Thursday, December 12, 2013

New Feature! Slow Jamming with Jessica! Tonight's Episode - "The Pick Me Up"

Doc here, a man some say is unlicensed in 45 states, and is pending in 5, with a special new feature here at The Journal.

I would like to introduce you to Jessica... Jessica works the counter at Portland's Oregon Theater (address in The Good Doctor's Adult Theater Database), and has been a breath of fresh air in this thing of ours in Portland. In the several months that this young lady has been the face and voice of The Oregon Theater, there has been a renewed energy at the theater.

Jessica also will post when couples, single females, and TS/TG's enter the theater, ala The Paris Theatre across town.

One of many very cool things about Jessica is that she is active in this thing of ours, as well as being behind the counter at The Oregon Theater.

Couple's Flash Report! Vineland13 and JH Hit Berlin News Agency on 11/25/13

Doc here with a terrific Couples Flash Report from first time contributor, Vineland13.  he and his gal pal, JH, visited The Berlin News Agency, and have submitted the following report.
Take it away, Vineland13!
Back on Wednesday November 25th, the day before Thanksgiving, I took my lady friend JH for her 6th trip to Berlin News Agency in Berlin, NJ.
As usual we arrive early in the AM. Got there at 8am and had a few guys already there waiting for us, as I posted about her on the Berlin News Yahoo Group page that we were going.  She looked great and came dressed the way I wanted her dressed: A long trench coat and flip flops with nothing else.