary evening at the top couple's adult theater in the country.  Send your report along to me at emiliolizardo1@gmail.com. Please include a pen name, and even a pic or two if possible (I can Photoshop the images to hide eyes, faces, tattoos, etc.).

A special note to the Journal reporters who have submitted reports but have not seen them online yet: They are coming!  I will be sprinkling them in with the Art Cinema reports over the next several days.  Thanks for your patience!

And coming soon will be reports from Piper the Gloryhole Princess , Sweet Temptation, Richie Rich, and Gloryhole Nancy.  Oh, and one more from that Lizardo guy.

Lastly, I want to thank you, the good readers of The Journal, for the highest traffic day yet at The Good Doctor's blog.  Over 8,000 pageviews on Monday, 2/18!  Salute!

Thanks again for making The Journal the go-to web site for this thing of ours!


Art Cinema Event Report 2: J and D's Wild, Wet Ride

Doc here with Part 2 of our series of reports about the incredible Be Mine Valentine’s Event at The Art Cinema in Hartford this past Saturday night.  In Part 1, we profiled San and Dee, a great couple that frequents The Art Cinema on a semi-regular basis.  In Part 2, The Good Doctor will be profiling another great couple we met for the first time Saturday night: J and D (aka Arkansas Buttermilk).

After meeting and greeting over a dozen couples that came in between 7 and 7:45pm, the we ventured up the stairs to the couples VIP balcony.  When we got to the top of the stairs and walked into the aisle, we heard noises (good noises, if you get my drift).  We didn’t know at the time, but those sounds of ecstasy were coming from Sweet Temptation, as she entertained the troops from AC Company.

The other thing that was very apparent was how full the dark lower balcony was getting with couples.  I have never seen that many couples in the balcony before, and more were still streaming in.  We smiled at each other and ventured up to the lighted section of the balcony.

The lighted section of the balcony contains 18 seats, and is ideal for exhibitionists and voyeurs alike. In my times at The Art Cinema, this section sees a lot of encounters of the naughty kind. 

We took our seats in the front row, while our good friends, M&S, were getting nude and rude in their regular seats.  M&S are the type of couple every adult theater needs; a couple that acts as a catalyst to get the party started.  Many of the couples in the lower section would turn and peek at M&S while she was either giving M a BJ, or when she was bent over the arm of the aisle seat while doing it doggy style.  M&S are both very much The Art Cinema’s Energizer Bunnies.

About 5 minutes after we settled in, another couple rounded the corner and headed up under the lights.  This turned out to be J (the lady) and D (her hubby). J is a knockout… A curvy brunette with a body made for sex, long curly black hair that hit the middle of her back, a great smile, and a set of boobs that would make grown men cry (see their logo above).  D is a very nice guy, with a sense of humor not far askew from The Good Doctor’s.

As the movie progressed, we began chatting with them about how the movie was all talk, and no sex.  It became a standing joke, but also acted as an ideal ice breaker for us. Once the action cranked up in the movie, it also cranked up in the balcony.  Before long, a fourth couple joined us under the lights, and the stage was set…For what, I wasn’t sure at the time.

The Art Cinema's Lower Balcony
I glanced over, and saw that D has unbuttoned J’s black print blouse, and was playing with her boobs while kissing.  Not one to let a good idea go by, we got busy as well. The other couple followed suit and it was on.

Organically, we all moved closer together… J was now giving D a wet BJ, as I was on the receiving end of one as well. In the spirit of togetherness, we all converged on the front row. In a matter of a few minutes, J was fucking her hubby while she had her hands on the male half of the other couple and me.  The other guy got permission, suited up, and started to fuck J while she was bent over the arm of one of the seats.

After a bit of time, J sat back down on her seat, which allowed us the ability to play with J. I had heard earlier from D that J was a squirter, and I wanted to see my second water display of the evening. J’s pussy was tight and very, very wet.  I finger banged her, and busted out a little trick I learned that sent J over the edge and squirting all the way up my arm.  It was incredibly hot, and an intense visual.

We all agreed that we needed a break, so we pulled ourselves together and drifted out of the lighted section. The evening was still very young (a little after 8pm), and there still plenty of monkey business to be had at the Art Cinema this evening.

We walked downstairs to cool off, we heard the unmistakable sounds of Sweet Temptation once again being driven to the edge, with one exception; they were louder.

In Part 3, I will give you another couple’s perspective on the Valentine’s Event.  I could tell you who they are, but that would be cheating.